Sasuke x Naruto💕Dazzled by Love [Yaoi]

By Maria Gabriella Mose (Author + Artist) - October 23, 2018


🍥CHAPTER 1 - Dreams I Can't Touch!

Naruto walked with slowly steps through the villages streets with his hands down his pockets.
He felt loneliness as always, mostly because he had no family. He knew Kakashi was like a father for him whole through his life, and could talk to him with anything he might have on his mind, but this time was more like different. He was in love, and think he had been since his first kiss in the classroom with his best friend Sasuke from the first day, he kissed him with an accident. Naruto gave a deep sigh. He looked around and saw some older teens holding hands, but as well, it was girl + boy, not like his weird ideas about how a relationship should look like. He decided to walk home and maybe play some games. He just knew he wanted to be alone. So sad as he was, he barely heard that someone was talking to him. 
-Naruto, what are you up to? Can i invite you on Ramen tonight? 
-Huh! What? Oh it's you, Kakashi Sensei! 
-Who might you think it was instead? Kakashi sent him some teasing eyes. It was hard for Naruto to see if he smiled at him, but out from his eyes Naruto was not in doubt. 
-Nah, i was thinking to bring this evening alone and play some games. 
-Some games, huh!? Well, that's up to you, i'll pay for you. But Kakashi knew Naruto too well and could see something was not right, but he wouldn't bother Naruto with questions. 
-Yeah, i guess so. Naruto stared down on his feet. 
-Hm... i see, and you're sure you don't want to talk? 
-No, thanks, Kakashi Sensei. I just think i'll walk home. Naruto turned around and walked with slowly steps to his house. Kakashi´s right eye stared after his back until he was out of sight. Kakashi couldn't figured out what was wrong this time with Naruto, but he made himself a promise to make an eye on him and his loneliness. It really hurt Kakashi deep down, as he knew by himself how it was to be lonely in so many years of his life. He had always felt it was like he was Naruto´s real father. He was not sure if Naruto remembered all the good memories they had spent together. Kakashi wiped away some tears.

He continued to the Ramen Bar. He could barely breathe then he saw a Lady sat there in her loneliness too. 
-Lady Shizune! His eyes was wide open. Shizune turned her head to see who greeted her. 
-H-Hatake Kakashi! Her cheeks blushed away. 
-Is this seat taken?
-N-No! She whispered. Her heart was beating so fast, so she became more nervous than ever.
-So! What do a beautiful Lady like you on such a wonderful evening alone? 
-Um... relaxing and wasting my time! Shizune could have killed herself. 
-Really, eh! So, have you eat yet? 
-N-no, i just came for 2 minutes ago. 
-So late on the office with Lady Tsunade, huh!? 
-Y-yeah! She tried to smile, but it became very false. 
-Ah, i see. Can I offer you a bowl of Ramen? 
-Y-yes, thank you, Kakashi. Her eyes flickered, and she could not look directly into his eyes or the right eye as well. 
-Will he now take off his mask? I hope so! Nah, he will surely cover his mouth, maybe because his lips are big! Now she began to yell at herself inside of her head. 
-How can you think so badly about Kakashi, the man you adore so dearly? 
-So, what kind of Ramen do you prefer? 
-Um, Naruto! 
-Yeah, so do i. He laughed. 
-Oh my, that woman i like a lot! A smile came over his face.

Not far away...

-Baka! There's no way you can say sorry to me. So foolish of you to temp me like this, and now you have to pay with your pathetic life. Sasuke´s Mangekyou eyes stared with so much hatred down at this guy he just had a conflict with.
Sasuke showed no mercy to this guy which he had sold information about him to the Earth Country
-You can kill me, Uchiha Sasuke, but never erase what you have done to other innocent people! Your life is now in danger.
The guy caught some blood up and laughed at the same time, he looked deep into the eyes of his enemy. 
-You think so! Lightning Release Chidori! Sasuke swung his sword, and the lightning took over. The guy was dead immediately. Sasuke stood alone surrounded by silence, staring out into the darkness. 
-A shinobi´s life is not that worth to die for. He said loud to himself. After awhile he focused down at his clothes which was full of blood. A deep sigh from him sounded like a sad song had hit him inside of his lonely heart. He was so tired of killing enemies in so many years, it seems it was his destiny.
The revenge on his brother Itachi was the most painful thing he ever had done in his entire life. 
He could not describe how much he missed him, especially their childhood. Itachi always protected him, even he never understood why he always poked on his forehead. 

He looked up at the dark sky and in the same second he saw a shooting star, so beautiful and so powerful, that he forgot all about, where he was in a short moment. Some tears filled up his eyes.
-Nii-san! I'm so sorry... forgive all my hate i had inside my heart all these years!
 Tears flowed down over his cheeks. The memories overwhelmed him stronger than ever.

He took a deep breath. Again he looked down at this guy, and before he knew it, he made a promise to himself; never ever again killing innocent people, except people like this guy who had sold some important information about him. But now he was thinking about it; 

-What would Naruto have done in this case!? Probably beat all the shit out of this guy until he spoke up! Sasuke gave another deep sigh. He walked away at the same time he put away his sword.

Later he ended up with a waterfall. 

-I must take a bath. He walked under the spring with slowly steps without taken off his clothes. It felt like all his sins were purified like a wound.

He could barely stand on his feet of exhaustion. 
-Dammit, I'm so tired, and i need some food, so my stomach can shut up. Sasuke used his Chidori on a big fish. Then he used Katon Housenka no jutsu! A bonfire was done. Sasuke took off his clothes, after he had eaten the delicious fish. It was a bit cold to sit there naked, but the fish and some hot water warmed his body through. After a short while Sasuke´s clothes was dry. He sat up the mostly of the night and just stared up on the heaven. The loneliness came over him at the same time he stared on the full moon. The golden color from the moon reminded him about a guy he knew for long time ago. It was not a stranger he had in his mind, but a guy who was his most closing friend in his childhood.
Sasuke stared at the moon in so long time he saw two blue eyes turned up... 
-And this... no, this silly smile... it could not be... yes, it belonged to Uzumaki Naruto. 
Sasuke was lying down on the ground close to the fire. He still stared at the moon.

At the same time in the house of Uzumaki Naruto...

-The moon is so bright and beautiful tonight... I think it's full moon... my instinct tells me, maybe something to do with Kurama? Nah... i'm just guessing now. But it really feels like someone is thinking on me. What the hell is wrong with me tonight? 

Naruto raised himself and walked out to the bathroom, to take a short shower before he went to bed. He just barely came under his blanket before he fell asleep right away. His dreams became to reality, and lead him out on a ride on a huge white water dragon. The moon shined brightly and he could see he flied over "

The Fire Country". So it meant that he was nearby "Konoha". But this wasn't Konoha exactly, but more like the village "Otafuku Gai", the neighbour village. He flew around in circles two or three times, and kept ending in the middle of nowhere. It made him curious to get closer to the ground. All he could see right now was the desert. But someone lay down there. It looked like he was dead or something. Naruto flew over this guy, so he could look closer after. 
-Sasuke-kun! No, it's impossible! 
Sasuke, can you hear me? Naruto jumped down from the white dragon, and fell down at his knee to check out his friend. 
-Can you hear me, Sasuke-kun? 
-W-who are you? Naruto-kun, huh!? What are you doing out here in a place like this? 
-So many questions, eh! It's me who should ask you instead. 
-Well, i just flew on a dragon, that's all. 
-On a dragon? How weird! 
-And you slept in the middle of the desert? Are you out of your mind? Here is full of snakes, and all kind of... 
-Yeah, cut it out already! 
-Oh yeah, hehe, i forgot all about you and your Master Orochimaru, brr... that creepy snake man! Naruto shook his head. 
-Let me ask you, Sasuke-kun; are you lost here or may i ask you what the hell, you'r doing here anyway? 
-How do i know, it's your dream. 
-My dream, huh!? 
-Well, by the way; i'm not in the middle of nowhere, cuz i know exactly where i am, and i'm sure you did not came here without any reasons... so, tell me Naruto-kun, why you exactly searched for me? 
-I was not searching for you, Sasuke! 
-Well, you can't even fly on a dragon or can you? 
-Your question, my answer; No! 
-What the hell am i doing here anyway? 
-Hm... let me see... Sasuke raised himself and walked around Naruto several times, before he stood still, and just stared into his two beautiful blue eyes. Sasuke came closer to his face, so Naruto could feel his breath. 
-W-What are you doing? 
-Don't mind me, just close your eyes! Naruto felt himself nervous on a special way. Suddenly he felt a warm soft kiss on his lips, so it sucked right down to his belly. Slowly Naruto opened up his eyes, and stared at his friend who had his eyes closed. Naruto didn't knew if he should slap his face or just enjoy it. This was what he dreamed about in so long, and now finally it happened. Sasuke opened up his eyes. 
-Did you loved to be sucked in, Naruto? 
-I-I... what the hell is wrong with you, Sasuke! 
-Hey, stop a half, it's your dream, and i do to you, what you want me to do! 
-Nonsense talk! 
-Really? Sasuke stretched both his arms and lay his hands at Naruto´s ears, and pulled him tight, and kissed Naruto more intense than before. Naruto showed back his feelings for his friend. But...

-No this is wrong, i mean, this is so insane! Naruto pushed him away. 
-But you liked it, didn't you, Naruto! 
-I-I... oh, shut the hell up! My dream, my rules, so stop this... what to call it... no matter... Now i'll leave you! But before Naruto could jump on the dragon, Sasuke had overpowered him down to the ground, and kissed him with such deep love, that Naruto felt the ground was moving under him.
Naruto woke up because he heard himself moaned very loud. He may have been totally out of his mind. 
-Did i just kissed Sasuke? I meant, he kissed me and then... we had sex, huh?! Stupid, stupid dream! Wake up and smell the coffee, Naruto, it will never happen. It was still dark outside, but the rain had taken over the beautiful moon. Naruto closed his eyes again, because he was so sleepy, and not longtime after he slept like a cutie little kitten.

🍥CHAPTER 2 - Lost in the Darkness  


Naruto woke up late this morning with drool running down from his mouth. He could not open up his eyes, he was too sleepy. -Where the hell am i? Suddenly someone knocked at his door. 
-Awww man, who can this be so early? 
Naruto tried to open his heavy eyelids, at the same time he walked with some silly steps against the door. The knocks became more loud now. 
-Yeah, yeah, can you just wait 2 seconds, someone needs to wake up! He had just opened the door then some girl screamed her loud voice into the face of him. 
-Are you lazy again, Naruto-kun? How dare you? 
-Sakura-chan, what's going on? Naruto rubbed his tired eyes. He could only see the silhouette of Sakura. 
-You promised to come with Hinata, Sai and me to this Sport Festival, and you are still in your pajamas!? She took a closer sight at him. 

-Icky... you have some drool down at your chin! 
-Have i? Naruto wiped away the drool before it became too embarrassing for him. 
-Can i come inside in the mean time you change to some daily clothes? 
-Um, yeah i guess it's alright.  He turned around and walked out on the bathroom with slowly steps. Sakura closed the front door behind her, and walked inside. Her eyes followed the wall along his bed. 
-My goodness, so many chibi dolls. She came closer and looked down on a ninja guy with black hair and a white shirt. 
-WHAT!? This guy looks exactly like Sasuke-kun! Sakura picked the doll up and stared on it with wide open eyes. 
-Damn you, Naruto, what's that suppose to mean!? 
-What? Sorry, i can't hear you, i'm shaving myself. Naruto stared with deferred eyes at himself in the mirror. 

He followed the moves of his electric shaver down at his cheeks. 
-He's such a perverted idiot! No way, what the hell; why do i not own this doll of Sasuke? I mean, it's me who's in love with him!? Sakura gave chibi Sasuke a hug and kissed him on his mouth. 
-I love you so dearly, Sasuke-kun. Do you love me back? Sakura shook back and forth with the doll's head to pretend it was a yes. 

-Soon i'll ask you to be my Valentine! Oh no, i do not know where i can find you, and i won't search for you if i run into that creepy slimy snake-man to Orochimaru! Yak! She made a terrifying facial expressions. 
-Oh, Sasuke-kun... I love you! I love you! I love you! She hugged him again and planted another kiss on his mouth. In the same time Naruto showed up his face in the front of her. 
-W-what are you doing to my Sa-su-ke- doll!? He regretted his choice of words in the same second that he had spat them out. 
-So, don't tell me that you desire this doll who looks exactly like Sasuke-kun, huh!? 
-Shut up, just shut up, and put this doll back in my bed again! 
-This is sick, Naruto. 
-Mind your own business! Naruto turned his back to her and changed into his training suit. 
-Wow, i thought you would take on some more ordinary clothes? 
-Why? It's my best clothes, and i feel myself more comfortable in it. 
-Yeah, yeah, whatever! She gave a deep sigh. They walked out of his apartment and down to their comrades.
Lady Tsunade was there to start the whole Sport Festival. Naruto thought it was funny to see all the kids having fun. 
-Haha look at this guy there, he think he can win with that Jutsu, but he can't! Naruto pointed after a kid on 10 years old. 
-You don't know that, Naruto. Sakura gave a deep sigh. 
-Yes i know, cause it looks like, ah yeah, take a look at his hand sign. 
-What about it? Sai gazed at the boy. 
-Yeah, i wonder who teached him that Jutsu, cuz this is mine! Naruto glared with small eyes and showed a stupid facial face. 

-Don't tell me it is... 
-Yes, it's exactly; Henge no Jutsu! 
-Hell no! Sakura eyes flamed. 
-Who teached him that? Hinata´s eyes stared into Naruto´s. 
-It can only be Konohamaru Sarutobi that stupid brat! He made a promise to me... grrr...! 
-Cut it out, Naruto, it's your own fault, you teached Konohamaru this forbidden Jutsu
-What so ever! I was a kid. 
-Yeah, a stupid brat as Tsunade told you thousands of times. 
-Very funny, Sakura, cut it out already! 
-As you wish, Master Henge no Jutsu! She laughed so hard she could barely stand up. 
-But, we need to stop him! Hinata tried to wake up Naruto. 
-Too late, look! Sai pointed at the kid. You could only see a puddle of clouds around the kid, but it failed for him, all the clones, yeah only five as well, was totally naked. 

-WHAT!!! Sakura was standing there with open mouth and glared. Hinata became so shy she stared down at her feet. Naruto came with a silly smile at his face. 
-Never failed for me! Hehe... hehe... hehe...! He giggled. 
-Shut up, Naruto! Sakura gave him a punch. 
-Ouch! He stopped right away. 
-No, no, we do not play forbidden games at this Festival, my little friend! You are now expelled, and i'll follow you home to your parents. Kakashi had a tight grab on the kid. 
-Damn you, Konohamaru! The kid yelled.
-Oh, it was Konohamaru, my my, i should have knew that from the beginning. Kakashi shook his head slowly. 
-Ha..ha..ha...! Naruto couldn't stop himself to laugh at this kid, and his stupid failure. 

-Oh my, now we shall hear about that the rest of the day! Sakura made a facepalm
-Let's move on. 
-Yeah, Sakura, let's go eat some Ramen, i'm so damn hungry! He pointed after her. 
-So you think it's okay to leave the place for to go out and eat, huh!? 
-Yeah, why not! 
-Sigh... you're always hungry, Naruto. 
-No, i'm starving! Haven't got any food today! He opened his mouth and pointed down with his index finger. Another facepalm hit her forehead. Hinata could not stand away to laugh at him. At the meantime they eat and had fun, Hinata tried to catch Naruto´s eyes many times, but she felt each time he tried to ignore her with a numb false smile. Sakura observed it immediately, and gave Naruto a kick over his legs. 
-Ouch! What's that for? 
-Can't you see Hinata tries to show you her inner feelings. She whispered very low. 
-Oh, yeah... i know... but i really don't like her, i mean, i do not have any interests in her. 
-What the hell do you mean? If you think you can invite me out on a date, think twice, it will never go to happen, is that clear to you, Uzumaki Naruto!? She whispered very sharp right into his one ear, and her eyes glowed. 
-Nah, i was not out to something, so i had not in mind to invite you out on a date. He gave a deep sigh. 
-What do you mean exactly? 
-I... i mean... i'm in love with someone else. He tried to elude her staring gaze. 
-Really! Whom might that be? 
Naruto didn't wanted to involve anyone into his private life, cuz these feelings he had for Sasuke was his own business only. 
Naruto's eyes became blurred and sad. He could no longer feel happiness. A sadness overpowered him again as so many times before. He knew deep inside that this he was doing was quite enough only a dream. He knew it was rarely dreams came true and with such a guy like Sasuke, it would be absolutely impossible to have a relationship with. The thoughts burned up in his heavy heart. 

Suddenly in the middle of it all, Naruto raised himself and left his friends after only one bowl of Ramen. 
-What´s wrong with him? Sai gazed after the opening. 
-Nothing, he just had a nightmare, and did not slept very well last night. Sakura tried to cover over him, as she could see how much it infected Hinata. 
-Weird! Sai gave a heavy sigh. Hinata´s eyes was filled up with tears, as she thought it was her who did something wrong. 
-Hey guys, let's party tonight, shall we? 
-Yeah, that's fine with me. Sai´s eyes smiled. 
-What about you, Hinata, do you come with us, i mean, if it's okay with Neji-san? 
-Neji, huh?! 
-Yeah, he always cares a lot for you, doesn't he? 
-Yeah i guess so, but... 
-No but, we're going out together all of us! Now we just have to find Naruto. Where the hell did he go anyway? All three of them payed for their food and left the bar to find Naruto.

Not far away, Naruto searches for Hatake Kakashi. 

-Ah there he is. Naruto walked straightly to Kakashi, but before he caught him, Tsunade was there right in the front of him. 

-So, Naruto, what do you think about the Festival? 
-It was great! He tried to come with a smile. 
-What was that? Something wrong? 
-Um, no, not exactly, i was just searching for Kakashi-Sensei. 
-Hm... i see! You really wear this expressive face, so tell me what digs in your mind? 
-Nothing, really! 
-You're lying my friend, but it's okay if you don't want to talk about it with a woman. She gave him a short smile. 
-Thanks, Grandma! 
-Oh my pleasure! She winked at him. Tsunade continued her walk, and ran into Jiraiya who had his eyes wide open down to her heavy chest. Naruto shook his head, and came up with a tiny smile. He began to think if he was weird to not have interest for women. It gave him a heavy head ache. 
-My oh my, Naruto, what's up? 

-Oh, Kakashi-Sensei! Naruto tried to come with one of his silly smile, then he scratched his head. 
-You look so troublesome, anything i can do? 
-Yeah, i am not sure. Do you have time enough to talk to me? 
-Sure, always, Naruto. Kakashi puts his hands down to his pockets too. Side by side the two guys walked among the people. 
-You seems to be so upset, Naruto. Now tell me, what's on your mind? 
-Yeah, you see, i'm in love and i'm not sure if this person loves me back and if its wrong of me to search after him, i mean after this person, and... no sorry, i shouldn't have mentioned it. A dramatically expression came over Naruto´s face. 
-Hm... I see! Kakashi figured it out right away which guy he was talking about. 
-So, Naruto, if you have feelings for this person, i think you should search for this person, and tell how much you care and how you feel. 
-Yeah, maybe i should, but i don't think i'm ready, and ... no way, it's impossible anyway! So forget it. 
-Did i just heard that my earlier student Uzumaki Naruto just said it's impossible? No way, something is wrong here. Naruto, one thing you shall learn; Fight for what its dear to you, and when you won this battle, well, come back and tell me, for non of my students gives up that easy, did i make this clear to you? 
-Yeah i guess! That's 2nd time today someone tells me that. 
-Ah, forget it already, Kakashi-Sensei. Sorry for bordering you with my problems. 
-No, it's alright! I am just so thankful if i've helped you out, for that's why i am here for you, and you know that. 
-Yeah, thanks. Naruto bowed for his Sensei and walked away. 
-Stop, Naruto, stop for heavens sake! 
-Oh, it's you, Sakura-chan. 
-What's wrong with you, why did you leaved us like this? 
-Non of your business, is it so, Sakura? 
-Sorry for asking, why so grumpy? Naruto didn't reacted on her question. 
-Okay! We want to ask you to come with us now and party the whole night through? 
-You mean; dance on the floor like stupid idiots, be drunk and act very silly and burn out your cells in the brain? No thanks! He continued to walk. Sakura ran after him and came up on the side of him again. 
-Why are you acting like this? Who has pissed you off? 
-No one! Naruto kept going with hasty steps. 
-Then c'mon and let's have some fun for once time. 
-I'm not in mood tonight, okay. 
-C'mon, Naruto, maybe you'll meet this girl you are so interested in. 
-What? Forget it already. Now he was more than pissed off. But suddenly Hinata stood in the front of him. 
-Please, Naruto-kun, come with us and have some fun. 

Her big purple eyes sparkled so brightly and the beautiful full moon light shined up her black long hair through. He could not resist her, and had very bad conscience to her. He had to forget all about Sasuke, and then he had to invite out Hinata, just for tonight, he would not disappoint her. After all, she looked so beautiful, when she stand there and glared at him.
Naruto walked against his own will with Sakura, Hinata and Sai down to this ball. Non of his friends notice his dark eyes. Naruto burned inside of anger. He wasn't mad at his friends, but at himself. 
-Sasuke... Sasuke... Sasuke... DAMN IT! Naruto kicked to a smaller stone which unluckily hit an old man who barely could walk by himself. 
-Ouch, my knee! 
-Dammed, Naruto! What's wrong with you? 
-I apologize old man for my bad behavior. 
-Isn't that so, the Hero of Konoha? He stared at Naruto with spiky eyes. Naruto became sweaty and just wanted to leave so quickly as possible. 
-Yeah, that's me i guess, but sorry, i have to go. He just walked away with sad slowly steps and his head was bowed down. Hinata´s eyes stared at his neck with sadness in her eyes. 
-They kept going after Sakura checked the old man for scratches and dents on his knee. 
-What can i do to behave Naruto-kun? 
-I don't know, Hinata. He has acted like this since i woke him up this morning. I mentioned Sasuke-kun and he went berserk on me. 
-Really? Sai wanted to know. 
-Oh yeah! He had this doll or in fact he owns many chibi dolls, but i found this Sasuke doll in his bed and... no i should not have mention that! Just forget what i just said. Hinata and Sai didn't asked any questions after this. Later they found Naruto hanging in the bar with a coke in his hand. 
-What's that, Naruto? Sakura pointed down his glass and wanted to know. 
-Bubble water! 
-Are you kidding me? 
-Can i buy a beer for all of you? 
-Nope! Naruto shook his head. 
-So boring aren't we? She tried to catch his shiny blue eyes, but they only showed some kind of darkness with a drop of sadness. 
-Okay, i won't ask you again. 
-Thank You very much, the best i ever heard today! 
-What was that? Naruto just shook his shoulders. There was a mirror in the bar, and Naruto stared at his own blue eyes filled up with darkness and tears. 
-N-Naruto-kun, do you want to dance with me? 
-What? Oh sure, Hinata-chan. They walked out on the middle of the dance floor. You could hear a silent song came out from the speakers. Naruto dared not to touch Hinata or in fact he wouldn't. So they just stand there and rocked weightless to the music in silence. Naruto could not get focus, so his eyes searched around the room, like he felt something or someone kept an eye at him. Yeah, he saw some bad guys with piercing in their nose and ears, well, that was nothing beside Pain. Nah, he felt more like an another guy was watching him, but that was impossible or what if... An inner burning temper tantrums took over his mind. Hinata felt it right away and in the same moment she turned her head and looked directly into two black eyes. This guy stood leaned up against the wall with one leg bent up. But in few seconds he joined Naruto and Hinata. He danced around Hinata and pushed away Naruto. 
-What the hell? Naruto´s mouth was wide open and his eyes were on stalks. 
-S-Sasuke-kun?! Hinata blushed away. He came closer to her and hold his hands around her hips from behind her back and did some forbidden moves. 
-W-what's that suppose to mean? Sasuke looked at Naruto with some hungry and calm eyes, and took a tighter hold around Hinata´s body. The music became wilder. He kept starring after Naruto at the same time he gave her a deep passionate kiss in her neck. 
-What was that, you just did there? At the same time Naruto turned his back to Sasuke. 
Sasuke came closer and took a hold around his old friend, and whispered loud into his one ear; 
-I saw you in my dream last night... naked, and you and i enjoyed each others company. Naruto were totally lamed to the floor and couldn't move one single part of his body.
-No, no, no, it can't be! Why are you here anyway? 
-I just had to see you, Naruto-kun. 
-No, leave! 
-If that is your wish, you just have to know, that i'll never search for you again, and i'll never return back to Konoha. 
-B-but... Sasuke licked Naruto´s ear with a touch of passion.

-If you want more than this, then meet up with me later, but for now; let's just have some fun with the girls. 
-But i... 
-Shush, is that a deal or what? 
-Yeah, it's a deal, i guess. Naruto's body trembled with longing for more of Sasuke's forbidden secrets. The dream he had last night felt so true now. But he was afraid that Sasuke just disappeared without no warning, and just fooled him. Sasuke kept up dancing with Hinata until Sakura came by. 
-Yummy, one more pretty Lady! Sakura could not believe her own eyes. Now he danced with both of them. But one more Lady turned up, and that was Ino. She joined with her girlfriends, and the party became more crazy and wild. 

Later in the evening Naruto observed that Sasuke drank too many beers, what he wasn't impressed at. Naruto wouldn't drink if something important turned up, in that case, he could not fight or protect his village from harm. Sasuke began to act more and more silly. He kissed all the three girls one after one. More girls enjoined Sasuke´s company and they showed him deep passion. Sasuke kissed them all with no shame in his life, and it pissed off Naruto. The music was loud and the flashing lights blinked so you could only see a short moment of each person on the dance floor. Sakura couldn't resist Sasuke. She ripped off his shirt. He looked deep inside of her green eyes. 
-I... I love you, Sasuke-kun. It was close on she cried of happiness. He looked at her in couple of seconds. He's eyes switched from her eyes down to her mouth. Suddenly she felt his warm lips against hers. He stopped after awhile. 
-You are indeed so beautiful tonight, Sakura, and the way you blush when i kisses you, gives you a lot more charm. She felt his hands ran through her pink hair. He licked her neck. Her heart gave an extra skip. He began to wiggle his hips and held her tightly against him. The movements were naughtier and dirtier than before. A slowly love melody came out of the speakers. He kissed her intense. It was clearly that Sasuke was more than drunk.

Naruto looked at Hinata. 
-You better should walk home before Neji founds out that you'r drunk and flirting with Sasuke. 
-But i love him! She walked to Sasuke, pushed away Sakura and kissed him with no shame in her life. Sasuke hold her tight into his body.
-Enough already, Hinata! A deep voice broke through all the noise. Neji stretched out his arm and grabbed her. 
-You, you come home together with me, Lady Hinata.
-No, i want to stay! She yelled up.
-Impossible! I saw what he did to all of these girls, and that was infamous and obnoxious. What the hell is he doing here anyway? Neji´s eyes could have killed Sasuke right on the spot. Neji protected Hinata under his wings, they now leaved the party. 
-Oops! Sakura laughed and saw into Naruto´s eyes for a short time, cuz he turned around and leaved the place with so much hate and darkness filled up inside of him. Sasuke´s eyes followed Naruto´s back, and wanted to catch up with him, but the girls prevented him from following the only one he had deep feelings for. Naruto were so mad he sent a smaller Rasengan right through a big garbage container so it exploded. His eyes turned into red/orange and a flame of Kyuubi surrounded him. 

🍥Chapter 3 - The Power of  Love

-I AM NOT JEALOUS! I AM JUST PISSED! Naruto yelled so it gave echo down the street. Kurama grow bigger and bigger and flamed deep through.
-Should we kill that Uchiha, Naruto-kun? Kurama laughed with an evil smile. 
-NO! Only The Nine Tailed Demon Fox would say such horrid words! Naruto growled like never before in his entire life. 
-What will you do about it?
-I'll fight him! Show him who he's up against, and this time, i'll not lose to him! 
-Sorry, Naruto-kun, i do not understand exactly what you mean, but maybe you can show me? Kurama sounded a bit negative. 
-Show you, huh?! 
-Are you really in love with that brat to Uchiha? I thought it was Sakura or Hinata, those two lovely girls! He laughed and smiled extremely excited. 
-What about it? Not really your business, Kurama! Naruto could hardly concentrate himself.
-HAHAHA!... you don't know anything about love, do you, boy? He cried out, and smiled on a grim way.
-So what! You know nothing about love either. So shut up! 
-You better should prepare yourself, for there he comes. Kurama´s eyes became smaller. 
-Naruto! I know you'r out there, cuz i can feel your chakra! Sasuke walked around and called again. 
-I want to fight you, Sasuke! Naruto´s eyes flamed, and he walked against his friend. Naruto turned into "Six Paths Sage Mode".
-Fight me, but what for? Sasuke stood there with his shirt wide open and pretty drunk.
-Just follow me out to the pond on the other side of Jiraiya´s house. Naruto began to walk with angry hasty steps. 
-Are you out of your mind? You know exactly that i'm drunk and can't fight you! I would in that case not survive, and why should we fight each other anyway? Sasuke began to walk after his friend with slowly steps to catch up with him. 
-You humiliated me and made me to an useless fool in the front of my friends. Naruto stopped for awhile. He could hear Sasuke´s steps came closer. 
-Did i fooled you! What´s that suppose to mean?  Sasuke came with an huge burp, so it gave a deep echo right down to Naruto. 
-You know what, Sasuke? I give a damn care for your surviving tonight. 
-I won't fight you! Come here to me, so i can show you how much i care. 
Naruto gave a snort, turned around and continued out to Jiraiya's pond. 

Seventeen minutes later...

-You are too late and lazy, Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto was standing leaned up against a tree with his arms crossed. He wasn't no longer in sage of six paths mode.
-Damn, Naruto, why shall we meet up like this, and so far away from the village? Sasuke could hardly breath. He walked over to a tree and cough very heavily. 
-Now you see what alcohol do to your body. Naruto began slowly to go against him. 
-I still wanna fight you! 
-I can't hear you, please come closer. Naruto came so much closer and whispered hard into the ear of Sasuke; -I want to fight you, Sasuke-kun! In same second Sasuke took a grab around Naruto´s neck and hold him tight. A hard wetly kiss was planted on his mouth. No matter how much Naruto tried to get away from him, Sasuke won, he couldn't escape from him. 

-How can he have so much power over me and at the same time be drunk? Naruto asked himself inside of his mind and felt himself so powerless. He opened up his eyes and looked down at his own body. There! He was cheating. Big snakes surrounded Naruto so tight that he had no chances to move any single part of his body. 
-Now you'r in my Genjutsu. 
-Hell no, you bast... But before Naruto could speak out, Sasuke gave him a passionate tongue kiss. In a short moment Naruto enjoyed the kiss.
Suddenly with a power so strong he pushed away Sasuke, so he flew many meters backwards. Kurama surrounded Naruto again and they were linked to one another. The flames sparkled with such a rage that Sasuke had to protect his face. The only thing Sasuke could see, was a blue glow.
-Rasengan! Now he saw Naruto in full gallop against him. Sasuke had problems to protect himself because he still was affected by all these beers he drank earlier. 
-Mangekyou! The two guys was up against a power no one of them could control. 
The Power of Love. 
A battle has begun... 

Thanks to Futago for her beautiful artwork.

Jiraiya took a look out of his window as he was on his way to bed. He were so sure he saw something mistrustfully out there down his pond. He had a good sight, even the forest lay between his house and the pond. 
-What the heck was that? He mumbled loudly to himself and walked outdoor in his Yukata, and glared after the lightnings. He took out his pipe, and scratched his head. 
-I'm sure it was the light from a Rasengan. He walked with fast steps into the house and changed to his daily outfit. Now, he jumped like a toad so fast he could through the wood. He knew it could only be Naruto down there, if it was a Rasengan.


It felt like Naruto couldn't control Kurama for awhile, so he decided to fight alone by himself. 
-Can't handle the situation, can't we, Naruto! Sasuke swung his sword powered by the lightning. 
-Shut up already! Naruto stared into his friends deep red Sharingan eyes. 
-There´s only one way to keep my mouth shut! Sasuke took a hold around the hand of Naruto to stop his Rasengan

Thanks to Futago for her beautiful artwork.
-I'll tell you once again; I won't fight you. Damn... I love you deep inside my heart, for Konoha´s sake! Naruto became so emotional that he couldn't concentrate himself to keep the energies ongoing in his Rasengan. 
-Why... why are you doing this to me? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, SASUKE!? 
Naruto cried it out with a deep pain in his heart. His eyes swam in tears. A bump sounded when Sasuke's sword fell to the ground. He could not forgive himself, if he harmed his best friend. With a passion so strong, Sasuke hold Naruto tight and kissed him. At the same time he opened up Naruto´s jacket and pulled off his shirt. Again Naruto had to push away his friend, and he did it with such a power so he landed down in the pond and glared shocked. 
-No, no, no, this is not the right way! Don't temp me to kill you, Sasuke! 
-Come down here and take me! 
-What the bloody hell do you mean? 
-Hurry up, you lazy troll! 
-What the fuck... Naruto showed him how fast he was. At one second he joined Sasuke. 
-Say it again, and you´r done! 
-Calm down, right! Sasuke raised himself and stretched out his arm to him. 
-One step closer and i´ll...

Thanks to Futago for her beautiful artwork.

-Why are you so mad at me? A sad face overwhelmed Sasuke.
-I told you before. I thought you wanted me to this party, and then... and then you flirted with all these girls at once... that's not... i can´t... it's too much... Tears found their way down his cheeks. 
-It was never in my mind to make you suffer like this, i promise you, Naruto. I did it only to protect our secret about us. Can you imagine what will happen if they knew this? 
-So you mean we shall keep it secret and never tell anyone? 
-That was not what i meant or yes maybe, but in the beginning i think we shall keep it as our little sweet secret, don't ya think?! He pulled Naruto close to his naked chest, and gave him a soft kiss at his forehead. 
-I... I... Naruto´s voice cracked again and again. 
-Shush, don't say anything. Sasuke hugged his friend with so much love, at the same time he could hear how he sobbed.
-Do you really love me or are you just fooling me? Naruto stared into his friend's deep black eyes. Sasuke didn't answered him back, instead he showed him. Naruto felt how sweet and soft Sasuke´s lips tasted. He could no longer deny his feelings, and let Sasuke take the lead.
Sasuke opened up his beloved friend's jeans. One hand was planted on his butt. The other hand around Naruto´s naked neck. The water in the pond was hot. It began to be very foggy. The many toads in the pond began to sing. 

In the meanwhile Jiraiya arrived to his pond. He walked with slowly steps towards the edge. 
Everything was so quiet in a strange way. He listened very attentively. He could hear nothing, the toads sang so loud at this time at the year.
-I must have dreamed. But instead to walk home, he decided to sit down and enjoy the toads sounds. He knew at this time at the year, they found a mate. He loved these beautiful creatures. As well they were a part of his family since he was a young man. He smiled. Everything started because of his crazy love for the most beautiful woman on earth. Even Tsunade never showed him any kind of attention, she would always own a special place deep inside of his old ticking heart. Maybe someday his dreams would come true. He was a believer, and that was he taught Naruto for many years ago.
-Oh my dear Naruto! He laughed again. Suddenly he heard a very deep moan out from the pond. It came from a man. 
-No, it wasn't only from an ordinary man... this voice... "Oh, Sasuke, more, more", came from... no way! It can't be Naruto or can it? Jiraiya was out of his mind. He stared after the voices. He could nothing see right away. He mumbled a Jutsu to blow away the heavy fog.
-WHAT!!! In the beginning his eyes popped out, but rapidly they transformed themselves into small crevices.

🍥Chapter 4Stronger than ties of blood.

Jiraiya transformed himself into Sage Mode.
-Get your hands away from Naruto! A deep voice bellowed sharply against them. Sasuke turned his head. His Sharingan eyes were on guard. Naruto could not move after he was still surrounded by two huge purple snakes, but also of Sasuke's enchanting love.
-Mind your own business, old man!
-What did you just say? This pond belongs to me, and stay away from Naruto, i know, what you're up to! Jiraiya growled like a big bear.
-HA! Up to? No you don't!
-Don't stop, Sasuke... more...! A dreamy voice sounded from Naruto. Sasuke came with a sarcasm smile. He began to lick Naruto´s lips and longer down at his neck and ended with one of Naruto´s nipples. Sasuke glared after Jiraiya and smiled. He stuck out his tongue and licked at his friend's nipple like an ice cream cone. Naruto cried of desire, at the same time he felt Sasuke´s hand down there.
-Do you like it, Naruto?
-Mm... yeah...! Sasuke bit his earlobe.
-So stay with me, right!
-Say you love me.
-I... love... you...! Sasuke leaved a mark on Naruto´s neck. 
It shocked Jiraiya so his eyes popped out.

-WHAT HELL IS THAT!? Poor Jiraiya, he was incomprehensible with what happened right in front of his two pupils.
-Piss off already, old man! Jiraiya was lamed to the ground.
-T-two... of same sex... impossible! I HATE MEN!!! STOP IT, NARUTO! BOOBS!!!
-What was that you just yelled? Sasuke turned around and began to walk against Jiraiya.
-Leave us!
-No, guys should only interests themselves for a woman's beauty! He yelled out, and it looked like he was in kind of trance.

-Stay out of this or i'll make sure you'll come to understand it with pain.

Sasuke's Chidori began to light up.
-Jiraiya boy, do something! Boss tried to wake him up before something dreadful happened. Jiraiya jumped up in the middle of the air, but at the same time he felt a snitch of Sasuke´s Lightning sword.
-Argh...! HARI JIGOKU! With good luck Sasuke had protected himself with his Susanoo.

But still he was affected by sake. Some of Jiraiya´s hair needles had hit him.
-Aaaarg!! Fuck! I am out of chakra. My feelings for Naruto... they make me weak... but, i won't deny myself this strong love... my feelings for him are stronger than ties of blood. He coughed some blood up. 
At the same time Naruto came back to himself, as the snakes no longer had an effect on him.
-What the hell is going on here? E-Ero Sennin... Sa-suke? Oh, i feel myself so dizzy! Naruto fell down at his knees with his hands resting against the ground. He throw up. Jiraiya panted as it hurt where he was been hit. The blood dripped down from his right shoulder.
-Didn't i told you to mind your own business, old perverted freak! Sasuke tried to come on his feet again, and wanted to get some revenge for breaking his spell. Sasuke fumbled for his sword.
-Why you little brat! So, you want to fight me again? You disgrace your father's name, shame on you!
-How dare you to interfere my father into this!
-Oh, my body. Why am i so hard down there? Naruto whispered and passed out.
-It's so cheap! Jiraiya jumped over to Naruto.
-Just leave, i'll take care of him! Sasuke pushed away Jiraiya.
-NO! Jiraiya lifted up Naruto and began to jump home.
-Hell no! Sasuke wanted to attack him, but in the same time Sai turned up. But before he could do anything Sasuke had already knocked down Jiraiya to the ground so Naruto crashed the whole way down between the high trees. As Sasuke still was a bit slow, he couldn't sense to catch him.

-I've got you! Sai became his saviour.
-Well done, Sai! Jiraiya jumped down on the ground after it failed for Sasuke, so Jiraiya had to save this stupid kids life.
-This is ridiculous! What's wrong with you two anyway?
-Well, i think we should forget all about this small intimate detail. Jiraiya let Sasuke fell down to the ground.
-Hm...! Sai took a look at Naruto.
-Why is Naruto half naked! Where is his headband, jacket and shoes?
Told you, no need to use more time on that. Sai, take Naruto home, will you?
-Yes, Master Jiraiya! Sai came with a heavy sigh.
-No, i can do that, he's my lover! Sasuke cried out and raised himself.
-Shut your filthy mouth! Jiraiya's eyes was not friendly minded.

Naruto began to mumble.
-Sasuke, make love to me... mmm...
All three of them looked down at Naruto. Jiraiya thought he heard wrong.
-I'm here, Naruto! Sasuke knelled.
-Stay away from him! By the way, a special surprise for you is on its way.
-A surprise? I think not!
-You are a criminal from the
Akatsuki, and killed  one of our spies! Goodbye the end, Uchiha Sasuke! Jiraiya whispered very loud into the face of him.
A reinforcement surrounded Sasuke.
-Don't think you can get me that easy!
-Give up already, kid!
-AMATERASU: ENTENKA! Sasuke showed his Mangekyou eyes. 

-What now? Jiraiya tried to see what happened. The reinforcement could not come near Sasuke as they suddenly felt there were no need to attack him or in this case arresting Sasuke.
-What the hell! 
-Get away, Sai! NOW! But before Sai ever could react, Sasuke used his Susanoo. 

The attacks prevented Sasuke in being able to concentrate himself optimally. Sasuke went close to his Susanoo while he stared at Jiraiya. His left eye began to bleed profusely.

Kakashi had heard about the situation and informed his Hokage about the situation. Both of them joined the reinforcement even they already was out of the battle.
-What's going on? Tsunade asked Jiraiya. He told her about the situation.
-Don't go after him, you will only lose. Kakashi explained him.
-Hm, basically you're his Sensei after all, Kakashi!
-Nope, incorrect; i was his Sensei for many years ago.
-Yeah, you're right again there.
-Well, i can't see the point in this; if those two guys are in love with each other, and Sasuke only do this attack because he cares for Naruto, why not leave them alone!? She looked at Jiraiya.
-I agree with Lady Tsunade. Kakashi nodded and smiled.
-AGHNone of you two uses the common sense, especially not you, Kakashi!
-What's that supposed to mean?

-What? Kakashi's eyes became twice as big and his cheeks flushed.
-BOOBS! A man should only interest himself for a woman's boobs, not a man's flat chest! Jiraiya looked down to his beloved Tsunade´s heavy chest. Jiraiya's cheeks flushed, his gaze was distant where the passion took over. Jiraiya forgot all about Sasuke and Naruto.

Before Jiraiya came out with his "Gwahaha" Tsunade hit him so hard he flew over to Sasuke, who stood in front of his Susanoo.

Sasuke did nothing, only that he lay his hand over Naruto´s forehead. Slowly Naruto woke up. He looked up at Sasuke. A smile filled out his face.

-Naruto, are you all right?
-Yup! Naruto stretched his arms up against Sasuke.
Sasuke helped him up on his feet. With no shame, Naruto kissed back his best friend. After a while Naruto slipped him. Sasuke stood back and felt himself dizzy, happy, excited at the same time. Naruto fell down on his knees and kissed Sasuke´s belly button. Sasuke got himself a heavy nosebleed. It felt like he got new energies.

Jiraiya was on his feet again with a slight headache.

Without any noise Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi and Sai left the pond with the reinforcement in their heels. They only did this for the love they all shared together for Naruto.
On their way back to Konoha, Kakashi told with happiness in his voice that he was on a date with Shizune.
-My oh my, Kakashi! Did you kissed her?
-Shut your mouth, old baka! Tsunade sounded like a wild cat.
-Holy Konoha, she really loves me that old beautiful heavy chested Lady! Gwahaha!
-Grrr! Tsunade's eyes flamed
Jiraiya smiled and gave a stop outside his house.
-Keep going without us. Jiraiya whispered to Kakashi.
-Huh!? Ah, i see! He laughed.
Before Tsunade ever could react, Jiraiya hold her up against a tree and kissed her with so much passion that she gave after. 

🍥Chapter 5 - Falling In Love; What does that exactly mean?

Jiraiya´s pond.
Everything was peaceful. The toad males competed who could make the biggest and most beautiful song to attract a female toad. Even the deep sound from Sasuke couldn't exceed the toads.
-H-how can it be, that you c-can do this... hah...ah...aha... it's like y-you're so more experienced than me.
-Mmm... Naruto licked his lips and looked up at Sasuke.
-Why do you stop?
-More experience than you, you say, huh? What kind of question is that? Naruto panted a bit.
-I-I... he came with a long mystifying sigh.
-So, Sasuke, you can't even tell me why. Remember you drew me into this.
-WHAT! Don't tell me, that you never have turned on on me!
-I have!
-The first time we kissed in the classroom. Naruto turned red in his face.
-But that was an accident, that does not count, Naruto! By the way you spat like crazy after me.
-I did not!
-Yes, you did!
-Ah, now you've spoiled everything!
-Me? How?
-Yes, you started to interrupting me. I just lost my passion for you.
-So change that and let's make a night, none of us will forget for ages!
-Yeah, you're so right, let's do that! Naruto pushed down Sasuke, so he fell backwards.
-What's that for?
-Revenge! Naruto stood with his legs spread across his old friend and stared with a mystic glance down at him.
-I don't think i got you there? Sasuke showed a completely stupid innocent face.
-Yes you do! Henge no Jutsu! Ten cloned Naruto Uzumaki surrounded Sasuke.
-No! You do not dare to use this Jutsu on me!
-Yeah, i exactly do! Before Sasuke could defence himself, five of the clones hold him down like strong robes.
-What will you still up with me? I thought you cared for me?
-So many questions, eh! Sasuke became nervous, he couldn't use any Jutsu without hand seals. Ah, maybe he could. But he never came that far. The last five clones did what Naruto ordered them to do. Sasuke moaned, and felt how it affected him. All five clones pleased him in many different ways. Naruto heard a crying sound from Sasuke. It gave Naruto a big satisfied smile on his face.
-M-make it stop!
-I can't hear you my old friend! Naruto forced the toads to sing higher than ever before. He took a look down and saw two toads, where the one of them was on the others back. He knew the male toad was smaller than the female. He laughed inside, as he came on thinking what Ero Sennin had teached him. A smile filled out his face.

A male toad do not give up paring until it knows that the female is filled up, and the pairing is completed. 
-Oh, good old Pervy Sage! 😂
-P-please, i beg you to s-stop this... i-i can't hold back... hah...hah... ahah... Na-Naruto...
-What the heck! Are you begging me to stop, but i can't, you started this game, now i have to fulfill the mission, and i'll get a Rank S!
-Already forgot that, huh!? What you did with the snakes was, well, i can't even describe it! Do you know how it feels, not to can take control over your own body? Do you, Sasuke?
-It was not meant to be... oh... ah...hah...
-Is that so!
-S-Stop, Naruto, will you! Sasuke moaned at the same time he cried.
-Very well, but i still think you're too drunk.

Naruto's clones. (Couldn't find the perfect pix)
-I am... hah...ah... hah...hah...mmm... don't let me come like this! Sasuke trembled with pleasure. Naruto enjoyed to see himself satisfy his friend, but he ordered all the clones to stop and disappear.
-Did you had enough?
-N-No... hah... ahah... Sasuke tried to gather himself together. Naruto dropped himself down beside his friend.
-Sometimes you really pisses me off!
-S-Sorry! But... but i can't let you s-stop here... ahah...
-What do you mean? Naruto looked at him, but before Naruto could react Sasuke already was over him. Sasuke hold him down, and kissed him at the same time his hand was working longer down at Naruto´s half naked body. The way Sasuke touched him was more than Naruto could take. Naruto kissed him back, and they were rolling around and ended down in the pond. Both of them helped each other to take off the rest of their clothes.

At the same time they could hear far away someone cried out Sasuke´s name.

-What the fuck does she wants? Sasuke´s voice sounded dark and irritable.
-I think you gave her a wrong info and hope for her love to you. Naruto gave a deep sigh.
-I did it only to wake you up.
-Fuck you, Sasuke!
-Yeah, i bet i can do that to you. Sasuke took a grip in his blond spiky hair and pulled him under the water. Naruto floundered with arms and legs to breathe. He took a grip in Sasuke's one leg and pulled him under too. They kissed with lots of passion.
Soon or later both of them had to get up to breath some air. Sasuke had swallowed some water, so he was forced to stick his head above the water surface.
-Sakura-chan! Why are you here?
-I heard that you and Naruto had a fight... so i wanted to check you guys out. But what are you doing anyway, and where is Naruto?
-I am taking a swim.
-A swim in Jiraiya's pond, huh!?
-Why do you ask me like this? Is there something that bothers you?
-Yeah, i was wondering if you maybe would go out alone with me tomorrow on a date, and then we can...
-Stop! What do you mean to go out with you, and what is your truly excuses to come here?
-You dare to ask me after what you did last evening! Are you going with me or not?
-Not! I am busy up! He smiled at her, but suddenly he gave a deep gasp. He really tried not to come up with a moan. Naruto was on hunt down under the water.
-What was that, huh?! Sakura looked ridiculous.
-Nothing...r-really... hah... hah... stop it, don't... don't...! Sasuke´s eyes was wide open.
-Move your butt before the pirate fish eats your baits up! Naruto´s head became visible above the water surface right outside Sasuke's worm.
-W-What hell is that suppose to mean? Sakura´s voice sounded very stridently. None of them answered her back.
-Are you two naked!? Her eyes was twice big. It was close on she got one of her hysterically fit.
-Naked or not, we like it! Sasuke smiled with a stupid glance in his eyes.
-Sa-Sakura-chan! Naruto glared at her with a stupid fascinated face and scratched his head.
 He was in Sage Mode. 

-WHAT!? GRRR...! Sakura wanted to punch Naruto, but Sasuke was more faster than her.
-You stop it here, Sakura! Always you have behaved insanely against Naruto. You always pissed on his help and even when he had saved your life couple of times! You are a disgrace, Sakura. I fucking never liked you, even though you were the prettiest girl in whole Konoha. Try to behave normally and live up to your beautiful appearance! Sasuke had lost the desire to continue the love game between him and Naruto. So he began to walk against Sakura to get his clothes on. He gave a damn care that she saw him naked. Sakura didn't know whether she was going to scream, cry, laugh wildly at seeing the guy she loved for so long standing naked in front of her. His body was gorgeous and so hot and sexy, so trimmed and well trained. Her eyes was focused down at his cobra.
-What the hell are you glaring at? A dark voice sounded sharply into her face. She woke up immediately.
-I was not glaring at your... your... wow it's big...i mean... She blushed and regretted her choice of words. A new sound came to her. Naruto raised himself and walked after Sasuke completely naked too.
-Y-You are so gorgeous like Sasuke, Naruto-kun, and so... naked!
Naruto scowled after her. To provoke her more, he simply took a grab in Sasuke's hair and pulled him into his face and kissed with so much desire that Sakura felt a tickling feeling down in her stomach. Sasuke couldn't stop himself to moan. His hands searched after Naruto's buttocks. Naruto felt how he squeezed them. Naruto came with a longer moan. Sasuke felt something down there, which grew bigger on his lover.
-Not here, Naruto! Let's go home to you, course i hate when stalkers are watching every little thing i do! He stared at Sakura.
C'mon, let's share some magic. He sucked one of Naruto's nipples so he cried out Sasuke's name with desire.
-How can it be? This is too much! You two as lovers? You two are homo? I never thought that...i mean, i never figured that out. Tears felt up her eyes.
-We're ain't homo yet, as we still haven't done it! Sasuke laughed and winked to Sakura.

Naruto took on his clothes too and they walked away with no words left back to Sakura, but they were laughing and kept on to take a look back at her ridiculous face. Hand in hand they showed the world their deepest secrets to all, none of them was no more ashamed.

Later in the evening...

-Hahaha, did you see the face of our friends then we stand still and kissed each other in the middle of the street! Sasuke laughed so he hardly could eat his ice cream. Of course it ended up to ran down at his t-shirt. 
-Hey, take a look at your top now, dumb head! Naruto throw a handful of popcorn after his friend. 
-Stop it! Sasuke tried to cover his face, but laughed so much that Naruto put some popcorn down at his back. 
-Are you done to spilling ice cream all over my couch! 
-Hahaha... no, not yet!
-What did you just say, huh!! Naruto tickled him.
-No, Naruto, not that, please i beg you! Sasuke laughed just until Naruto licked his lips. 
-Yeah... this time none of us are influenced by alcohol, so i want to see your reaction? Sasuke looked very serious and with no warn he kissed back Naruto with a desired tongue kiss. Naruto pulled off Sasuke's t-shirt.
-Now you tasted my lips with flavor ice-cream... now you certainly shall experience how it feels like when i sucks your nipples! Sasuke came with short quick breaths. He whimpered as he felt his whole inner universe whirred around. It felt so good. This special way Naruto could stimulate and capture his lover's attention was completely stupefying. Naruto began to droll, he couldn't control it. Sasuke licked it away and kissed him with deep passion. He wouldn't stop there, he moved himself longer down between his lovers legs. 
-Sa... su... ke... mmm... aha...hah...hah... 
-Are you ready to let me go further? 
-I don't know, i'm scared!

-Scared, huh!? How can it be? You've faced the most powerful dark Shinobis in this world, and from your birth you had an evil demon fox sealed inside of you, as well i tamed with the power of my Sharingan. Naruto, you died twice in your short life, now you'll try to tell me a lie? Come again, i mean, it's okay and yeah i know this is completely different, but... i will not stop here... i promise to do it on a quite soft and loving way... i truly do! Sasuke could sense his fear through his Sharingan.

-Come with me! Sasuke dragged Naruto with him into the bed. Sasuke showed him respect, but also pleased him in many ways. Naruto really wanted this, even he was scared, but he also trusted his best friend.
-I think you're ready.
With gentle movements Sasuke pushed himself inside Naruto's universe.

-Ow... it hurts... i want my Pervy Sage! Naruto cried out with tears in his eyes. 
-I'll try to do it so smooth as possible... hah...aha... it's my first time too, Naruto. Try to calm down and take it easy, then it will be better. 
-It's easy for you to say! 
-Yeah, but give it a try and then relax. Naruto did what Sasuke told him, and it became more delightful for both of them. They found a rhythm, so both enjoyed this first and special time. Sasuke squeezed his right nipple and kissed his soft lips while he moved gently inside of Naruto.
At the same time both of them exploded in wildness, someone knocked on the door. 
-Aha...hah... i cum, i cum... aah... aah... Sasuke... mmm... Naruto grabbed the extra pillow beside him and hugged it tight. Sasuke sounded like a wild lion then he came 3 seconds after Naruto. It knocked on the door again. Suddenly they could hear someone walked inside the apartment. 
-Dammit! We forgot to lock the door. Naruto panted very loud.
-Who is it? Sasuke asked without getting any answer back. 
At the same time Sasuke pulled himself out and snatched a sheet. In same second his eyes was awakened. He raised himself and walked towards this person with anger in his face. 
-Hinata and Sakura? What the bloody hell are you two doing here so late? Naruto was still exhausted and lie there on the bed naked as he was. Naruto's eyes where closed, he was totally done, but very happy. To explode from the inside and out was more than great to feel in real life, than to read one of Pervy Sage's love books. A smile crossed his face.
-S-sorry, Sasuke-kun! Hinata bowed herself down in honor to him. 
-Enough already! Stand up. So, what can i do for you two? He crossed his arms, and didn't knew that the girls could see right through the white sheet. 
-I-it was Naruto-kun i w-wanted to talk with. Hinata couldn't resist to take a closer look at his figure. 
-I see! He's in the bedroom! Sasuke pointed at the room.

-If he's naked like you, Sasuke, i'll punch all the shit out of him!
-Don't you dare, bitch! Sakura didn't heard his warning, she was already inside the bedroom side by side with poor Hinata who turned red in her face to see Naruto´s naked body.
She gave a little excited squeals. Naruto's body were so handsome and sexy.
It was hard for her to hide her feelings. She blushed.
-Get something on you, Naruto! It's too much for the ladies. Naruto woke up from his dreamy world. Slowly he took the pillow and hided himself down there. 
-What the heck are you two up too? What are you doing here so late? He took an extra sheet around his naked body.
-D-did you two just had sex, huh!? Sakura's mouth was wide open.
-Be careful, Sakura, i saw a mega fly right before! Naruto laughed. It was too much for her. She felt that Naruto had stolen her Sasuke, and turned him into something he wasn't. She wouldn't accept, that Sasuke were gay, and especially not after this wonderful kiss he gave her last night. Everything was of course Naruto's fault.
-He must be punished for that, this big egoistic toad head! With no warning she punched Naruto over and over again. It happened so fast that Sasuke or even not Hinata could sense to stop her right away.
-Ow... ow...ow... it hurts, Sakura-chan! These pains is deeper than then Sasuke took me from behind!
-WHAT!? She was more furious than ever before, she kept punching him over and over.
-STOP IT, SAKURA! Sasuke yelled. But she couldn't. She wanted him to feel the same pain as she did.
-S-Sakura-chan!? Stop hurting Naruto like this! Hinata cried.
-ENOUGH!!! Sasuke gave her a hard slap from the back of his hand, so she trilled down the bed. She bled a lot out from her mouth.
-Sa-Sa-su-ke-kun!? She looked up at him with scared wide opened eyes.

-DO NEVER DARE TO PUNCH HIM AGAIN! NEXT TIME I'LL SHOW YOU NO MERCY! Sasuke were so angry that he lost his sheet. His eyes has turned into his Mangekyo eyes.
-I'll leave you all now, this is too much! Hinata cried and ran out.
-You should do the same before i'm losing my temper, Sakura!
-H-how can it be, Sasuke-kun? She cried bitter tears. -Last night... you kissed me... I...
-I know why you came here, Sakura. It was only to spy on me, to see if i really was a homo, right? Yes, i can assure you for that! I AM GAY! Is this crystal clear for you, eh!? Or should i prove it to you! Do you want me to prove it to you, do you, Sakura? Eh!? She couldn't speak. The pains, blood, everything were jammed down in her throat. Her tears flowed down over her pink cheeks. The blood dripped down from her nose and lower lip. 

-Yeah, i'll surely prove it to you! He walked over to his boyfriend.
What? Naruto looked up at him, he could barely speak. His head bled as he had many scratches from Sakura's nails. Both of his eyes were black and deep purple. He could hardly see Sasuke.
-It's okay, Naruto. I saw your mind last night, and i remember exactly what it was about. I know Master Jiraiya teached you all about balance and so on. To make this short, i saw how he teached you about toads, therefore you laughed at me. Well, before we got interrupted by this lady here, i wanted to fulfill our paring and fill you up with the deepest feelings you ever could imagine! Now, i want to show you what true love is all about! Sasuke started all over again.
-I don't want to watch this! I'm leaving too! She yelled as loud she could into the face of Sasuke. Too late for her, he grabbed her face with his big hand, and before she could react, he called out two of his white snakes. They lifted her up, so she was in bird's eye view over the bed.
-So you said what, Sakura?

-You can't force me to watch this insane... insane, so totally insane... what the hell are you up too, Sasuke? Tell me, dammit! She cried so her tears dripped down over his face.
-Just watch me! He sent her a smirked smile.
-I don't think this is a good idea, Sasuke.
-Yes, it is. I want to show Sakura what love is all about.
-What about me?
-I truly love you, Naruto. I told you that several of times now since yesterday, and i'll never let you walk out of my life, never! You've changed my life to some better. Also you never gave up on me. He licked Naruto's earlobe and kissed his nose.
Naruto cried through then he felt Sasuke for second time.
-Ow... ow... ow.... mmm... Sasuke... hah... ah... hah...
-Naruto, this is more powerful than first time before, right?
-Surely, but... Sakura...
-Forget all about that insane cow!
-How dare you, Sasuke! I loved you whole way through since we were kids! She cried out.
-I actually thought i was in love with you too, but... when me and Naruto kissed each other in the school as kids, something changed inside of me. He looked down at his lover.
-You admit it!?
-Of course! Sasuke smiled back.
-Stupid ass! You cheated on me all these years!?
-Whom do you call for a stupid ass? Sasuke gave him an extra push and took a hold around both of his legs and kept thrusting faster.
-Ow! ... aah...hah...aah...! Sasuke stopped for awhile to suck and squeeze his lovers nipples.
-Do you feel more comfortable this time, Naruto?
-Y-yeah... aha... aah...hah...! Naruto trembled.
-Does it hurt?
-N-no, i'm okay... ngh... haa... haa... keep on doing it faster! Sasuke began to thrusting more firmer now. He didn't stopped until Naruto came with deep passion so he cried of happiness. 
-Are you crying, Naruto?
-Y-yeah... hah... ah... hah...
-Was i too hard on you?
-Nah... this pain is connected with love... so...
-It makes me happy to hear. Naruto; when you experiences something like this, it's really special and very magically! To call the other person for his lover, and it comes to this, it is what you call for True Love! But this time i have to clean up my mess! He licked up over Naruto's belly and ended up to kiss his mouth.
-Mng... hah...hah...ah...! Both of them panted loudly.
-I love you, Uzumaki Naruto! Sasuke wiped away his tears.
-Ditto, Uchiha Sasuke!
Sakura's face looked like strawberry mush. She cried so much, she couldn't breathe through.
-Take her down, Sasuke, let her go home, she had enough.
-She know we're lovers now, and if you don't tie her up immediately, i'll never forgive you!
-All right! But i warn you; never try to hit Naruto again, is that understood!? She nodded. Naruto raised himself and walked out to take a hot bath. He took a stop in front of Sakura.
-I feel sorry for you, Sakura-chan... i hope you're all right. Then he continued to the bathroom.
-Release! Sakura fell down in the bed and landed directly in the arms of Sasuke's naked body. Both of them stared into each others eyes. Their lips were just few millimeters from each others. She stared down at his lips. Through her skirt, she felt Sasuke's cobra. She gave him a fast sucking kiss and wanted to leave immediately, but Sasuke prevented her to go.
-Never tell anyone what just happened here tonight, is that clear?
-Y-yes! He kissed her back with his tongue.
-I'm sorry too, Sakura! He tried to hold her tight.
-No, let go of me! She panted.
-Are you sure you don't want to have one more wet kiss or maybe some more?!
-Let go of me and i'll never accept you and Naruto's relationship, NEVER! She punched him and ran out. Sasuke laughed. He really not wanted to do anything with her, for there were only one person his heart belonged. Sasuke raised himself to join up Naruto.


2019©Naruto Shippuden Fanfiction
Sasuke x Naruto💕Dazzled by Love [Yaoi] 
Written & Performed by:
Maria Gabriella Mose ღ Heart of Manga

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