✣The Vampire Slayer and his Master (Kaname x Zero) 🌹 [Yaoi]

By Maria Gabriella Mose (Author + Artist) - September 08, 2018


💢Chapter 1: The Sweet Scent of Blood

At this late night it was impossible for Zero to get some sleep in his lonely bed. A strong scent of pure blood crept up through his sensitive nose. The only pure blood he ever tasted was from the Night Class Moon Dormitory President; Kuran Kaname. This old vampire was more than 10.000 years old, reborn as human form. Since he had tasted this sweet pureblood to survive his Level E, he had considered Kaname very attractive. So tall and handsome. The sweet red-brown eyes shined on a very special way, and the way his long brown bangs falls down over his face, made him more attractive and interesting than usual. Zero knew that Kaname only had a crush on Yuuki, and saw her as his fiance. Zero wanted her too, after she had saved his life over and over again. The blood pills he took was uselessly, sometimes he cough up some blood together with the pills, it was impossible to swallowing them, and he had to drink blood for his own surviving. But could it be, that he was in love with two vampires at once, and in a male? He gave a deep sigh. It has become more complicated after Kaname had turned Yuuki into a vampire. But complicated because of his brother feelings for her, as they have lived together under the same roof since their childhood and his parents was been murdered by a pure blood vampire woman , named; Shizuka Hio. She had turned Zero into a vampire. He had a twin brother named, Ichiru. Shizuka took his brother with her. But what the hell she wanted from his brother, was a killing question inside his head and gave him pain.
Yuuki and her family was attacked by a pureblood vampire Kuran which named; Rido. Her mother offered her life to protect her only daughter Yuuki.
He heard all about that story. Zero came with an even more heavier breath that almost sounded like a burnt-out fire.
The scent of Kaname´s blood became stronger now... could it be that he was near by him? 
On a somehow he hoped that Kaname came by him for a visit, but why should he?
He already told him, that he only helped him out once, as it was Yuuki´s wish to make him survive. Zero was so honored to Yuuki, but indeed also to Kaname. He turned on his back and stared up in the ceiling. He tried to turn back in time to this spring on this late night were he was locked into this dark cold room for his own safe. Only Kaname and his guardian; Kaien Cross could visit him. All those bad memories, but also weird on a good way, awoke his taste of Kaname´s blood. He wanted to suck it in again, just two small holes in his neck, and maybe a gently touch of Kaname´s strong trimmed chest. 
Forbidden dreams, Zero! He would kill you immediately, and even if you pointed your Bloody Rose straight into his face, you have zero chances to survive, his abilities is too strong. Dammit! I am a Vampire Hunter! Why do i have these insane feelings for this guy? He closed his eyes and tried to calm down to get some sleep, but the smell of blood became stronger and stronger. It was unbearable for him. Zero began to scratch himself on his neck, so the blood run down his neck and dripped over his white shirt. He knew, if it was Kaname, he would smell the blood immediately. Zero heard a bump outside the door. The door began to creak, and it opened very slowly. A weak light from the moon surrounded a tall person in white suits. The smell of this persons blood exploded up inside Zero´s nostrils.
-I'm thirsty... please... is it you, Kaname? No answer came in return, but the person came closer and stared down in the face of Zero.
-What did you just say, eh!?
-Kuran Kaname! I knew it was you, this smell of your blood...
-Shut the hell up!
-Why did you came here anyway, if you just wants to act like this? Zero´s eyes became dark and red.
-Where is she?
-Don't play stupid games with me. Answer this simple question!
-Ah, you mean Yuuki? No clue!
-Yes you have.
-In her bed i guess as it's in the middle of the night. Why should i know.
-No, i already checked.
-So? You thought that her and me... god, what a weird thought, you are really insane, Kaname!

-You think so, eh? Kaname stretched out his arm and in a hurry, he took a stranglehold around Zero´s neck, so few drops of blood ran down through Kaname´s fingers.
-What's that for? In the same Kaname felt the Bloody Rose on his forehead.
-Go ahead, shoot me if you have nerves enough and can be hurry on the trigger too. Kaname gazed with a deep engraved look at Zero´s eyes. Kaname read his mind as an open book, he knew what he wanted from him.
-Damn you, Kuran!
-That was not nice of you as i just had in mind to give you a bit blood! Now, i'm not so sure any longer.
-Huh!? Zero began to shake on his hand with a finger on the trigger. The smell of the Dormitory President´s blood made him crazy. He dropped the Bloody Rose on the floor. He had no power left and felt himself so weak and out of mind.

-DRINK! Kaname pointed at his own neck like a strict order and slashed at his neck with a fingernail, so the blood flowed fresh.

Zero began to lick at his neck, and soon after his fangs sank into Kaname´s neck. The silence was relentlessly. Kaname kept a tight grip around Zero's head. He could hear how Zero swallowed the blood and so fast that he hardly could breathe.
Kaname felt some other vibrations which was mixed with some emotions from the weak almost Level E vampire. Not that he hated him as long as he kept his fangs away from his beloved Yuuki. If this here could keep him away from her, he offered voluntarily his neck and blood to this vague infamous vampire. He could also kill him, but it would make Yuuki unhappy.
Kaname felt that Zero had sucked enough of blood, so he tried to push him away.
-No, not yet... let me drink some more... please, Lord Kaname...
-Enough already! Let go of me. A deep voice pierced straight through Zero.
-N-No! Suddenly Zero felt a hard slap on the side of his head. Zero dared to look up at this tall strong pureblood. It was a hard glance who met him. Kaname had this scary dark look, where his beautiful dark brown red eyes became blood colored.
-Look at yourself. So pitifully! You're a disgrace to all vampires.
-I am not a vampire, you know that too well, Kaname!
-Yeah, a vampire close to Level E! Sheesh! If i hadn't made a promise to the Headmaster; Cross Kaien and my Yu..., well, no matter, i would have killed you long time ago with my bare hands! Zero sank down on his knees. The blood dripped from his mouth. The urge to shoot Kaname to insignificant dust, stood as a sudden close desire inside his head. The blood rushed to his head, an anger took over his control.
-I am a damn Vampire Hunter and no one talks to me like this!
-Oh i see, but you can't reach the Bloody Rose because it lies behind me! Go on, take it! But, as long you remember, who's the true owner of the Bloody Rose
-I'll blow you to dustZero pushed his way up to the gun and grabbed it.

-Not so fast! Kaname bowed down and took a firm grip around Zero´s neck and lifted him hard up against the wall.
-How many times do i have to tell you not to come in my way! Kaname´s nails sank into Zero´s neck so the blood dripped slowly down his chest. Zero knew he wouldn't survive this unless the Dorm President spared his life. He felt himself like a disaster. How could it come that far? 
Kaname looked down at the blood with unappetizing eyes.
-I-It's your blood the most of it, but mixed with mine, so w-why not taste it.
-Huh!? I am not a fallen Vampire, Zero-kun! Kaname slipped the grab and licked that blood he had under his nails.
-I taste very sweet, right, Kaname?
-Hm! Kaname gazed at him while he slowly walked away with heavy fast steps.
-Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Zero accused himself to let Kaname exploit him at this shameful way.
It was not meant to be... I-I wanted some more... to touch his skin and maybe a wet kiss and then a little sweet bite in his lips. It was clear that Zero was totally out of his mind of lust to this pureblood.
He took a long walk this night as well, it was impossible to get some normal sleep. He had to control the academy for Level E vampires, he hoped that Yuuki wasn't there.

-----------------------A ½ hour later----------------------- 

Zero-kun! Why do you look like this? Did you had a fight with a disgusting law vampire? Zero gave a deep sigh.

-Not now, Yuuki. He turned away from her.
-Tell me!
-I thought you were sleeping, Yuuki!
-Yes, but i had a nightmare about you and Kaname-Senpai, and...
-Really? I'm not sure i want to hear it. He yawned and buried his hands down to his pockets, and his face looked like a bitter citrus fruit.
-S-Sorry! Suddenly she swung The Artemis Rod and hit a bloodthirsty vampire.
-Just leave me alone, okay! Zero disappeared faster than Yuuki could register.
-But i can smell some blood from Kaname Sen...pai!? She looked around her.
What was that all about? 
Zero was in bad mood and searched for Kaname only for to spy at him. He stopped on the wall to the Night Class dormitory.
No sign of Kaname. 
Zero jumped down again and kept walking so he ended inside the school. He walked directly to Kaname´s room. He stood outside the door, and listened if he could hear something. The only thing he could hear was a weak chatter from a deep voice followed by a soft laugh. Zero decided to walk in even he wasn't invited, but he was out of his mind. He couldn't find the true reason for this madness. He was alone with Yuuki, but he rejected her so badly, and left her alone in the darkness, but he wouldn't find himself guilty for that. Zero pressed down the door handle, it came with a slight squeaking sound. He sneaked in and looked a bit confused around. The room was almost dark. He looked toward the fireplace, he heard the crackling sounds from the dancing flames. In front of the fireplace was a beautiful white sofa. He could see a glass of red wine floating in the air with two long fingers around the lower part of the glass. Suddenly the room was filled with silence, only the fire crackled merrily.
-What do you want? The deep strong hard voice pierced Zero´s heart so it bled.
-How did you know i was here?
-The smell of your blood, Zero!
-Hm... Is that so? So in fact you liked the sample?
-Didn't i made it clear for you not to tease me again? You bored me to death! Get lost!
-Why should i leave now i'm here? I have some information about...
-Are you deaf? I need some space to be alone.
-But Yuuki is out there alone...
-You left her back? Kaname raised himself in a hurry and stared with wild eyes after Zero.
-What so ever, she can handle a situation nearly better than me. So don't be worry for her.
-You are the most infamous person i know besides Rido who own no heart and soul.
-You think Rido will come back after her and...
-Shut your mouth or i'll make sure to suck out your life! Kaname walked with heavy fast steps towards Zero.
-C'mon, kill me! As always you get your will and win big at the end!

-Do not temp me, Zero-kun, cause i mean each word of mine. Why the hell is it, that i'm still here with a low vampire like you, when my Yuuki is in danger? Kaname opened up the window and jumped out. Before he disappeared, he turned around and looked with sharp red eyes at Zero.
-Where is she?
-I guess she walked down to the lake, but i thought you could smell her blood?
-You and I are not done yet, trust me, Zero! Kaname was gone. The only thing Zero could hear was the howling wind. He felt the cold air from the dark night go right through him like a ghost.

💢Chapter 2:  Forbidden Act

Kaname tried to forget all about Zero at while he was looking for his beloved Yuuki. But it seemed his thoughts was filled up with this fallen vampire.
-This damn filthy low vampire! What's wrong with him anyway? That's something over him, that i can't put words on. Kaname bit his underlip so the blood ran slowly down over his chin. But suddenly he heard a scream in the dark. He looked around in the darkness and tried to get focus over the situation. He was sure it came over from the little graveyard on the other side of the lake Zero mumbled about. Only thing he could see was two or maybe three silhouettes in the fog. He ran all he could the last few meters.
-Who's there? Show yourself! Kaname closed his eyes, so he better could set focus and see through his mind. A tall shadow slid across the ground.
-You can't taste her, she's a high qualified pureblooded vampire princess, and she's mine! There was a loud bang. Kaname felt immediately the dust from a very low insignificant Level E vampire. He also recognized the voice.
-Get your dirty long nails away from her, Rido! Kaname´s voice couldn't sound more deeper or neither more serious than now.
-From this little tasty snack? I don't think so, as she'll complete my deepest wish to become the most powerful and respected pureblooded vampire in the whole family of Kuran´s historical Family Tree!
-ENOUGH! Faster than lightning had Kaname already pierced his sharp nails into the neck of his uncle.
-So, what now, Dear Nephew? You wanna kill me with your cold heart? But think twice; your Dear Yuuki will die faster than you ever can imagine, and more painful than my dear sister Juri died then she sacrificed her own pity life to protect her daughter. He laughed so it pierced Kaname´s heart.
-STOP IT! You'll not come far with this.
-You don't think so? How pitiful of you. I thought you knew me better, but i see you're just a disgrace to all vampires exactly like my brother Haruka.
Faster than Kaname could observe, Rido already drank of Yuuki´s blood from her earlobe.

Kaname raged of bitter pain deep inside his heart.
-This was the last time you challenged me, Rido!
-Oh! Choose your words carefully, boy. The sweet taste of her blood is the same like her mothers, Juri.
-Let go of me, i beg you, do not kill me! Yuuki sobbed.
-No, no, you misunderstands something important here, little girl. I don't wanna kill you. I want to marry you, then i'll breed you, and the first child shall be a boy and be called...
-SHUT THE HELL UP! This will be your finally, Uncle! Kaname raised his arm over the head of his uncle at the same time as his nails sank deeper inside of Rido´s neck with the other hand. The blood dripped fast down over Rido´s chest. At the same time Kaname manipulated his uncle's thoughts. No matter how much Rido tried to fight against his nephew, he had lost this game already.
-You-You... can't control my mind, Kaname, so stop this, you know i own the same power like you, and i am...
-Shut the scar! Kaname´s eyes shined blood red more than ever.
-He's not alone! A tall shape came closer. The only thing Kaname could see in this dark night was two shining lavender eyes.
-You!? Why the hell are you here, didn't i told you to stay out of my way. Kaname gave a deep sigh.
-You forgot already that it's me who're the vampire slayer!
-...SIGH... How can i forget that, you're reminding me every single moment you're near by me. Zero glared at Kaname with large distended pupils.
-N-Near by your body... no, i meant... Zero blushed.
-What did you just say? Kaname couldn't concentrate himself, so in a second Rido disappeared like an invisible shadow.
-I'll return when the circumstances are more volatile, then you will regret that you mocked and ridiculed me, nephew! Rido´s voice hang in the cold blowing air long time after he disappeared.
-That's totally your fault, Zero! I could have put an end to this, but as always you spoil everything in miles around me.
-Do I? Zero´s eyes showed anger.
-Guys, stop, nothing happened after all, i'm okay! Yuuki tried to come up with a smile.
-It has nothing to do with you, Yuuki, so stay out of this. Zero looked at her with small eyes.
-Don't talk to her like this.
-So, Kaname, you still after all have feelings for her.
-What had you expected?
-Nothing! Zero gave a sneeze of frustration over Kaname´s indifference. He began to walk away with his hands buried hard down in his pockets. Kaname looked after him with shaking head.
-Are you okay, Yuuki? Kaname asked her with tender in his voice.
-Ye-Yeah, Kaname-senpai!  Her big brown-red eyes stared up at him.
-I love when your long hair blow on this special way in the wind. He let his fingers run through her hair and let a finger touch her soft silky cheek lightly. She blushed. He kissed her nose.
-Let's go back to the academy.
-Oh, but what just happened with Rido and  now Zero... I-I don't understand it.

-Don't even think on it, you're safe here with me and i'll make sure you'll get some of my guys to look after you from now on. He hugged her tight. She could hear his heart was beating fast. His blood pumped wild as he loved her so deeply.
-Are you upset about this with your uncle, because i'm not scared.
-I am not upset and now you lied to me Yuuki.
-W-What do you mean, Kaname-senpai?
-Nothing, you worry too much, my sweet Yuuki, let me handle this.
-But what about Zero-kun?
-He's just pissed off on something i can't figure out, maybe he's jealous at me because i stay closer to your beauty face than he do. Kaname smiled, but only for 3 seconds then he looked irritated again. He wanted to find out what was wrong with Zero and he had to be prepared for the next move from his uncle.
-Let's go, Yuuki. He took her hand and she followed him.
She would always follow him to the end of this life. Only Kaname had the permission to touch her and drink her blood, even she sometimes dreamed about Zero, but her feelings for him was very different, no, Kaname made her happy and safe. 

Home at Cross Kaien´s house.

It was too much for Zero. He hated to be disturbed when he had something on mind. He always wanted to fulfill his ideas the whole way through.
-Kaname-senpai... your body... belongs to me only... this love and power i feel deep inside of me when i drink your sweet warm blood, wants me to do something good in return for your kindness for letting me survive this dreadful world i live in, like this pitiful low creature i became... i'm not a vampire nor a human... 
He closed his eyes and leaned his head backwards in the bathtub. He tried to stay focus on his life, but it was impossible. He gave a deep sigh. He disappeared under the water. All sounds disappeared too. He tried to drown his inner thoughts, he saw Kaname leaned close to him while he whispered sharp into his ear; I'm not done with you yet, Zero, you spoils everything in miles around me! He felt all hope burned out.
-I'm lost in this darkness... alone... I'm buried alive... I can't breath... help me, Kaname, save me... you're hunting my dreamworld each night... how to escape from you? 
I can't sleep... my lust for you, i can't control it... He bit his lower lip with his fang. The blood ran and mingled with the water molecules. Without he knew it, he began to itch long gashes down his chest, the blood rippled out. He did not notice the pain. His hand slid automatically further down and it gave a satisfying feeling deep in his stomach when he squeezed softly around his penis.
-Kaname-senpai... ah...hah... Zero kept on masturbating fast until he came. He imagined that Kaname sucked him. In a hurry he stuck his head over the water as he couldn't no longer breath.
-This is really bad, no, it's me who's bad... Kaname would never look at my side... He's engaged to Yuuki. Zero opened up his eyes and looked down over himself and saw the blood flowed around in the water. He felt himself so miserable. He raised himself up took a bath towel around his tall trimmed figure and began to dry his hair with his blow dry, as he always used to do.
-Dammit! I can't rest tonight. I have to go out on hunting after some Level E vampires. He took on his clothes.
The wind was cold and very blowing this late dark night. Soon it was morning, but the sun hadn't showed her face yet. It was hard for Zero to concentrate him, but he shot two vampires which they tried to get some breakfast from a lonely woman on her way to work. He saved her life, but she ran all she could without giving him any thanks. It was not normally that the Level E vampires searched for food in densely populated residential neighborhoods.
-What are you doing here, Zero? A lighted but deep voice broke Zero´s thoughts.
-Are you following me, Kaien? Zero asked him without turning around.
-Please, say father!
-You know you're not! Ah, i just want to be alone, so leave me! Zero looked pissed.
-Now you just made me cry.
-How sad!
-But, why are you walking around here in this place of the city and alone? Where's my little girl?
-Arg... walking around alone, eh! I have my reasons, and Yuuki is a big girl now, a pureblood vampire. Zero´s eyes burned.
-Yeah, i know, but still...
-Aren't you on your way home, old man!
-If you like so! Kaien began to walk home with his head down to show how sad he was.
-Childish old man! 
Zero began to walk with hasty steps to the academy and directly to the Night Class. He wanted to face Kaname, even he did not know why. They were on the way out when Zero came. Kaname was the last one who leaved the room. 
-Are you stalking me or what, Zero-kun?
-Hell no, like i would! 
-Okay then, tell me what this is all about? Zero had problems to look directly into his eyes. 
-Wrong answer! This is all about Yuuki, right? Just stay away from her, you mean nothing to her. 
-It's not her, but you. 
-I beg your pardon? Did i misted a point here!? 
-Maybe you did! Zero answered him sharp back. 
-What exactly is your problem anyway? Kaname began to sound irritated and mad. 
-I want some more blood!
-You... You can have nothing! Now leave me before you'll regret it! 
-I just asked you nicely! Zero grabbed Kaname in the collar of his coat and starred into those two strong big red-brown eyes. 
-Move your hand and leave me alone. 
-NO! I-I love you! 
-What the hell did you just say, eh? Kaname pressed Zero hard up against the wall. His hand grabbed Zero´s neck. 
-I desire and respect you... but just let me drink! I-I beg you! 
-I gave you some blood last evening for only 6 hours ago, why are you already thirsty again?
-My lust for you... i already told you. 
-Why do you think you're in love with me?
-I-I can't answer you that question, when you're looking at me at this way. Kaname made a cut in his own neck with a nail.
-Drink! But it will cost you this time. Zero licked the pureblood's neck and sucked the blood in like a leech. 

💢Chapter 3:  The Beast Awakes/Part 1

-Do you absolutely have to moan at the same time?
-Y-Your blood... your blood is tasty... it makes me mad and more crazy after you...!
-You mean like an animal! Zero stopped.
-An animal, huh? Zero pushed him away.
-Not so cocky now, are we?
-Go to hell!
-Already been there, but you haven't, Zero-kun!
-You don't know anything about my doing, so close the scar!
-Stop! You are playing with fire, mate. Kaname put his head close to Zero's face and looked him straight into his eyes. Zero´s heart began to beat fast. The pureblood's red eyes stared straight through his rotten soul with a burning heart.
-Next night will go to be very tough for you.
-W-What do you mean by that? Zero´s pupils became large. His purple eyes looked a bit frighten.
-I invite you to a party for only vampires.
-A-Are you crazy! Do not underestimate me, Kaname-sama. I am still a vampire slayer, and to see all those... those bloodthirsty dastardly low bastards gives me the desire to kill them!
-Bloodthirsty you say, eh? What kind of beast are you then, Zero?
-Maybe a beast like this...! Kaname took a grab around Zero´s neck and one of his nails sank in, so the blood dripped. Kaname bowed his head and began to lick the vampire slayers neck.
-N-No... stop, Ka-Kaname..., please, stop.
-Your blood really taste sweet! Zero could feel the pureblood's long tongue lick his neck tenderly.
-Are you afraid of me?
-Hell no... I... Arg...! Zero panted long-winded then he felt Kaname´s fangs sank in. The feeling of having this warm pureblood so close, to feel his fangs sink into his neck like this and suck his flowing blood was more than Zero ever had dreamed of. Zero leaned his head backwards and enjoyed this intense moment.

Would he dare to take the next step or would Kaname-sama reject him? What was the problem? Why torment yourself? Zero hugged hard around Kaname and let unnoticed his hands slip further down. Kaname felt two hands squeeze his butt.
-Continue and I will kill you! A deep look from Kaname was enough to Zero gave up his little experiment number. The blood ran down over Kaname´s chin. His lips were smeared in sugar sweet blood that belonged to this person, whom he called a beast. Zero knew immediately when he saw the pureblood vampire lick his lips clean, that he was accepted and his life was no longer in danger.
-See ya, loser! Kaname took his books and disappeared.
The vampire slayer let two fingers run over his neck. The blood felt greasy. There were two deep holes from the only person his heart was beating for. But he had no desire to show up to this party. A house filled with vampires and so this little gnome to Aidou which was so damn smug. Zero had observed how Aidou always looked after Kaname.
-That tick! No matter how many times the Dorm President dismissed and punished him for all the times he had tried to impress Yuuki, would this little conceited idiot not comprehend a damn thing! But surely many more adored this pureblood, i've always wondered why? I would like to see Kaname, but I cannot stand to look at the other bloodsucking bastards!
Zero gave a deep sigh and left the night class in pain.

Zero wanted to be alone, so he walked over to the horse stables. He threw himself down in the straw beside his favorite horse Lily who followed him closely with her big eyes. Zero closed his eyelids. He felt that everything went black. He could not keep the mind away from Kaname. He felt again on the bite mark the pureblood had left behind. It still hurt, but most deeply inside his rotten soul.
-He called me a loser, and i won't forgive him for that. I'll surely stay away from this damn party! Zero bit his underlip in anger and could taste his own sweet blood. It really tasted sweet. Shortly right after he felt asleep.
The dreams hunted him down. Not long time after he woke up. He was crying.
-Ichiro, what happened to you and where are you? I don't won't to be alone anymore... I was not strong enough to save you from this... this... filthy pureblood! 
Pureblood!? Kaname-sama... what would happen if i became a real vampire? No, i like to be this person i am now. Kiryuu... the vampire hunter family name, yes, it should be like that forever... but yet... forever young like i am now... if Kaname turned me into a vampire, then... no, he said he only kept me alive to protect Yuuki... for just few months ago i loved her like crazy and now, no feelings left over for her. I hate those purebloods so deep inside my heart. It's my duty to kill each one of them and again... each time i point the Bloody Rose on Kaname-sama my hands shakes... i'm not afraid of him... no, i love him and he rejected me twice on one single night. I wonder if he doesn't care to see me go down on a vampire LEVEL E and turn into a monster? Just letting me die so he and Yuuki can get married. Dammit! I won't die on this way... i won't die like a monster... Zero started to cry. He couldn't control his emotions, they just came out from his heart and smashed him into thousand pieces.

 After some while Zero walked home to the house of Cross Kaien. It was dinnertime already, so his stepfather was cooking. The light from the kitchen lamp shined so badly into his eyes.
-So there you are, eh! Where have you been the whole day, Zero?
-We have been so worried for you, and...
-Since when have you been worried for me?
-Always since you started to live here as my adopted son.
-I have never been your adopted son, so get it in to your thick head!
-You always hurt my feelings! He pretended to cry.
-Get over it!
-Well, why are you so pissed?
-It's nothing. Zero came out with a longer sigh.
-Hmm... Yuuki have been alone the whole day to protecting the Day Class, and there was a minor accident with Aidou Senpai.
-What kind of accident? Zero growled.
-Yea, how to put it... one of the girls was close on to faint over him and then in a hurry he grabbed her, but she got wounded and then...
-Let me guess, Aidou bit her, right!? Zero stared into Kaien´s eyes.
-Nah, he were so naughty to put her finger into his mouth, but...
-That filthy tick! Zero´s eyes turned red. Kaien had never observed Zero so angry before.
-Zero-kun, wake up! Why does this upsets you? Kaien wasn't happy to see the red eyes, how could it be his eyes got this deep red color?
-He's so selfish and think he's so adorable and gentle and can get anyone he wants!
-Since when have this concerned you like this?
-For twelve hours ago!
-When do we eat, i'm hungry like hell?
-I prefer you choose a better choice of words in my house!
-What? I just said i was hungry!?
-Well then, you can't have anything before you have taken a bath, you stinks!
-Yeah i know. I fell asleep in the horse stable.
-In the horse stable, that's weird!
-Hm... where are Yuuki?
-She prepares something to this party.
-Prepare something, eh!? Do you know, Kaien, it's only for vampires?
-And you think this is okay?
-Surely! Kaname-sama is there, so nothing to be worried about.
-Kuran Kaname, you say, eh!? What a headache!
-Pardon me?
-Nothing. I will hurry up to take this shower. See ya!
-Okay, then i'll be ready with your favorite food. Kaien tried to smile, but it was indeed so false it could be.
He was still thinking on what was going on with Zero in the latest hours. Only true vampires can get these dark red eyes, and mostly just before or after they have been fed. He was truly worried for Zero.
-Are you in there, Yuuki? Zero knocked on her door and just walked into her room half naked with only a bath towel around his waist.
-Get out, Zero!
-Why? I just want to ask you about something.
-You're naked and you know i hate to look at you like this! She stuck her tongue out after him.
-Well, you're safe then, because I am no longer attracted by you. So tell me something...
-How do i care! After what you said to me last night... I... I... She looked up at him with her big brown-red angry eyes.
-Said to you, what?
-I meant nothing to you, i felt it right away in my blood!
-Yeah and?
-After all what i have given you through the last two years of my life!
-What do you exactly mean by that?
-My blood, damn you!
-Yea right! Well, i really appreciate what you did for me, and your blood is really tasty, but...
-Tasty!? How can you say such thing like this? I rescued you!
-Yea, thanks!
-Huh!? Is that all? Let me get this clear for you once for all, Zero! You drank the finest blood from a  pureblood... blood from a Princess like me, and only thing you have to say to this is; THANKS!? How dare you! You're so selfish, and your head is filled up with egocentric you! You're so...
-STOP! I won't listen to all that rubbish! By the way, i tasted some blood which was more tasty than yours.
-How can it be? Whom have you sucked blood from, tell me? No, you don't have to tell me, i already know it, as we aren't many purebloods left back. Get out!
-Yuuki, i did not meant it like this, but the guy who rescued me was actually Kaname-sama, and you know that too well deep inside your heart.
-Yeah, i love his blood too. I am just a bit scared for what will go to happen to this party. He's so mysterious these days. She gave a sigh and looked into her mirror.
-Don't be, i am with you. Zero walked over to her and lay his arms around her neck. 
-Will you come with me to this party, please, Zero-kun?
-No, i won't look on all these disgusting bastards! Especially not Aidou-senpai!!!
-Huh!? Yeah...yeah... i know he's a weird guy, and sometimes he frightens me too. She tried to come up with a smile. It was not succeeded.
-Too? What's that suppose to mean?
-Ah, nothing, sorry!
-Nothing to be sorry about. Zero hugged her more firmly to his body. Both looked into the mirror and caught each other's eyes.
-How do you think it would have looked like, if you and me were engaged, Zero-kun?
-WHAT!? Um... i have no clue!
-Ah, c'mon! I know you're attracted by me? She stared deep into his eyes.
-I... I... I am not sure that i could wait until our wedding day.
-What do you mean by that?
-What do you think, Yuuki? She turned around and looked directly into his purple eyes.
-Bite me!
-Just do it!
-No! Yuuki´s eyes transformed to dark red.
-Feed me or i'll feed you!
-That's not a good idea, Yuuki. Before Zero could react, she bit his neck already.
-Arg... not again! S-Stop, Yuuki, it hurts! But she kept on sucking his blood. 
-I can't... you taste so sweet... feed me too, please...
-I won't do it, my heart belongs to another person.
-Screw it! Look deep into my eyes, Zero, and now suck my blood! She cut her neck with a nail. It was hard on Zero, the smell of the blood drew him crazy. His eyes became dark red. Yuuki stopped feeding on him. She saw his long  fangs and dark red eyes.
-Yeah, c'mon bite me! Zero opened up his mouth and his fangs sank into the neck of Yuuki. She moaned. They ended up on Yuuki's bed. Zero drank until Yuuki stopped him. Then she gave him a deep kiss.
-Nothing! Suddenly his bath towel was gone.
-Yes! Oh, you look so... so handsome and muscular! 
-I won't make love to you.
-Let me decide that.
-How the hell have you become like this? You have always been such a sweet and innocent little girl!
-I grow up and Kaname-senpai turned me into this vampire! Suddenly again Zero got a shock when he felt her hand down there. He tried not to moan.
-What's wrong with you? Yuuki laughed and licked his neck.
-Hey! What's that on your neck? Whom has bitten you?
-No one!
-I asked you whom?
-Nothing to worry about, let us go down to our father and eat. He took the bath towel from her and tied it around his waist again.
-Hm... then promise me to go with me to this party or i will do some more naughty things.
-If it can keep you away from me, then all right i'll go with you to this damn party! Actually i was already invited.
-By whom?
-Yup! See ya later when i've found some damn clothes. He smiled.
-Sure! Oh, hey, Zero!
-I love your sugar sweet blood!
-Sure you do! He sent her a finger kiss.
-Oh, again, Zero; thank you for stopping me. She blushed.
-Yeah, you better thank me, Yuuki. He laughed and put two fingers in the air.

Later same evening...

-Are you ready to go, Zero? 
-If i must!
-Don't show this serious face! Everything will go to be okay.
-You think so?
-Yeah! You know, Kaname-senpai have something important to tell us vampires.
-Sorry, but i cannot see what it has to do with me? I am a slayer!
-I know. Let's go anyway, right, and thanks again for going with me.
-Yea, yea. He hugged her tight and tried to steal a kiss from her mouth. 
-You make me feel embarrassed, Zero!
-I'll catch up with you two later! Kaien smiled dreamy and took a snapshot of these two young people. 

It was overwhelming. Zero looked around. Everyone seemed happy. The music flowed from two large speakers. Zero did not know the party was going on outdoor, he saw it as awkward and strange. He tried to stay focus, and his eyes was searching for Kaname. 

-What are you here for? Zero turned around as he heard the voice came from the behind.
-Yes, me!
-Mind your own business Aidou-senpai!
-I really don't see what Yuuki sees in you as friend.
-I am not here because of Yuuki nor you or anyone else, i was invited by Kaname-sama, so back off.
-Oh yeah i see! Now you're his special pet!
-I don't know what you mean by that, but it is for sure that you are jealous!
-Jealous! Are you kidding me? Where the hell did you got that ridiculous idea from?
-Just close the scar!
-You're the only vampire slayer here at this party among so many vampires, and you talk to me like this? It's clear you don't know whom you're up against. We can kill you before you ever have notice it!

-Leave him alone, Hanabusa Aidou! Zero´s eyes became large. Suddenly Kaname was standing behind them. Aidou turned around and looked with his deep blue eyes on the Dorm President. Without any warning he slapped Aidou so hard the blood from his nose splashed directly into the face of Kaname. The Dorm President Kuran Kaname had punished him for being mean towards one of his guests.
-S-Sorry, Kaname-sama! Aidou bowed deep in respect and then disappeared.
-I'm glad to see you here, Zero-kun. A tender calm voice sounded into Zero´s ear.
-Yeah, right...
-Were you hurt by Aidou-san's approximations? Kaname licked his finger with Aidou´s blood on at the same time he tried to catch the vampire slayers eyes.
-Hell no. Zero couldn't keep his eyes away from the purebloods tongue.
-I like to hear that. He came up with a smile.
-Kaname!!! Yuuki spotted him and hugged her fiancé tight.
-My Yuuki. She gave him a deep sensual kiss.
-Sheesh! Zero walked slowly away. Kaname opened his eyes and followed each step of the vampire slayer. But now he had to gather all together so he could tell about his and Yuuki's little secret.
-Hello, everybody! Can i get your attention, please! Kaname clapped his hands together. He kept a tight grip around Yuuki. 
-Do we absolutely have to stand here on this scene in the front of all these people, Kaname? She looked nervously up at him.
-Not so nervous, my love! We have to share this sweet event to each one of our friends and family members, Yuuki. 
He smiled to her. 
-Y-Yeah! Everyone followed every single move from the Dorm President. Zero turned around and felt a pang inside his heart, then he stared at Kaname. He knew what would come up next. Kaname´s confession to Yuuki. He wanted to leave the place, but something kept him there against his own will. He couldn't breathe. He looked around him. He could see all the vampires was laughing and clapped their hands, but he could not hear anything. He felt dizzy on some how. 
-You are exactly in my power, Kiryuu Zero! 
-How can it be... tell me?
-I won't let this ceremony happen! You see, Yuuki belongs to me only, and she'll be my wife, no matter what any of you may think or do! 
-You cannot force me, Kuran Rido! 
-Then you have never experienced the true abilities from a pureblood, ya fool. We can mind control people's thoughts and then manipulate their brain to do what we want them to believe, think or do.
-Ooow, my head, stop it! 
-Now, look directly into my eyes. Do what i command you to do. Take your Bloody Rose and slay Kuran Kaname!
-Yes, Lord Rido. 

Zero began to walk up against the scene. His right hand reached for the Bloody Rose. Kaname and Yuuki waved to all their friends and seemed happy. But Kaname tried to get an eye at Zero, because something happened to him last night he drank the vampire slayers blood. He had some kind of feelings for Zero, that he couldn't explain. Suddenly a speed so fast that no one could observe Zero´s movements, he stood and threatened the Dorm President without blinking. At the same time the whole Night Class surrounded them. 
-You're so doomed now, Kiryuu Zero! Aidou tried to attack him, but Zero stretched out his right arm and slammed him in the face with the gun. Without no warning Kaname felt a shot in the one of his shoulders, the next shot hit his left leg. He collapsed in pains. Zero licked Kaname´s blood away from himself. 
-STOP, ZERO!? Yuuki cried out his name and tried to protect her fiancé. Every guest was in panic. 
-The third shot will go right through your head, Kuran Kaname! With the Bloody Rose threatening against his forehead, Kaname looked up with sad eyes into the face of Zero and caught his dark red eyes... 

💢Chapter 4:  The Beast Awakes/Part 2

-Just finish me off, Zero-kun, if you can!
-You are so dead, Kuran! Zero´s finger began to press the trigger.
-No, stop! I decided to finish him off by myself. Rido walked with hasty steps up to the scene. With a jump he was standing in the front of Yuuki. He took a look down at his nephew.
-Then you must kill me first! Yuuki cried out.
-If you wish, my dear, but only after you have given birth to at least one heir to me, a son!
-NEVER! But Rido forgot to mind control Zero, so he pressed on the trigger and the Bloody Rose went off at the same time Yuuki jumped in the front of her lover to protect him. The blood splashed into the face of Kaname.
-NO! Kaname cried out.
-YOU! You filthy law disgusting Vampire E, go to hell with you! Ruka slapped Zero in his face so the blood rippled out.
-I'll rip out your heart, Rido!!! Kaname tried to mind control his uncle, but it seemed impossible.
-You will rip out my heart? Sheesh, Kaname, you won't survive this night anyway, and Yuuki, i'll let you survive just until you have given birth to my son, then it is no longer necessary to let you survive your miserable life, my sweet princess! He laughed. Rido bowed down and looked deep into her eyes.
-I'd better prefer to die together with Kaname. She breathed weakly through.
Rido could see she was in deep pain as Zero had hit her close to her heart.
-I won't let you! He bit one of his fingers so the blood dripped fast. Now he hold his finger firm to her mouth, so she could drink the blood and stay alive.
-Oh yes! You'r my girl now! He laughed so it hurt deep down Kaname´s heart. Yuuki sucked his blood even she just wanted to die. Rido´s blood was tasty like Kaname´s. She took a hard grip around his arm and her eyes became blood red.
-Yeah, that's my girl, suck my blood deep inside your body and let's become one! He enjoyed this special moment.
-Stop it right there! Kaien walked with slowly steps against Rido.
-I don't think so! Rido disappeared with Yuuki. Suddenly Zero fell to the ground and his eyes stared at Kaname. Rido had made sure to Zero´s heart stopped to beat.
-NO! Kaname raised his head and looked after him.
-Is he dead? Kaien asked.
-I think he is. Akatsuki and Rima looked down at Zero.

-Whatsoever! He deserved it! Aidou was back on his feet again with a huge headache.
-He can't die... Kaname tried to raise himself.
-There's nothing you can do for my son, Kaname-kun. Rido killed him.
-No, i must...
-Stop it! You have to rest, so...
-Cut it out, Aidou! Kaname crawled over to Zero. He bit his finger so the blood dripped down in the mouth of the vampire slayer. Nothing happened.
-Admit it, he's dead! Aidou was the only one who always dared to answer the Dorm President back on a filthy way, but only because he loved and adored him.

-SHUT UP! It can't be like this, i must... i must... Kaname had to bow his head down to kiss him and then bite his lower lip, so his blood could flow directly inside Zero´s body.
-What the hell!? All of his friends was lamed to the ground.
-Come back to me, your selfish half-brained slayer. Kaname whispered inside the ear of Zero. Weird sounds came deep down the throat of Zero. He caught up some blood and tried to focus at the face of the pureblood.
-You're no longer mind controlled.
-Was i mind controlled? By whom? 
Wait, now i remember. Rido!
-I am afraid so. Now he has Yuuki and he'll make sure to breed on her.
-We'll stop him, Kaname-kun. Kaien was determined.
-I want to fight him too!
-You ain't strong enough, Zero-kun, and i won't lose you too.
-Ka-Kaname-kun? Zero thought he had heard wrong.
-Just forget it, okay. The party is over, Vampires, go home! Kaname yelled out with full lungs.
-Did you just kissed this... this filthy Vampire killer, Kaname-sama? Aidou was out of his mind. His tears ran uncontrolled down over both of his cheeks of anger.
-In fact i just did, but only to make sure he would survive, as i'm pretty sure now, that he will be the only one who really can kill my uncle.

-I knew it! You just played with  me as always, bloody vampire! Zero raised himself and was now furious. He stared with anger into Kaname´s eyes.
-Shut up, Vampire hunter! You do not speak to the Dorm President like this! You should better thank him to saving your fucked up life!
-It's okay, Aidou-kun. Now let's make this plan and get Yuuki back as fast as possible. His eyes stared calm at Zero. The Vampire slayer was not sure what to think.
He was sure he also could see a bit of passion inside these two brown-red eyes. It made Zero uncertain on his feelings. But at least he was happy to see Kaname was not that easy to kill. He was shamed on himself. How could he be mind controlled by Rido? He just wanted to forget it all and go home and stay in his bed for a week. He was tired. Tired of everything and all people among him. 
Zero began slowly to walk away without a goodbye or something like that. He just walked away. Kaname wouldn't stop him. First of all he wanted Zero to keep his freedom, just for awhile until he became more loyal to him.

-Is there something we can do for you, Kaname-sama? Ruka wanted to know.
-Find Yuuki, and inform me when you have. Now, just leave me alone. I have to think things through and this I do best in solitude. Kaname glared with a deep glance after the Vampire slayer. He wasn't exactly sure, if it was right, what he was doing. A stream of innocent love glowed inside of his heart. Oh yes, he had a heart this old pureblood. But it was rare he showed it to anyone. Kaname glared after the vampire hunter's back, just one last time before he disappeared.

Kaname came home to his dorm room. He had to rest before he searched for Yuuki. He dropped his body down in his couch. It has taken too hard on him those two shots from his own gun the Bloody Rose.
He was relaxed as he knew every single of his many loyal friends was searching for his Yuuki. He closed his eyelids. The thoughts inside his head got free flow.

The empty place in my heart can't be filled out... my Yuuki is gone, kidnapped by my shameful uncle... Zero... Zero would have been dead if it wasn't for my blood once again... i don't know how many times yet i have to save him from going under... then again, he shot Yuuki, but only because  he was manipulated by Rido... and Rido saved her life, nothing to be thankful for after this scenery never should have happened... it feels like... it feels like i need to cry, but... i can't... in so long time i had feared to loose my Yuuki, now she's gone, but i feel she's alright, so far... but i would wish it was me who saved her... she'll never forgive me for that. But i'll never let a dirty beast like Rido lay a finger on her... I'll rip out his heart for once next time i see him, he'll never be able to walk around again and behave like a filthy beast. But i need Zero to get him weak first, a true vampire slayer. 
This night i awoke Yuuki and turned her back into a vampire... back to this dreadful world of blood... i was happy and sad at once... she was meant to be my wife already from her birth and i acted like her real brother from the start, but i'm not, even i wished i was deep inside my heart... Zero... Zero i just can't figure him out... the taste of his blood and the way i feel his lips against mine...
Kaname opened up his eyes and suddenly he felt a heat flowing inside his blood.

💢Chapter 5:  Because I'm Your Master!

The House of Cross Kaien

Zero walked into his room and slammed the door behind him. He was frustrated for what happened this evening. He leaned himself up against the wall.
-How could it come to this? I shot Kaname and then Yuuki! Am i fell down to a LEVEL E VAMPIRE? Am i a beast like Kaname said? Anyway it's my fault Rido took her. I can't live like a half human and half a monster. I must do something about it! Yeah, i'm not worthy to live, so this is it! I'll kill myself with the Bloody RoseYuuki made a promise to me for long time ago to end my life if it came to this level. She's ain't here, nor Kaname, so i must finish me off by myself. I am strong enough, i can do it! 
Zero was alone as Kaien was searching for Yuuki. Zero walked out to the bathroom. He filled up the bathtub with hot water. He looked down on the Bloody Rose and picked it up from his pocket inside of his jacket. Without to take off his clothes, he just crawled down with shoes and his clothes. He sat there for awhile and just stared at the gun. There was a wineglass beside him filled up with alcohol. Automatically he stretched out his arm and grabbed the glass and drank the whole up. Zero ripped up his shirt so it was wide open. He was a bit drunk, but it helped him to decide his own destiny. He felt himself useless, like a disaster. Now he pointed the Bloody Rose against his head. 
In slow motion his finger pressed in the trigger with a nervous trembling of his hand.

-It's now or never! You're a disgusting beast, Zero... you almost killed two persons as you adored and loved with your whole heart deep down to no limits! Especially Kaname... Tears flowed over his cheeks and his index finger pressed more down on the trigger.
-Who's a beast? A deep voice pierced through Zero´s mind. He turned his head and stared with two wide opened eyes at the tall dark vampire. His eyes were deep red as he showed anger.
-One step more, Kuran Kaname, and i blow myself to dust!
-Shut the hell up! It's not worthy to kill yourself like this!
-Oh, now you want me to live, eh? You only want to save me, so i can kill Kuran Rido, and you can get a happy ending with Yuuki!
-To kill Rido, you say, eh! Think on it, Zero, you're the only one who can!
-Because there's a curse between me and Rido.
-What? Which curse? Zero´s eyes became large.
-Rido was the one who awoke me up from my slumber. Therefore i can't kill him by my own hands. Kaname´s eyes became darker.
-Sorry to hear, but it won't be me!
-You have no freedom of choice to determine your own destiny, and in consequence of my memory, you owe me a favor!

-Owe you a favor! For what?
-Are you a bubble head or what? I told you, that next time you drank of my blood, it would cost a price, Zero. You will go to kill my uncle at my order!
-No, baka ya ro!
-What did you just say? Kaname came one step closer.
-I warned you! Dammit! Zero pointed the gun against his head. But before it came so far, Kaname controlled the Bloody Rose with his voice.
-What the hell did you just do, you brainless idiot? Kaname grabbed Zero and pushed him up against the wall. He pressed his lips against Zeros and bit him so the blood ran down over his chin.
-Drink, Zero!
-I said drink and shut up!
-I refuse! 
-I'm a failure, dammit! Kaname was not late out to rip off the hunters shirt. Zero could barely stand up. Kaname sucked one of his nipples.
-Can you feel it?
-Mmm... yeah... stop it... Kaname cut himself in his neck with a fingernail.
-It's an order!
-I won't... Kaname opened up Zero´s pants.
-W-What are you doing?
-What do you think?
-The hell i won't! I'm your Master! Zero gasped as he felt Kaname´s hand down his pants. Strong emotions awoke Zero to live. His blood bubbled of lust. His intense desire to drink the purebloods tasteful blood caused him to bite Kaname´s neck.

-That's right, yeah... hah...ah...! Zero took a hold at him and stopped to drink.
-Don't let it end here, Kaname-kun, or i deny to help you to kill Rido! Zero ripped up the purebloods shirt. 
-I promise to take you right here and now!
-That was not what i meant. Whisper into my ear, that you loves me! 
-I... I think i'm in love with you, Zero-kun! Kaname felt a hand down over his naked chest. It gave him strength to continue where he left. He pushed the vampire hunter up against the wall and Zero felt him deep through. Zero panted. He felt happiness, but also he was a bit afraid of the pureblood. 
-I-I love you... Kaname... ah-hah...! 
Inside Kaname´s mind it felt wrong, but his heart told him different... a mysterious fairy tale. 

They were so preoccupied with each other that they didn't observed that Kaien was standing in the doorway to the bathroom.
-WHAT THE...!?!

💢Chapter 6:  Kill or You will be Killed!

-K-Kaien-kun!? Kaname stopped right away. 
-W-What's going on? Ah... hah...Why did you stopped, you sexy purebl-...
-Shut the hell up, Zero! 
-Out! Both of you, out!
-Sorry, this was a big mistake! Kaname turned around and bowed deeply and respectful for Kaien and then he disappeared. Zero took on his pants and disappeared too. 
-Oi! I'm not done with you yet, Kiryuu-kun! 
-Not really my problem! 
-What in the name of... what was that all about? Kaien pushed his glasses into place, and stared down at the bathtub. Now he saw the blood. He ran out and searched for Kaname, he had to take a serious talk with him, also about Yuuki. His daughter were still missing in the hands of that bastard to Rido.

Kaname walked straight home to the academy dorm. He was furious at himself.
-How the hell could i let this happen? Instead of this ridicules affair or whatever it was with Kiryuu, i should have used my time searching for Yuuki. A deep sigh came out from his mouth. It really pained Kaname for what happened to him and Yuuki. He loved her deep through and with all his heart. He was nervous for what Rido would do to his beloved fiancee. So he walked faster. All the vampires waited for his arrival.

-Did you find her? Hanabusa Aidou wanted to know. Kaname shook his head. 
-Dammit! Aidou´s blue eyes sparkled up against the full moon. Kaname looked deep inside his old friend's eyes. Aidou blushed. Kaname saw the mirror image from the full moon in Aidou´s eyes.
-Full moon!? 
-Huh? All vampires stared at the pureblood.
-It's full moon tonight and that means... NO!
-K-Kaname-sama!? Ruka stared at the Dorm President with a sense of love and a warm concern in her eyes.
-Yeah, what's that all about? Aidou mouth was wide open.
-Full moon means that the possibilities to be pregnant is more powerful than else or otherwise; it can't fail. Akatsuki kept glaring at Kaname. 
-I can't let this happen to Yuuki! We got to find her before... before it's... 
-Too late! Aidou finished his sentence. Kaname´s tears flowed in silence down over his cheeks. 
-Sometimes it would be a blessing if you used your brain before you opened your big mouth, Aidou-senpai! Rima slapped his face.
-Ouch! What's that for? He stroked his cheek with tenderness.
-Get it, you mock head!
-Mock head... HUH!? Aidou stared back at her with a fury face. 
-Kaname-sama... are you alright? Ruka tried to wipe away his tears, but he slapped her hand away. 
-By the way; where have you been the last hour?
-None of your business, Hanabusa! Kaname´s face turned red. If it was because of madness or embarrassment for what he had done together with Zero, was not printed in his face, he stayed cold and pride as always. 

-The only way to kill your uncle is to let a pureblood vampire hunter slay him! Cross Kaien walked with slowly steps against the Dorm President.  
-I know!
-Yes you do, and you... you... spoiled everything, Kaname-sama! 
-Yes, you! What i saw for 15 minutes ago... it was terrible! 
-Never mention it again! I... I... it was... 
-Shameless! Kaien´s eyes shined through, so it hurt deep inside the purebloods heart. 
-It was! You heartless beast! Kaname turned around as he could recognize the voice. 
-Yeah! I told you the consequences, if you didn't 
do as I demanded!
-You demanded? How tasteless of you to say, nod head!
-Tasteless? You are indeed! 
-Ha-Have you been drinking of The Dorm President´s blood, Kiryuu Zero? Aidou was lamed to the ground. Zero just stared with grumpy eyes at Aidou. 
-ARG!!!!!!!!!!! Aidou went gaga. 
-Stop, Hanabusa! I had to do it, so i could keep him alive to kill my uncle. Kaname´s voice sounded cold as ice. His attitude was frozen and heartless to Zero. 
-Whatsoever! I don't do it now. Zero began to walk away. Suddenly Kaname stood in front of the vampire slayer. 
-Kill him or you will be killed by my bare hands! Is that clear for you, Kiryuu Zero!?
-How can a nod head like me understands such an order? Zero shook his head and proceeded to walk.
-You stay here! Zero stopped and stuck his hands into his pant pockets without turning around.
-And? Kaname looked back on the others. It was totally dark where they stood. Suddenly Zero felt two arms around his body. 
-I'm sorry... 
-Not good enough!
-How do you want me to act in the front of them all and Cross Kaien too?
-Show your strength and feelings for me. 
-You're asking too much of me!
-You think so? No matter! I won't kill your uncle, but i will surely get Yuuki back as i know she have feelings for me. 

-Hey, it really doesn't suits you to yell and spit out profanity like this, pureblood! Kaname tightened his grip around the vampire slayer. A nail sank into the neck of Zero. He gasped and wanted to turn around to aim at the vampire with his Bloody Rose, but Kaname´s fangs were already deep inside the fresh wounds on his neck. Zero wanted to push him away, he was in bad mood. 

-What's going on? Ruka wanted to go there, but Akatsuki hold her back.  
-Let go of me, Akatsuki! I want to know what's going on between Kaname-sama and this vampire hunter. 
-That's none of our business, we should stay out of Kaname-sama´s affairs. A calm voice came from Akatsuki.
-You can't mean that! Aidou was fury. 
-He's right. Rima looked after the Dorm President. 
-No wait! I can smell blood and it smells sweet like candy! Aidou put his nose in the air and looked with sharp eyes after Kaname and Zero.
-Do me a favor, Kaname-sama... hurry up and kill me, but do it quickly with no doubts! 
Why? Because i won't kill Rido for you, ask Yagari Toga to do what you can't do by yourself! Zero closed his eyes and was ready to leave this life, as he knew he had challenged the pureblood more than he should. 
-So you begging me to kill you slowly, Zero-kun?
-A pureblood vampire like you are pissing on humans feelings, so please just shut up and do what you do best, suck me to the last drop of blood has left my weak LEVEL E body, DAMMIT!
-Actually, i can do that if it's your last wish in this miserable sad world where tears are made of betrayed feelings and love is just an illusion. The blood ran down the chin on the pureblood vampire. 
Zero's eyes widened. He was not sure if Kaname meant every single word he spit out.
-Try me! 
-As you wish! Kaname let his long fangs sink deeper into the neck of Zero, so the blood ran in two long stripes down his chest. Zero whimpered. It was the first time it pained so powerful. He just wished that it soon would be over even though he loved this grisly vampire who just refused to show his deep feelings, because of something that had happened in his past. 

-Oi, Kaname-sama!? Aidou yelled at full lungs. 
-Something is wrong! Ruka looked nervous.
-Let's check it out. Aidou was eager to find out. They ran closer to find out this mysterious situation.
-Don't come nearer! 
-Kaname-sama! Ruka gasped and hold her right hand to her mouth. 
-This scent of blood... no, it can't be... Suddenly they heard a crack. 
-Did you just cracked the neck of Kiryuu Zero?
-I told you to leave! 
-How can you kill the only one who can save Princess Yuuki? Aidou was shocked and his blood froze deep inside his veins. 

-You don't understand this, so leave me. Aidou saw how the blood dripped down the Dorm Presidents chin. Kaname was still holding Zero in his arms.  
-But we...

Kaname felt how the cold wind blow hard against his face. Also a cold rain began to pour down. 
Dammit! Kaname brought him to the old abandoned church outskirts of the city. At the top of the tower Kaname put down the vampire slayer. Suddenly Kaname saw a tear was stuck in the one eye of Zero.
-He cried? The vampire let a finger wipe the tear away and let his fingers run down the vampire hunter's lips. 
Kaname squatted down, bowed his head and sucked his lips firmly to Zero's lips... 
-A last goodbye... you're no longer in pain by your LEVEL E body, you're free... Sayonara, Zero.

💢Chapter 7:  Deep Secrets 

Kaname took a last glance at the hunters eyes. He bit himself in the lip of frustration. Again he leaned his head close over Zero´s face. Kaname´s blood dripped fast down the face at him.
-I... I want you to awake, no, you learned your lessons... so this is it. I'll leave you now for good.
-Stop right there, Kaname-kun! The pureblood raised himself up in a hurry and looked right into the face of his old friend Cross Kaien.
-Oh, it's you. What now?

-Don't play any silly games with me or i will personally...
-Personally what, Kaien? Kill me?
-I know what you did to Kiryuu Zero, so...
-Are you sure you know what i have done? Kaname´s eyes showed deep dark passion.
-I heard Hanabusa Aidou´s voice back before...
-You heard right, well, i'm sorry to tell... yes, i've killed Kiryuu-kun.
-I see! What gave you the right to take control over his life?
-Zero refused to obey me.
-How dare you! We're all missing Yuuki, but there's no reason to be so arrogant and selfish, Kaname-kun!
-How dare you to speak to me like this!
-I don't care, bring him back, NOW!
-You're foolish now, you know to do that i must...
-Of course i know... he can never turn back to normal humanity again. Kaien gave a heartbroken sigh.
-What's that for? He would die anyway.
-So dramatic as always. Kaien caught his eyes.
-No, cause you knew it. You knew he hadn't much human being back, before he became a LEVEL E.
-Yeah... but you killed him of other reasons, isn't that so, Kaname-sama?
-No necessary to answer that question.
-Hmm... however, bring him to life!
-I... I can't...
-Wrong answer! You decided not to bring him back!
-It gives too many risks.
-I know the consequences... just let him live, please, Kaname-sama, please...
-I have no time for this silly talk, Yuuki is still...
-I know! Yuuki is out there, but you can't kill Rido without Zero, and you know that too well.
-Yeah... no other vampire hunters have this special strength inside of them to stay this strong.
-Then do it!
-I can't right now.
-It's you and Zero´s destiny! You and him are linked together.
-Sorry, Kaien-san! Kaname disappeared.
-So full of yourself as always. You're so stupid, Kaname-sama! He'll go to kill you! Kaien stared down at Zero.
-Forgive me, my son... Kaien left the building. He fought not to let his emotions take control over him. Kaien got some flashback from earlier when he saw the Dorm President and Kiryuu-kun do some weird stuff on the bathroom.
-What was that all about? Could it be they were lovers? What a strange thing to think or... no way, he saw what he saw and they made love with each other. God help me not to kill Kaname-sama! 
He kept on replying to himself at while he tried to search for the night class students.

Kaname kept running. He refused to surrender to his precious feelings.
-Zero, you bloody vampire hunter! I can defeat my slimy uncle without your interference. Kaname tried to forget what happened at the home of Kaien Cross. Now he had to focus at his beloved Yuuki, his beautiful princess. But Kaname could still hear the crack from Zero´s neck when he killed him. It hunted him down.
-I had to do it... I had to get rid of him, before i lost my sense. 
Suddenly the pureblood got a scent of Yuuki´s smell.
-You can no longer hide yourself and Yuuki, my dear uncle! Now, i'll come after you, and this time, i'll finish you off.

Kaname walked into an old ruin of a big house. The house was on the outskirts of town close to a forest. Kaname knew this part of the city too well as his uncle have lived here for ages. He heard a whispering, but not on a normal way.
-I know you want this, so don't deny yourself some sweet moments... you have no choice, Yuuki, soon you're pregnant with my child... ah... hah... 
-THAT BASTARD! In one second he stood in the front of Rido and Yuuki.
-Exactly! GET OFF HER! NOW!
-I didn't do anything, not yet, but it's okay if you came to watch me when...
-SMACK!!!!! Kaname slapped his uncles face. The blood ran down over Rido´s face.
-Hahaha... yeah, just hit me, but don't try to do anything stupid or i will...
-Do what, your scumbag! You drugged Yuuki! Kaname pulled out the Bloody Rose forth from his inside pocket and pointed directly between the eyes of his uncle.
-Hahaha... are you treating me with this silly gun, Kaname! Only a true vampire hunter can kill me with that. He laughed hardly at the same time some tears ran over his face.

-You think it's funny? Let me make this clear for you, uncle; I am the owner of this gun and i can use it against you, and blow you to dust.
-Are you freaking mocking me? You're spotting me and plays some dangerous games, as you know only will make you look as the most unchecked vampire ever in the whole history. He looked now more serious than ever at his nephew.
-No, i'm not.
-Oh, yes you are, there's something wrong about you... hmm... let me see... you're standing with the Bloody Rose which your little vampire hunter friend normally use when he's on hunt. The blood on your hands tells it all. You simply killed Kiryuu Zero, right Kaname!
-Zero-kun... Zero... Yuuki tried to open her eyes, she couldn't see clear.
-She's calling at Zero, Kaname. She loves him, not you! Hahaha!
-SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH! Kaname pressed down the trigger.
-I'm not afraid, you can't kill me, you know that too well, little silly kid. You've murdered her boyfriend Kiryuu Zero. I like that! You killed the only person who really had the strength to get rid of me. You're too good, Kaname! Hahaha...!
Suddenly Yuuki came to herself. She got up in full height and gave her fiance a slap.
-You killed Zero? Tell me! She looked at him with dark red angry eyes.
-Yuuki! I... no... I am so happy to see you, my dearest love.
-I can't say that about you, did you really killed Zero-kun?
-... Yes, i am afraid i cracked his neck...
-YOU DID WHAT?! No, no, no... not Zero... for what?
-You'll never come to understand.
-Try me!
-He... he refused to obey my order.
-For what?
-To come with me and rescue you from this infamous beast!
-But, that's ain't the whole truth, Kaname-sama. Kaname turned around a looked inside of the eyes of Cross Kaien.
-How did you came here?
-Easy as me and the night class followed your scent.
-My blood is cursed. He gave a deep sigh.

-Hahaha... too funny! Well, now you may excuse me, someone have to secure the clans surviving.
-Hell no! All Kaname´s friends formed a circle around him.
-Are you trying to capturing me? Don't believe you'r special, you're only Kaname´s pets each one of you! How conceited can you get!
-He's our friend, as you know, but you are so monotonous that no one wants to be your friend, your toothless idiot! Hanabusa Aidou walked closer to Rido.
-What? If you try to offend me, it is far you succeed, your snotty puppy!
-I really don't fooled you! Akatsuki was behind Aidou. He walked one step closer to Rido and smashed his fit into the mouth of him.
-You, you dastardly vampires will come to pay for this! I am a pureblood, such accidents like this is no hint for me, they'll grow out fast again.
-But you're still toothless, just feel inside your mouth! Why don't you try to suck Princess Yuuki´s blood now, your loser vamp! Aidou was not laughing, his blue shiny eyes looked serious.

-Bring him to life! Yuuki cried into the face of Kaname.
-Ah whom?
-It's too late, i'm afraid...
-No, his outside the door! Kaien opened the door.
-You brought him here? Kaname stretch his head to look out.
-Precisely! Bring him back, Kaname-kun.
-But he'll turn into a...
-Yes, just do it. Kaname fell down on his knee. Zero was still staring at him with a tear stacked in his one eye.
-He cried when you killed him, why, Kaname-senpai? Yuuki wanted to know. Her tears flowed down her face.
- It's a too sensitive question and I'm sorry, but I cannot answer you back, my dearest Yuuki.
It was too hard at him. He loved both of them, but could only be with one of them, and he chose Yuuki, after all, she was the only one, which could bring him peace and children into his miserable life.
Kaname cried some tears at the same time he bit Zero´s lips. The passion came back to his heart. He wanted more.

These soft lips of Zero... the sweet taste of his blood made him dizzy and unclear. He knew his friends breathed him in the neck and watched all his doing, but he knew they couldn't observe this innocent sweet passion he showed to Zero. 
This had to remain a secret forever.
-K-Kaname-sama... Zero whispered very slow.
-I can sense many things at once... oh my head... your blood, Kaname... is more tasty than else, why?
-If i tell you why, you'll probably never be able to forgive me.
-I feel myself much stronger than ever. Where are we?
-In my uncles oasis.
-Excuse me?
-Forget it.
-You kissed me, Kaname, i must be in heaven. Kaname bowed over Zero again and gave him another deeper kiss. No one could see their faces because of Kaname´s half long hair.
-Is he alive? Did it worked? Yuuki asked with eagerness in her voice.
-Alive, huh? Zero stared into the purebloods eyes.
-Yeah, now i remember. You killed me, Kuran Kaname! Zero pushed him away.
Rido walked over to them. He bowed down and looked into the face of Zero.
-That's not the worst thing he had done to you, boy.
-What!? Zero looked confused.
-He turned you into a vampire and there're no way back! So, none of you two can kill me i'm afraid, so why don't you all just get lost, so me and Yuuki can be alone again. Rido started to laugh.
Zero's eyes turned deep red. In no time he stretched out both arms and took a stranglehold on both of the purebloods. His nails sank into their neck. The smell of their blood sneaked up inside the nostrils on the other vampires. Zero fought against to not be tempted of Kaname´s blood.
-I am in my full right to terminate both of you right here and now! Zero slipped Rido and took a grip into his inner pocket to take out the Bloody Rose, but it was gone.
-I'm sorry, Kiryuu-kun, but...
-Shut up, just shut up! I told you the last thing i ever wanted in my ruined life was to become vampire, but you disobeyed me!
-I'm afraid it was Kaien-kun and Yuuki´s wish to see you alive again, so they obeyed your order. It was hard for Kaien to get eye contact with Zero.
-NO! I deny to be a damn vampire! I'm cursed for all eternity! I'll kill you for this, Kuran Kaname!
-No, Kiryuu-kun! You'll have died anyway. Kaien took of his glasses.
-But i would better have died! This is my life, dammit! Zero attacked Kaname. Took the Bloody Rose from him and pointed it on the purebloods forehead.
-Don't be silly, Zero-kun! Yuuki cried out.
-GET OUT! ALL OF YOU! All left the bedroom without any protest except from Rido.
-Hell no! Rido denied.
Zero turned around and shot after him. He was hit in the left shoulder and then he got one more shot in the stomach. Rido bowed down and collapsed.
-Now, it's just you and me, Kuran! Do you have any more secrets, you want to deal with me? Zero pointed at Kaname´s forehead again.
-You gave me no choice, Kiryuu-kun. I was lost in you, everything about you made me weird and crazy... the taste of you... the feelings... no, i had to get rid off you before...
-Shut up! It stops here, cause you're lying, and you fooled me the whole way through! Zero pressed down the trigger. But before the Bloody Rose hit its goal, it flew out of the hunter's hand and landed in the hand of its beneficial owner. 
-Just because i turned you into a vampire, don't think you have skills like a pureblood! I can control the Bloody Rose on my command, and you too, Kiryuu Zero. So, now you'll have to listen to me:

💢Chapter 8:  Wild Untamed Blood 

Memories from Zero´s childhood turned up inside his head. He saw his twin brother Ichiro. They were playing outside their house and were still kids. It happened just before Ichiro became very ill. It was early of spring. Many fallen leafs from the autumn covered the ground. It was funny to bury each other with these crunchy crumpled red-yellow leaves.

Happiness overwhelmed those two kids, and it seemed nothing could disturb their play. But in the middle out of the blue, stood a handsome tall slim man and watched them. Zero stared up at him. He seemed very serious, but his eyes showed tenderness. He knew he had seen him before and his deep dark reddish-brown eyes. Zero observed the man wanted to say something, but he did not understand what he whispered. Faster than lightning this man moved in front of Zero. Now he recognized the face.
-I believe that our love will last for thousands of years, Zero.
-GET OUT OF MY HEAD OR I KILL YOU! Zero came back and out of Kaname´s mind control.
-Should your life be better of that, Kiryuu-kun?
-Shout your mouth, pureblood, dammit!
-I am just trying to get rid of your bad memories, so you...
-To lead me back to my childhood and letting me feel deep pain like this? You're a freaking asshole, Kuran Kaname!
-Are you trying to tempt me to crack your neck once again, hunter? If its that so, i can easily let you feel double pain until you get inside your tick vampire brain that...
-No more words from you! Zero took the Bloody Rose from the pureblood and hold it firm to Kaname´s forehead.
-Shoot me as many times you want, and i'll raise myself over and over.
-A damn vamp cannot survive a shot from this gun fired by a true vampire hunter!
-Unfortunately, you're only a half vampire hunter, it means, you no longer can kill a pureblood.
Zero attacked Kaname so they fell hard backwards. They fought like wild hyenas and none of them wanted to give up, but on some how the slayer won.
-You never liked me, Kuran, it has always been Yuuki from the beginning, but i love her too. Zero were so frustrated that he drooled down the face of his victim.
-Why don't you answer me back, coward! You just staring up at me like an idiot! Have you given up already?
-You think so, Kiryuu-kun? Why not press down the trigger and get it over with? Are you afraid to lose me, slayer?
-Is there something wrong in there? Yuuki wanted to know.
-NO! An angry answer came back from both of the two rivals at same time.

With no warning Kaname transported them out to this lonely church where Zero died. But before they came inside the church, Zero bit the pureblood in his neck hard and brutal.
Kaname landed hard on his back toward an old grave of a Baron.
-Arg... hah... Kaname panted hard through. It hurt the first five seconds. He let Zero drink a little more than he used to be allowed.
-I'm hungry... Ah... hah... so damn hungry... Zero acted desperate. It pissed off Kaname.
-Enough, Zero, stop! The hunter was unstoppable and insatiable.
-No... i want more...! Kaname became furious and his eyes showed dark blood red. His nails sank into the chest of the hunter.
-Stop or i will rip your heart out immediately, Kiryuu-kun!
-Try me! The Bloody Rose pointed down at Kaname once again, but this time directly to his heart. The blood dripped down from Zero´s mouth. Zero bowed over and began to lick the purebloods neck with tenderness.
-Are you testing me? Kaname moaned and leaned his head backwards. The hunter gave him no answer, but opened up their pants.
-You're still a beast, Kiryuu-kun.
-Sure i am, now more than ever after you turned me!
-But still keeps this inside your head; Don't ever try to go further than this, the rules is still the same as they were before all this happened. You got that clear in your thick head?
-How dare you! You think you're the Master here only because you're the Dorm President of the night class and a pureblood, and think you can rule this world, but you're nothing more than a simple abominable murderer, a thirsty pureblood vampire where your heart only desires blood no matter what it may bring with it! But i'll show you different, Kuran. Zero moved his abdomen back and forth, so Kaname gave a loud deeply passionate gasp.
-Always you sing me the same old song.
-Yeah, but you have no idea how it may feels like to lose your whole family at once! Something like this isn't important for you, so you...
Bing! Kaname came inside Zero´s mind once again. He saw how Zero tried to protect his twin brother from harm and sickness. How he tried to cheer up Ichiro. Not to be worried about this mortal world of bloodsucking vampire monsters. Kaname could see it was Zero which were most scared of those two brothers. It was impossible that both of them could survive and become a vampire hunter. Zero wouldn't be strong enough to wear the Bloody Rose to stand against bloodthirsty vampires. The hunter family Kiryuu would extinct forever.
-STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Zero fought brave to get control over his own brain.
-You have always been a loser, Kiryuu-kun! It started long time before i met you.
-Shut your mouth, pureblood! Zero was extremely determined to fire the Bloody Rose. To get rid of this selfish vampire once for all. But unluckily the hunter selected a very bad solution. He decided to suck more blood to keep himself stronger. But before Zero´s long fangs hit its goal, Kaname stopped him with mind control.

-Why you little irritating bloody passionate lice! Do you really want to know how it feels like, when a bloodthirsty pureblood vampire sucks all blood out of a human body? No responds from Kiryuu. Suddenly with no warning, Zero felt the deep connecting between Kaname´s long fangs and his neck. Zero leaned reluctantly his head backward of deep pain. He could barely breathe through. His mouth was wide open and his purple eyes stared painfully into the dark night. Kaname kept on sucking his blood. You could hear a squelching sound of each mouthful of blood he swallowed all the way down his throat. The pureblood enjoyed each drop of blood.
-Ka-Kaname... s-stop... it hurts...
-Negative! I want to poke some sense and good manners inside your wild untamed bloodthirsty body. I can't let you come near Yuuki and my friends, when you behave yourself like this. Kaname licked Zero´s neck more intense now. His fangs sank into his neck once again.
-Ah-hah... it hurts too much... why don't you just kill me and get over with it... Zero could hear how his blood run down the throat of the pureblood. Kaname stopped sucking his blood.
-I can't. Something inside of me keeps me from killing you ... my feelings, my heart ...

-So you do own a heart! Zero sent him a sly smile. It made Kaname angry and his eyes glowed with rage.
-Do you know that i am the strongest pureblood vampire and i could easily make dust out of your body with mind control, Kiryuu Zero.
-Why do you keep to bore me with your self-mocking rubbish, Kuran? If you want to kill me, get it over!
-You know what, you're so right about that. Kaname ripped off Zero´s shirt at the same time he ripped off Zero´s pants.
-W-What the fuck are you doing?
Continues what we started at Cross Kaien´s bathroom.
-You're kidding me! Kaname shook slowly his head as a seriously no.
-Cross over me.
-Hell no!
-I love to look at your trimmed body, Kiryuu-kun.
-Why are you so mean to me. First you flirted powerful with me and then you pretended to care for me, and ended up by killing me! Now you want sex with me? How do you expect me to trust in you?
-Yeah, its really not my nature to act like this, and also... i am so damned in love with you... i can't help it, even i try to deny it, cause i'm also in deep love with Yuuki. His dark reddish-brown eyes looked deeply inside the purple shiny eyes.
-I love her too, but it does not fuck up my mind. I can keep those two different feelings separated from one another.
-You're not helping me here, slayer. Zero´s eyes became twice at big.
-Slayer, huh? But you told me...
-Yeah i did, but you can still hunt down vampires, but not kill purebloods.
-That sucks!
-I agree with you.
-You do! Why? Cuz i can't get rid of you now?
-You think so? However, now we have to find another way to slay my uncle. Kaname´s eyes turned into anger.
-But i killed him and...
-No, you didn't. Trust me. He just passed out for some couple of hours.
-But Yuuki...
-Nothing will harm her, she's protected by Cross Kaien. Don't forget he's the oldest living vampire hunter of history. Kaname came up with a smile.
-I trust him with my life. Don't forget that him and i have been friends over many thousand years.
-So true. Hm... let me see, where did we came from? Oh yes i remember. Zero felt Kaname´s long tongue lick his neck and down over one of his nipples. Zero breathed a long moaning sound.

No-no... i can't do this... Zero tried to hide his feelings. Kaname insisted to continue his vibrant caress. He had a good feeling as he saw how the slayer looked pleased. The pureblood rolled around with Zero, so he lay beneath his well-shaped body. The slayer felt a soft passionate kiss on his lips. Tears flowed over the face at Zero when he felt Kaname inside of him. Zero gave after for this fascinated deep love which showed its sensual face, even he was a bit scared of the pureblood. But to experience how love can grow with an inner flame so intimate and beautiful between two souls even if they were out of the same sex it was indescribably seductive to explore. This time nobody could disturb them to fulfill their inner sensual love to each other.
But in the dark late night a shadow turned up and watched the two vampire's erotic wild and lustful love scene...

💢Chapter 9:  Till The Last Drop Of Blood

The moon was red like blood this late dark night. A lonely wolf was howling deeper inside of the woods. It seemed it was been separated from the pack, for it sounded so sad. A cold wind blow the sound of the wolf cry to the two vampires Kuran Kaname and Kiryuu Zero.
-That sounded on a way sad. Zero opened up his eyes and looked at the moon.
-Just like me. This lovemaking was a mistake.
-W-What the fuck do you mean by that? You've humiliated me, Kuran!
-For whom? There's just you and me, baka. Ah, now i got it! I humiliated you in the front of the poor naked trees, right! Kaname didn't laughed at all. Everything seemed so darn serious in his face. His pupils was focused on the hunter´s eyes.
-You attitude stinks, pureblood!
-No, it's not me, you can smell... here's a third person in present. Show your face or i will make sure to rip your heart out, Rido!
-How...how did you know? Zero asked and tried to cover himself with his long jacket.
-No special, i can ALWAYS feel the presence of a LEVEL E on a long distance... show yourself, COWARD!

-Or what, Kaname? You still want to kill me or no, tell me what you have in mind to do with me!
-You don't wish me to tell you anyway, fool.
-Its not necessary. Rido walked slowly towards his nephew. Suddenly Kaname felt some drops of blood dripped down his neck.
-So you've become stronger and faster, Uncle. Zero gasped but pretended to be strong and calm in mind.
-Hell i am! The leather belt from Zero´s pants flew up in the mid air and with a speed so fast it exorbitantly hard around the neck of Kaname. Zero became nervous and rummaged for the Bloody Rose. He found it, but his hands was shaking, and it was impossible for him to aim on Rido.
-Not so fast, you stinky LEVEL E vampire! Kaname stretched out his arm and went directly for the heart of his uncle. But instead Kaname felt the long fangs in his neck from his uncle once again and he did it hard and brutal this time.
-What are you waiting for, shoot him, Zero! With shaking hands the hunter raised himself and aimed directly after the heart of Rido.
-Wait... what's that? Are you naked, hunter? Rido stopped to suck his nephew´s neck. Kaname turned round in slow motion to look at Zero.
-Take him down, Zero!
-This is totally unbelievable! How can it be... i thought you and Yuuki... well, no matter, you never deserved Yuuki, and now she's pregnant with my child. He smiled ridiculous stupid.
NO! The color of Kaname´s face changed white of anger.
-Kaname, what is wrong with you? Two males can't make children. He laughed on a dry way.
-You've just spoke out your last word, uncle. Its time for you to be pushed back to that hell you came from.
-Really, but i got the girl, and she will no matter what you do, give birth to my child, and i will do turn back stronger than ever.
-Do you know what i can hear; La-di-da-di-da! 
Zero was embarrassed. Quickly he took his long jacket over his naked body.
-You can't win this time, Kaname.
-This ain't no stupid childish game, stinky uncle. Kaname´s voice sounded calm.
-Shut up you two purebloods! Maybe i should make dust out of both of you!
-You're free to do, slayer. Kaname´s red eyes stared at him on a softly way.
In a split of a second, Kaname registered a purple shot from the Bloody Rose in slow motion, which it was assigned for his uncle. It hit his one leg. Another shot came right after and hit his stomach.
-Blimey, that hurt, Hunter! He stared with blurred eyes at Zero.
-You gonna cry now, you bloody monster!?
-HA...HA...HA! Hell no! I do not leave this world before i have taken you down with me, Nephew!

It will be till the last drop of blood, Baka!
Exactly what i have in mind. But before i start to rip your heart out, Kaname, you'll gonna see how i will suck all the blood out of your little boyfriend here. He jumped as fast he could against Zero. Before Zero could react in time, he felt Rido´s long fangs sink into his neck at the same time he felt Rido´s hand inside of his chest. The hunter couldn't breathe.
What the hell?
-When there's no more blood left inside your body, i'll rip your heart out, Kiryuu Zero! We can't have you'll turn back and do some stupid things together with Yuuki. She's a pureblood princess and only men out of a pureblood royal vampire family is allowed to make her pregnant, and you Kaname, you're just a disgraced vampire out of the fallen purebloods, nothing more.
-Ka-Kaname... It was hard for Zero to breathe. He felt his heart was pumping hard as it was on it's way out of his chest. The light in Zero´s eyes burned out. Kaname felt himself like a stone. He couldn't move, he was in shock and in deep pain to see Zero suffer like this. The deep love for this vampire hunter was impulsive and very flourishing. He could not let him die. These feelings became stronger and stronger. He would save Zero thousand times over and over again.
-Don't mind your little boyfriend, it's only for his own best. Rido laughed with an evil smile at his face.
-You're infamous, Rido. The devil will gladly take you with him.
-You think so, baka!
-No doubts. The devil will devour your heart bit by bit.
-Oh, so serious, aren't we!
-KA-NA-ME... Zero coughed up blood. His body collapsed, he went down to his knees.
-Stop it!
-Let me see, no! Kaname walked slowly against them. He looked directly into Zero's tired and extended purple eyes.
-I said; STOP! Kaname´s heart was crying of pain.
-What will you do, you can't kill me Kaname. Um... so tasty... but wait... hunter, you taste a bit like Kaname. Rido stopped for awhile and looked directly into the eyes of his nephew.
-I turned him into a true vampire.
-You're kidding me, Kaname! So, that's why it didn't affected me at all, when Kiryuu shot me. He can't kill me as he's no longer a hunter! HA...HA...HA... you're indeed really good, Nephew! You and your little servant can't get rid of me.

Zero stared with blurry angrily eyes at Kaname which his soul was leaving his body.
-He actually can.
-Huh!? Zero opened his mouth.
-What? Are you joking me?
-Of course not! Kaname slapped his uncles face so hard he flew many meters away.
-Hurry up, slayer.
-I'm no longer a slayer, just a disgraced vampire.
-Are you going to cry like a stupid little kid and feel sorry for yourself? Stop it already.
-Huh!? Zero had no power back inside his body. Because of the situation Kaname had put him in, he had no longer strength enough to fight back or stand up at his feet.
-Hurry, look into my eyes, Zero. He looked with blurry eyes on the pureblood.
-I-I... can't survive this, Ka-Kaname... I-I truly loved you...
-Just focus on my eyes, Zero-kun. Remember one thing; I loved you till the end and i haven't regret what we did.... the lovemaking was enriching and wonderful and i felt the explosion inside of you when we came together... and...
-W-What? Why... why are you telling me this so late...?
-No matter. Just do me a favor; remember me when this is over and... i will love you for the rest of my life.... Some tears dropped down from his eyes.
-You're losing your memory now. Kaname lay his hand on Zero´s forehead. All Zero´s memories from his childhood and what he have done as hunter came back in blinking flash. His memories of the sweet love with Kaname was erased forever. He opened up his eyes and kept staring at the pureblood.
-Drink from my hand, slayer. Zero smelled the sweet pureblood and started to drink heavy at the same time he moaned. It made Kaname sad, but he had to do this.
-What... what the hell am i doing here with you in this damn forest, Kuran Kaname?
-Kuran Kaname, ah yeah, i almost forgot how you can speak out my name. He smiled.
-Huh!? Suddenly Zero jumped up in the mid air with the Bloody Rose and aimed directly at Kuran Rido. He was back again and his eyes cried blood of anger.
-Kiryuu Zero, a hunter again? How? Damn you, Kaname!!! I will curse you! But before anything happened the sound from the Bloody Rose gave a sharp sound and it hit it's enemy right through the heart. At the same time Kaname flew through the air and stretched out his left arm against Rido´s chest.
-Sayonara, Uncle!

His uncle fell down to the ground. All you could see was an empty hole where the heart had been
sitting. Zero glared at Kaname as he stood there with his uncles heart in his hand.
-Well done, slayer. He dropped the heart down at Rido which stared with empty eyes up in the air.
The pureblood looked once more at the hunter. His eyes grow big.
-What now!? Zero asked irritated.
-You're naked. The purebloods eyes couldn't stop glaring down.
-What the hell? Zero found his clothes and he did all his best to hide his embarrassed eyes.
Kaname had to get control over himself. 
He wanted to suck in... no, he'd better should get rid of his naughty thoughts. Instead he was thinking on Yuuki. 
I was too late out to protect her. I failed... now... she's pregnant with his uncles child. Would Rido be reborn as this kid? If it was that so, he was in his full right to kill this child right after its birth. 
-Are you ready to leave, Kuran?
-Yeah, but first i have to bury my uncle.
-Can't you just drop him in the ocean or what? You own him nothing!
-Heartless as always, Kiryuu!
-What did you just say? Zero brought the Bloody Rose in its proper place under his coat.
-You heard me.
-Good old Kiryuu Zero! The cold-hearted beast.
-Speak for yourself, self-mocking, pureblood.
-Ah, yeah. Anyway, so you decided to help me...
-Don't try to get some freaked idealistic ideas about yourself. Zero started to walk and shook his head at the same time he came up with a little smile on his face. Kaname saw it and smiled. He turned around and looked down at his uncles dead body.
-I'll make sure you'll never turn back again, dear uncle. Kaname gave a hint with one of his hands and transformed the dead body into dust.

💢Chapter 10:  Loyal To My Heart

Kaname was more angry and restless than he used to be. He walked up and down the floors inside the Academy´s corridors. His thoughts surrounded his beloved wife Yuuki. She was pregnant with his uncles child and he could do nothing. He knew vampires wasn't pregnant in that long time and the birth of this child came closer and closer. She would give birth till the next full moon. He couldn't believe it already have been six months ago where all this crap happened. At this time he was in love with two people. Forbidden Love-Strong Love-Intense Love to Kiryuu Zero, from The Famous Vampire Hunter Family. A pureblood Vampire and a Vampire Hunter having a love affair? However, Zero made him crazy, hungry, but most important of all; he idolized him. In all this time he was hungry to have them both in his life, but it only gave some troublesome problems. Zero was a sexy, hot and very temperamental vampire or no, he wasn't no longer a vampire, only hunter as he turned him back to vampire hunter to help him out to kill his uncle. Kaname gave a deep sigh. It exhausted him completely to think on all this mess. He missed to suck Zero´s sweet tasty candy blood. Oh yes, his mind was a bit filthy too. How they made love, the grown of Zero when he moved inside of him in slow motion. He left the city right after they had killed Rido. Everything turned out so fast. Zero left without one single goodbye.

-Why did you left me? I miss you like hell. These wounds you've left inside of my heart, won't heale. This fire of love you started, keeps on burn and burn... I can't get rid of these pains... I feel so lonely... so lonely that my heart bleeds...

Kaname bit himself in his hand, just to get rid of his drunken memories. The hunter were gone for good, nothing more for him to protect after Rido died. Him and his friends could easily protect his princess. Kaname wanted to cry, but he found it ridiculous. Instead he walked outside in the dark night. He walked and walked until he ended inside of the forest. He wanted to see that place again where he spend this special night with Zero. From that cliff on this place they had made love, he could see down over this mysterious valley. So many memories at once. In fact he had always hated the hunter. Mostly from the first time he bit Yuuki and sucked so much blood of her, that she later fainted. He thought he would lose her. Now everything was forgiven. He missed that dammed vampire hunter more than he would admit. The memories kept coming back like a bad joke. But... He wanted both of them, mostly Zero he guessed. It gave so many troubles with Yuuki. She was sad and out of mind sometimes. At times she wanted to give up her life and begged him to end her miserable and horrible life. Pregnant with another man's child and not her beloved Kaname. But he rejected her begging. After this conversation, he had to let her be protected by Ruka and the other girls for her own safe. To lose her right now, he couldn't even think that thought to the end. The child on the other hand he did not know whether his uncle were telling the truth or whether it again, was just one of his ridiculous threats. If he is reborn out of his ashes and was recreated as Yuuki's son, he had to take action to end this child's life. His soul should never be allowed to come and take over the Kuran family again and control all vampires and redirect them to eternal evil on earth. Kaname shook his head. He just wanted to disappear out in the blue and find Zero. Tell him how much he cared, make love to him, kiss him tender, feel free in life. Now, he had to wait until this child were born. He looked up at the new moon. He could see there was only 14 days till full moon. Another deep cold sigh sneaked out of his mouth. He felt himself hungry. He had to fed on a human immediately. He moved fast through the cold air. It was like he was flying, but he ran. He was really hungry this time. He hasn't been fed for long time, also he had stopped drinking Yuuki´s blood. As long as she was pregnant with that creepy child, he denied straight out to drink her blood. For now he searched for Hanabusa Aidou. If he could make it in time. But it made him a bit angry as Aidou confessed his love to him for 10 days ago and since he denied to eat from anyone. He growled as he was suffering. Suddenly he heard some voices which belonged till two day-classes girls not far away from the Academy.
-What on earth were they doing out at this crazy time after midnight? Kaname were furious. He wanted to hunt them inside and stay there for they own good safe, as there still were some kind of LEVEL E around the academy. It shouldn't be like this, but some of them had hided them self before they had turned to a LEVEL E. Now he was standing in the front of the girls.
-Go back to your dormitory! He fainted heavy.
-K-Kaname-sama? We were just taking a walk to meet some of the day class guys under the big poplar tree in the school park! They looked very excited and giggled very girlish.
-NO! You go back immediately!
-RUN!!! Kaname yelled loudly through.

They screamed at the same time they started to run all they have learned. Kaname couldn't deny himself an easy hunt. He hunted both of them down so they fell down on their stomach and protected their heads with their hands. They were screaming none stop.
Kaname stretched his arm out and made them silent. He walked slowly toward the girls and turned them both on their backs. They looked up into his face, his eyes showed blood red. The hunger was written in his face. Tears rolled down their cheeks. They trembled and had never ever seen the Moon Dormitory President in this way before. Kaname´s fangs sank into the one of the girls neck. She moaned slowly. He kept drinking for awhile and seemed to enjoy each drop of blood. Then he faced the other girl and sucked her blood too. Both of them were still alive, but only barely. In the same someone out of the blue slapped Kaname´s face so hard he flew backwards.
-How dare you, Kaname-sama!
Kaname looked up and faced his old childhood friend.
-Hanabusa Aidou, how?
-Just shut up! Aidou bowed down and looked into the face of the two girls.
-You will now forget everything about what happened this night. Go back to your dorms, go to bed and take a long sleep! He snapped his fingers.
The girls began to walk and went straightly to their dorms. Aidou turned around and looked straight into the face of the pureblood.
-What the bloody hell were you doing? We're not allowed to kill innocent people, and you of all should know as you're the Dorm President! 
-Hungry, i need some more...
-Kaname-sama! You're totally out of mind! The pureblood cried like a baby.
-I'm hungry, forgive me. His eyes were colored in deep red.
-Alright! Come with me before someone sees us. Hang in there, Kaname-sama.
Aidou took a grip around the starved Kaname. He took him to his chamber. Aidou let him drink all that blood he could take. Kaname swallowed it so fast he coughed some of the blood return.
-Get a grip on yourself, Kaname-sama! Aidou´s blue eyes were wide open.

-Sorry! Kaname fell down on the bed and felt himself exhausted. He came up with a weak moan.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, thank you, Aidou-san. Kaname began to fall into a deeper sleep. His shirt was half open. Aidou wanted to caress his naked chest. He kissed gently Kaname´s naked smooth skin. The pureblood woke up and moaned as he suddenly felt Aidou´s mouth swallowed his magic wand.
Although Aidou heard several times that Kaname called Zero's name he continued to satisfy the Vampire Knight. This love game between those two vampires became more dangerous, wild and intense. Kaname could only see Zero. He leaned over Aidou. They made loved dreamy and wild in this lonely dark night. Aidou felt himself happy and intoxicated by love. But it was not requited love from Kaname´s side when he next morning woke up in the arms of Aidou. It nearly cost sweet Aidou his life.
-Get out from here, Aidou!!!
-Sorry, Kaname-sama, but it's my room!
-You seduced me, huh!? No, you drugged me with your poison love shit! You filthy little pixie! Aidou felt five fingers swapped his face.
-As usual you're always beating me up like a bitch!
-How dare you! You should be glad i hadn't turned you into dust already, Aidou!
-You wish! Piss off! Kaname took his long coat and leaved the chamber with no words left behind.

Kaname stood alone in his living room in the front of the fireplace. He hold a glass of red wine. Only thing he could imagine right now, was to get so drunk as possible. It was still dark outdoor. He could see nothing, even he thought he heard a sound. He walked to the fireplace again. His mind was fucked up by Aidou. He could smell this selfish little horny gnome all over his body.
-In love with Aidou? Hell no!!! The pureblood throw the glass into the flames in anger. He walked against the bathroom. Yuuki had her own room as she needed a lot of sleep. Either could Kaname stand to hear on her claiming to him day in and day out, he needed some space to breathe. In the middle of his shower, he heard the door opened.
-Leave, Aidou! Even Kaname´s eyes were closed, he could sense the smell of Aidou.
-Listen up, will you!
-Um... Let me see... NO! Aidou send him a grumpy face.
-Can't i just get one word!
-Go talk to yourself. The pureblood ignored him.
-What happened for a hour ago...
-Yeah, it never happened, so leave!
-Don't reject that i hadn't tempted you, Kaname-sama!
-Nothing else than your blood tempted me, is that clear!
-How can you spit it out like this? My blood is more pure and clean than this monster to Kiryuu Zero!!!... K-Kana-me... i can't breathe...
-You better shut your mouth! Never ever mention Kiryuu-kun again, did you get that into your dumb head!?!!?
-Ye-Yeah! Kaname loosened his grip around Aidou´s neck. The dorm president cut with a fingernail in the neck of his friend. The blood ran in silence. Kaname sucked it in and moaned of satisfaction. 
Outside the bathroom's window, a shadow watched over them.

-How could you, you filthy pureblood?
-ZERO!? Kaname turned around and looked out of the dark window. Zero kicked the window in and jumped down in the front of the pureblood.
-I can't leave you alone without messing up everything! My blood wasn't enough for you? Zero pointed the "Bloody Rose" up in the nose of the Dorm President.
-You misunderstanding this totally! Kaname wiped away the blood from his mouth.
-Oh yeah! What did i missed? Do you have an affair with Hanabusa-san?
-Yes, he has! Aidou´s eyes met the vampire slayers.
-What did you just say? Kaname took a struggling grip around the neck of Aidou.
-Trying to kill me twice under 3 minutes!?
-Leave before i change my mind!!!
-Fine! You can be alone with your filthy LEVEL E beast, i don't care anymore!!! Aidou took on his shirt again and walked out and slammed the door.
-You and him... had an affair, right, Kaname?
-But... i don't understand how you can...
-Remember you and me?
-Yeah... how? I remember i erased all your memories. So...
-But it didn't worked on me, pureblood! I am now stronger than you ever can imagine.
-I really don't understand...?

-If I need to clarify and explain what happened, then you could at least take on some clothes. Zero did everything to control his desires. He never thought he should go to see the pureblood blush so much as he did in this second.
-Let's go to drink something in the living room and sit with the fireplace.
-How romantic! Are you drunk already, Kaname?
-You wish! Now, let me hear how you still remember... the two of us. Kaname poured two glasses with whiskey. He reached out one to the hunter.
-Nothing for me, i do not drink.
-But, if you're still are a vampire...
-I didn't claimed that, did i?
-Well, i guess not, but i thought you still...
-Let me speak out, will you. Kaname nodded and started to drink his whiskey or rather he bottomed the glass without blinking. He poured more whiskey into his glass. Zero glared at him and shook his head.
-Do you remember when i leaved or rather than you and i killed your uncle?
-Yeah, and?
-After, you thought i had lost all my memories about you and me, in fact only some of it. Your kisses, the way you looked at me before we... the way you sucked my blood... however, i kept it in my memories about our secret relationship. Zero wouldn't raise his sight to look in the eyes of the pureblood. He just felt how he stared down at him.
-I am amazed how you can remember all this, you shouldn't...
-But i can! I am stronger than you thought from the beginning. As always you have underestimated me! I am no longer a damn vamp, yeah that's right, i am a Vampire Hunter again for heaven's sake! But still i am shaking... shaking... to touch and drink... to drink... no, i can't get the words on my lips! Zero raised himself and began to walk around. He felt himself nervous
-Here, drink!
-Don't be so damn stubborn! Drink and finish what you have on heart. Zero reached his arm out and lifted the glass and bottomed it.
-Feeling better, right! He laughed.
-Don't laugh at me! Please, more whiskey! Kaname smiled and filled his glass once more.
-Thirsty so suddenly, eh! Kaname started to laugh again at while he bottomed his third glass of whiskey. Zero swallowed the whiskey.
-Shut... shut up, pureblood! Zero tried by himself to pour some whiskey down in the glass, but instead he poured it down on the coffee table.
-Well, i can't shut, and me who never laughs, but you should look at yourself, you seems drunk! Suddenly Kaname felt how Zero´s fangs sank into his neck.
-Kiryuu-kun! How dare you! I mean; how did you become vampire again?
-I-I can't tell ya, but I definitely have a new kind of strength now.
-I can't allow this. Kaname pushed him away.
-Why... why not, i missed you all this time. My memories of you can't be obliterated!
-It shouldn't be like this!
-I loved you all this time, Kaname.
-No, it can't be.
-Tell me and look into my eyes and say; I have never loved you, Zero, and will never do... Then i'll stay away forever! Zero whimpered through when he felt the pureblood´s fangs.
-I-I won't leave you again, Ka-Kaname. Zero stroked his fingers through the hair on Kaname and enjoyed every little single moment. Kaname stopped.
-Me too. I'll stay with you. I have made my decision.
-You have? Zero was impressed.
-Sure. I must be loyal to my heart. He sucked Zero´s lips in.
-Wait, i still can't forgive how you have cheated on me with this blue-eyed f...
-Enough! Kaname pulled Zero down the diva and punished him. Zero couldn't breathe through as the pureblood´s hand worked hard down the hunters pants.

-Ka-Kaname... ah-hah...hah...mmm...
-Finally you're here. Now, i will teach you how to live like a pureblood and Master it.
-Ah..hah... but-but, how did you figured it out?
-Easy. Your blood have a whole different taste that it used to have. You should have known. But after, i want you to tell me every little single detail, you hear me!
-Y-Yes, Kaname-sama... ah... hah... mmm...
-Goddamn, i love when you obey me like this!
-Don't think you're so special, you're just... ah...hah... no!! ah...hah...hah... ARG!
-So naughty now! I had to make you blood run. Kaname licked his earlobe.
-Yeah, make me feel alive again, you old filthy pureblood! Zero moaned.
-My pleasure, dirty, sexy vampire slayer! Kaname slammed Zero up against the wall and lift him up on his hips and moved inside of him.
-Mmm...hah..hah..so good, you bloody bastard! The hunter felt himself so comfortable, that Kaname felt how his long nails sank down his bottom of lust and desire.

Outside Kaname´s doorstep Aidou could hear everything.
He tempted himself to go inside to behold the show.. He wanted to know, why Kaname-sama chose this vampire hunter instead of him.
The sight who met him was brokenhearted. The desires from Kaname... how he moaned and moved his body slow and rhythmically, to satisfy Zero with so much lust was more than he could take.

-H-How can you love him more than me? Aidou stood in front of their bodies.
-GET OUT! Kaname stopped.
-Don't stop, i'm close on to cum.
-How can you do it with so much passion and desire? ...with me... you just slammed inside of me!

-You-You did what? Zero looked in the face of Kaname.
-Nothing. Kaname pushed harder through.
-No... stop... i won't let you go further, Kaname... hah... hah... ah...hah... Zero couldn't hold back.
-G-Get o-out... Aidou... hah...ah... The pureblood moaned through.
Suddenly the door flew up.
-Kaname! Kaname! The baby is coming! Yuuki yelled loud.
-WHAT!??! He tried to stop, but he couldn't, as he came very strong inside of Zero.

-KANAME!!!!!!!!! ZERO!!!!!!!!!! She fainted. Aidou grabbed her.
-Princess, wake up! Look what you have done, Kaname-sama!
-Is it my fault? However, why do the child comes already? There's still fourteen days left!
-WHAT! Zero pushed away the pureblood and stared from Kaname to Aidou. None of them couldn't concentrate them about Yuuki, as both of them looked down at Zero´s legs.
-What now? Anyway, you also made Yuuki pregnant? He stared at Kaname.

-Hell no! It's my uncles work, and if i'm not wrong, he will raise himself as this kid.
-He will do WHAT!? You must kill this child, Kaname! Aidou yelled.
-I know. But the child is too early on its way. How can it be?
-I know why. Zero gave a deep irritated sigh.
-YOU!? Both of them pointed at the slayer.
-Yeah, and if he came back, it would be impossible to kill him, neither you or me would be able to do this, even not if we tried together, Kaname.
-But i must! I can't let him come back and take over the family, and he would definitely kill me.
-I also know that.
-Kill you, Kaname-sama, how?
-We have no time for this, now we have to figured out how to get rid of him or this child. Kaname looked at Zero.
-Aidou, call Headmaster Cross Kaien. In the meantime i will make sure Yuuki will be brought to our chamber. Zero, please, help me!!
-I will help you, but i'll not stay after what you did with Hanabusa.
-I know. But you shall know, no matter what happens after this, i'll keep loving you till the end of this world. Zero abstained from responding back to this comment. He just took on his pants. The same did Kaname in deep silence.

💢Chapter 11:  The Cursed Child

Every single close friend to Yuuki, were gathered around her at while she gave birth to her child. She was in deep pain and screamed and cried. She wanted to have Kaname around her, but when the pains wasn't that hard on her, hissed and showed Yuuki him her fangs in anger for what he had did together with Zero.
-Why are you all here? I want you to leave me alone!!!
-Calm down, Yuuki, everything will be alright.
-Calm down, calm down, it's not even your child, Kaname, so shut up! Kaname bowed his head and tried to get a glimpse of Zero´s eyes. Only in a very short moment Zero gazed back into his eyes, but an anger burned like flames in the eyes.
-I'm leaving! Zero began to walk.
-Zero... Zero stay, please... Yuuki whimpered for him. He stoned.
-Why should he? Aidou´s eyes turned from blue to red.
-One more word, Hanabusa-san, and...
-I can handle this by myself, Kaname-sama! Zero turned around and walked to Yuuki.
-...Zero... kun...
-How can i behave you, Yuuki-chan?
-...Thirsty, so thirsty... Zero´s eyes were twice as large. Zero bent over her and lifted up the left sleeve of his coat so his wrists were free.
-You're not going to feed her with your filthy blood? Aidou walked against the hunter.
-Mind your own business. Zero stared at him with small cold eyes. Yuuki began to sweat and felt more feverish than ever. She had not felt like this since she smelled the blood from Kaname´s veins for the first time after she became a vampire. Zero closed his eyes when he felt her fangs sank in. She groaned gently through of satisfaction when she felt his warm blood slid down through her dry throat.
-... this... this taste... so powerful... She looked up at him with her big dark red eyes.
-You'll feel better now, my sweet Yuuki. He cuddled her one cheek and smiled, then he walked away from her. Kaname clenched his fists, but not because he felt hatred towards Zero's behavior. No, the pain inside him grew only because he could not hug Zero. He wanted to cuddle him from behind and hold him close and never let go of him again. In the midst of Kaname´s bleeding feelings sounded an urgent cry from Yuuki and the child was born. Everyone was quiet and stared down at this newborn. In the same the Headmaster Kaien showed up and seemed in good mood, because he should be a grandpa. Ruka and Rima took care of the child.
-How is my Yuuki? He asked his daughter softly and took her hand inside of his big hands.
-F-Fine. She fainted through. Kaname and Zero looked at each other. Kaname could see the hunter still was furious at him. He folded his arms and glared the other way.
-This can't be!? Ruka came out with a deep shock in her voice.
-What!? Everyone asked her at the same time with wonder in their voices.
-K-Kaname-sama, come and take a look at your... at Yuuki´s daughter. The two girls moved away so the pureblood could see his wife's newborn.
-What on earth? He turned his head and stared down after the hunter.
-What now!? Zero glared back with a bad attitude.
-YOU! You made Yuuki with child that evening! The pureblood was furious. His eyes turned to blood red. The fangs came visible.
-What the hell are you talking about?
-The day me and Yuuki became engaged!
-I'm lost!
-Lost you say, huh! Come and take a look at your daughter, Kiryuu Zero!
-I really don't know what the hell you're babbling about. Zero walked with slow steps to take a look. He stared with open mouth and wide open eyes.

-This child´s hair has the same color like yours and not to mention her very much purple eyes! NOW! I want you to explain yourself before... before i lose my temper and sucks every single drop of blood out of your miserable body!!!
-My immortal body you can no longer kill, Kuran Kaname.
-WHAT! Why can't you, Kaname-sama? Akatsuki stared wildly at the Moon Dorm President.
-Yeah, tell them why, Kaname.
-No, you tell us, what happened that evening!
-Nothing, Kaname-sama. Yuuki looked at him.
-Yeah, Yuuki, but that's not quite true. Now, i want an explanation from both of you two.
-We only touched each other without any clothes on and...
-And did what? Kaien asked.
-This is annoying! We only kissed that evening and we wanted to have sex, but i refused and pushed Yuuki away. But i'm not sure if i came, because she turned me on and her blood tasted so delicious! Zero licked his lips. In the same second Kaname stretched out his arm and smashed Zero up against the nearest wall with a struggling hard grip around his neck.
-HOW DARE YOU! The blood spouted out of Zero´s neck. Faster than the hunter could observe, he felt a deep pain inside his chest. The purebloods second hand had a tight grip around his pumping heart. Zero couldn't breathe. He tried his best to get rid of this strong ten thousand years old pureblood.
-I told you, Kiryuu, it doesn't matter that you're one of my kind now, I will forever be the strongest between the two of us! I cannot forgive you this time.
-...Y-You... want to k-kill the only one y-you really love?... go ahead..!
-You wanted to leave, now i'll give you a free ticket to the other side.

-... Y-You've said that before... b-but it's o-okay with... me... k-kill me then for... s-second t-time...
-Don't do this, Kaname! Forgive him, this was my fault only. I seduced Zero, but he kept telling me, that... that he already were crazy in love and his heart only belonged to this person, but i didn't knew on this time it was you. She blinked with her eyes several of times.
-Loved me... only? Kaname slipped the hunters heart. Zero breathed heavily through and were out of stamina. Slowly he came to himself.
-So, it is true, that you're one of Kaname-sama´s kind. Aidou gasped.
-A pureblood? Kaien looked at his son.
-It's true. Kaname began to walk out, but came back again. He stared down at the hunter.
-What? Zero looked up at the tall old vampire. He bowed down. He looked inside of those shiny purple eyes.
-I love you like crazy, you little monster. Kaname sucked him in. All around them stared in wonder.
-Mmm... mmm...
-I can't imagine a life without you in this world. Kaname hugged him tight. Aidou looked at them with big wet doggy eyes.
-Well, i didn't knew Kaname-sama had such deep feelings for another person, and specially not Kiryuu Zero! Ruka whispered sad into the ear of Aidou.
-Oh, you should see when he's on his highest! Now, i think i like Kaname-sama even more than before... Aidou whispered back.
-Me too! My feelings for him will never burn out. Aidou looked shocked at her.
-Didn't knew you had such kind of feelings for him. He muttered back.
Kaien lifted up the little baby girl. At the same second he felt a strong power from her. His heart gave an extra skip. A new strong vampire hunter was born. A hunter stronger than himself. 
-Zero, would you mind to come and hold your daughter.
-Why? I don't think it's okay with Yuuki. He tried to escape out of the door.
-I said come here and hold her. Kaien voice sounded serious.
-You should go.
-You too, Kaname! Why are you all so cruel against me?
-JUST GO! Kaname pushed him forwards. It was so obvious that Zero was terrified.
-Here, take over. Kaien planted the baby girl safely in her fathers arms. In the same second Zero felt the strong pulse from her veins and heard how strong her little heart pounded, he felt himself even more scared. He stared down at her and caught her eyes. Her pupils became smaller and then bigger, exactly on the same way like his eyes always did when he looked at a vampire, before he felt the urge to kill. He felt himself week to this child.
-A-Are you sure this is my child? He stared at Yuuki.
-Are you kidding us, Kiryuu? Of course she's yours, you bloody scum! Aidou screamed out. It gave a shock inside Zero. Then he came to himself.
-Here, take your daughter, Yuuki! Zero was furious. He flew as fast as Kaname always did when he was upset. No one had observed him before they heard a deep strangled sound from Aidou. The other of Zero's hand was inside Aidou´s chest and his heart was on its way out.

-NO, ZERO, STOP!!! Kaname flew through the room and showed up behind him.
-I can't... he pissed me off once more.
-That's not reason enough to kill. Let go of his heart! I disliked his bad attitude too! The old pureblood looked deeply inside of Aidou´s eyes.
-Ah, i know! You have feelings for this blue eyed bastard, haven't you, pureblood?
-What did you just called me?
-You all makes me insane!!! You're so stupid! None of you knows the secrets, but i do! This child... this girl, when she grows up... dammit! Zero slipped slowly the heart. Yuuki´s eyes showed fear. Her and Zero´s eyes met.
-She'll hunt us down till we die...
-How´ll that happens? Takuma asked with a bad taste on his tongue.
-She'll hunt all the purebloods down first and kill us one by one and she won't fail. Kaname sounded calm and composed.
-S-She can't... impossible... she is the daughter of...
-She will and can, Rima-chan! She's been reborn from the very first vampire hunter out of this world, and that means; she's older than me and definitely only goes for killing vampires and not see any of them as friends or family members, there's nothing such as love to those creatures.
-You mean straight out, that she's heartless to us?
-Yep, her power is ten thousands more stronger than mine. He nodded and tilted his glasses in place.
-Is this child cursed on some how? Akatsuki wanted to know.
-Right now, me and Kaname-sama has to stick our heads together to find out more about her. For now, none of you have to fear anything! He came out with a tiny smile.
-Do you have a name for her, Princess Yuuki? Ruka looked down at the girl.
-Um... i think... what do you think, Zero-kun?
-No clue. He burst out with a squeaky voice. He turned around on his heels and were out of sight.
-Alright... then i will call her; Tsukiko.

-The Moon-child? Ruka whispered.
-Yeah, it was the meaning she should have been born on the full moons strongest night, so...
-I see. Ruka tried to smile. She could see the strong love from Yuuki to this child, even this child would kill her own parents when she grow older. It made Ruka so sad. Tears dripped down her chick. She disappeared too. Kaname and Kaien walked together to the old hunters office. The other vampires walked to their dorms.
Outside on the tallest tower of the Academy, a sad Zero had found a place to lick his wounds. He was out of his mind. He couldn't think clear. He took the Bloody Rose and aimed toward his heart.
-This... this shit i can no longer live in... i must bring it to an end... i didn't wanted to end like a vampire from the beginning... my love to Kaname... my feelings for Yuuki... and now this child... maybe i should execute myself... all i have to do is pull the trigger... no, i don't know if i die or maybe i'm just a coward? ...I'll ask the only one... the only one who owns the power to do it...

💢Chapter 11:  Bound by Blood

-No, Zero, and do never ask me such an arrogant favor again! Who do you think you are, dummy! Zero felt a hard punch in the shoulder from the Dorm President.
-No slap in the face?
-No matter. But if you don't wont to finish me off i will search for a cold hearted vampire slayer. It's for sure i cannot ask my... i mean... The Headmaster Cross Kaien, not even Yagari Toga... or maybe he would kill me after all. Zero leaved a heavy sigh and looked deep inside the eyes of the old vampire.
-Are you out of your mind! Don't try to challenge me, slayer! Kaname´s eyes turned deep red.
-This is out of your hands, pureblood!!! In the same Zero felt a swap in his face. Zero looked down and his mouth turned into a smirk smile.
-So it's true...
-You truly slaps like a silly bitch!
-Stop... stop playing with my heart like this, hunter...
-Are you weak, Pureblood?
-You are indeed transparently, Zero! You're just trying to light a fire and letting me kill you, burn you to dust, which you think will wash your sins clean as new fallen snow. You cannot be more wrong than this... if you die, i die with you...
-Huh!? Zero stared wide open with his purple eyes.
-Baka! You hurts not only me, but also Yuuki and not to mention, your father.
-My parents died long time ago, killed by a...
-A pureblood, a disgusting fallen vampire covered by the most dreadfully sins. What she did to you and your family, not to mention your twin brother Ichiru...
-How dare you to mention him!!! Foamy froth ran out of the mouth of Zero.
-It wasn't my meaning to upset you, however, i killed her, so why keep talking about her. Kaname wrapped his arms around the hunter to hug him very tight.
-You ate her!
-You sucked every single drop of blood out of her body and should y...
-I had to, and we do not mention her again, never! Kaname wanted to push Zero away, but decided to hug him tighter to his body. Zero gave a silence moan when he felt the fangs from the pureblood sank into his neck.
-Don't border yourself... pureblood...
-Not so naughty, my little monster.
-I won't make love with you this time. Zero had to succumb when he felt Kaname´s long fingers squirm around his secret weapon down his pants.
-Sorry, Zero-san.
-What is wrong with you?
-Mmm... I just had this idea, that i want you to become a part of me and Yuuki´s life. He licked his lips and looked with burning lust at the hunter.
-I can't, you know i can't... this child... Zero looked up at the new moon.
-For me it seems you're scared of your own daughter. Kaname tried to catch his eyes.
-Scared? Sounds insanely, does it! How could it happened she became pregnant, we even didn't had... had... i mean, we did nothing, so...
-You don't have to explain yourself, i believe in you, and also Yuuki already explained, and i believe her and trust in her with my life.
-Haha... yeah, i understand, you don't have your truly faith in me. Zero started to walk away.
-Please, stay with me this night, Zero. Kaname wanted to wrap his arms around him.
-Not tonight, actually never again, Kaname. Leave me alone, i can't breath in here, this room, this situation... the first time i fell in love with you... no wait, it was when you let me suck your blood to survive as human. It has turned into an awkward situation between you and me, Kaname.
-It's no secret i fell in love with you exactly the same time. So stay, please...
-No, Kaname... not this time... wait a minute! We fell in love with one another at the same time i sucked your blood, that means... it can't be. No, i loved you long time before that happened. Kaname, don't tell me, that i'm sired to you? Explain me, is there's a sire bond between you and me?
-Huh, i don't know what you're talking about!?!
-BAKA! Zero turned his back on him and started walking.
Kaname yelled after his back, that he shouldn't search for this damned pureblood which had turned him. Zero stopped in a few seconds without to respond back, but he heard every single word.

8 minutes later inside the deepest forest not far away from the academy.

Zero searched for not long before he bumped into this pureblood. It was late, the night after the new Vampire Slayer were born.
-What do a former vampire slayer doing so late in the middle of a forest on such a mysterious night, eh! He pushed Zero so he fell backover.
-Nothing, just searching for you. Zero raised himself on his legs.
-Searching for me, huh? If you came to get more, i already told you, no more, at least you'll bring me what i asked you for last time.
-Never! I can't...
-Or you won't, doesn't matter for me. As you see, Kiryuu Zero, i know you have feelings for this pureblood princess and...  oh yeah, yeah, and she gave birth to your child last night.
-How-How did you know? I mean no.
-I can smell how anxious you are and more than this, your blood tells it all. Zero gave a grown when he felt the fangs from this pureblood sank into his neck on a drastically painful way.
-Get off me! He fought bravely, but this vampire knew his own strength.
-Too late, Kiryuu-kun. Zero felt like never before how his life leaved his body. Now he knew that this pureblooded vampire would suck every little drop of blod out of him, like Kaname did to this woman. He would definitely die, but he wasn't ready yet.
-Y-You will fail, you damned, pureblood...
-No i won't, you see; i helped you to become a pureblood only to make myself stronger. I knew you would come back and beg me to kill you, to drink every single drop of your blood. Also i love the fine exquisite and the sweet taste. No pureblood is stronger than me. He laughed and took a stranglehold around Zero´s head so he couldn't breath normally. But...
-You'll fail... my... my Master is stronger than... than you ever can become... he can smell my blood on long...
-Shut up! I already told you it's too late. Your Master you said, huh? A vampire?
-Not exactly, he's more, he's the oldest pureblood in history, the head of all purebloods.
-He can kill without touching you.
-Oh, somebody help me, i'm peeing in my pants! A dark loud laughter roared into the ear of Zero.
-Trust me. Actually i searched you to kill me, but now i am not convinced that you own the strength to do a job like this. Zero came up with a tiny angry grin.
-How dare you, you little slimy gay thing!
-You will sooner or later find out.
-Tell me how?
-Tell you what? He can smell my blood on long distance, i told you already. Zero tried to keep talking so he could preserve his strength.
-I don't care. I won't stay here and listen to a snotty young vampire like you! Your blood will leave your body fast and furious and fill up my body with amounts of new juicy blood mixed with some of your tasty and sweet candy hunter blood! Isn't just damn ironic! He poured back his head and laughed sharply through. Blood trickled down his chin on this pureblood´s face of intimate satisfaction.
-Not so cheeky, you bastard! Zero aimed his Bloody Rose up in the nose of this selfish vampire.
-It's useless, Baka! This slider is useless for you to use, you should know better, however, I did not expect anything spectacular from such a lapdog like you, which is not even housebroken and even waiting to be rescued by his master! Pathetic! He smashed Zero to the ground.

-But it's not useless for me! This slider belongs to me only, but i've given Zero special permission to use The Bloody Rose to terminate any blood-sucking scumbags from the deepest slum. Vampires like you deserves a punishment worse than death. But do not worry, Mr. sucker, I can fulfill your innermost wildest dreams in no time. Kaname showed his darkest and most dangerous red eyes.
-How dare you to speak to me like this! I descended from the most finest pureblood family, no one, i repeat; no one is higher than us! I ripped out many hearts, ate stupid kids like this fallen vampire scum here!
-Are you finish with your babbling, old man! I know exactly who you are. The grandfather of this princess; Hio Shizuka.
-You! You are Kuran Kaname! You killed my beloved granddaughter! I will revenge her to take Kiryuu´s life! Now i have no intense to hold back.
-Don't speak to me on this filthy way. Kaname lifted his right arm out in the air and clenched his fist, and the old vampire felt how his heart gave some spasmodic contractions.
-W-What are you doing to me? The old man tried to walk against Kaname to stop him.
-You don't know who you're up against, old man. Nobody touches the ones i love! The old man was weightless and floated up into the air carried by Kaname´s strength. The lost vampire kept one hand on his heart and came with hard croaking sounds.
-Arggg... The blood flowed from his mouth. He coughed deeply through, but nothing helped him.
-You'll go to kill him, Kaname? No answer came back.
-Nobody can pass my strength. I am the head of all purebloods. Kaname´s grip tightened more and more around the old man's heart. Zero could even hear the heart beating sound out of the open hole in the vampire's chest.
-He'll die if you don't stop.
-C'mon, Zero! He had in mind to kill you without blinking, sucking all the blood out of your body down to the very last drop of blood! If i hadn't showed up on time, then ...
-Piteous! A dry voice broke in.

-What did you just spit out? Do you want to lose your heart faster? No wait! To become more stronger, to save the life of the one i love, you must die by my hand. Your blood will not only make me stronger, but when Zero drink your blood too, he will be more invincible. Kaname was furious.
-I won't do this, and you know it too well, pureblood. Zero eyes glowed from purple to red.
-That is out of your hands, Kiryuu! Fast and furious Kaname´s fangs sank into the neck of the old man. He drank in a while. Suddenly with a speed so fast Zero couldn't observe, he felt this old vampires blood inside his mouth. Zero fought bravely not to swallow it.
-Ouch, you bit me in the lip!
-Of course or you refused to drink it on your own free will. I've told you thousands of times always to obeying me.
-You're crazy, you blockhead!
-You truly think so? Then...
-Shut up! Don't even try to save my life!
-No matter, it working inside your body already.
-What does this mean? Kaname... A long wet kiss spellbound Zero.
-I love you, Zero, truly i do. You give my life meaning. Without you I would just be an empty shell. My dreams are no longer filled with nightmares, but with the deepest dreams shrouded with forbidden caress of your seductive body.
The touch of the pureblood hands on Zero´s body made him insane. He hadn't power enough to push him away. The fresh pure blood from this old man made him crazy. Kaname´s muscular arms lifted Zero up against the nearest tree. A suction mark was burned into the skin of the upper part of the hunter's chest.
-I will light a fire inside your heart, let it be burned with love and sin ...
-Don't... Ka-name... A deep groan was heard as an echo.
-I'll protect you forever.
-Y-You know it's a damn lie, pureblood... ah-hah...
-I will stop if you tell me; why did you searched for this gloomy stinky old bloody vampire!
-No, i can't tell ya, impossible!
-Well, if not i'll go to...
-Rape me?
-Go ahead!
-You are indeed a riddle, slayer. Why should i rape you? All i want is to spend some time...
Kaname felt a pain so deep through him from the behind. Blood ran down from his mouth.
The old vampire "Hio" had risen from his heart attack. His arm had impaled through Kaname. His hand had a firm grip around his heart. Never ever Kaname had felt a pain as bad as now.
-I will always win in the end. A barbaric laughter cleaved through the head of Zero.
The vampire hunter jumped up in the air and aimed directly into the head of the old vampire. Blue dust swirled like pearls around Zero and Kaname.
-I... I... am so... sorry, Zero...
-He's dead, gone, taken to hell!!! Zero exploded and cried of madness. He managed to protect Kaname before he collapsed to the ground.
-This was not meant to be, it was not...
-Shh... i'ts my... my turn to take... take away from this... this world...
-NO! You can't just die like this... you're immortal, right, tell me you are, damn pureblood!!!
-What do you think... arg... that hurts... He smiled up at the face of his lover and best friend.
-Don't let me down... stay...
-It ends here, Zero, you don't have the power... to save me... dammit it hurts...
-Your heart... i think he missed!
-Listen; it's only a true pureblood which can save me from dying...
-YUUKI! I will bring her to...
-Stop, there's no time enough... to... A lot of blood pumped out of his mouth. He coughed and coughed.
-Lie still. Zero raised himself up.
-I will run for Yuuki, she will...
-NO! Just... just hold me before... More blood came out.
-I-I can't lose you like this... my love... our love... you made a promise...
-Yeah, i shouldn't... people who fall in love say many crazy things...
-SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Who do you think you are? Zero cried out.
-A selfish arrogant pureblood... He smiled.
-YES! The hell you are!!! I've always hated you for that and Yuuki too! All purebloods so damn arrogant!!! This old man, so arrogant, a true pureblood!
-No, you can't be more wrong, Zero, he was a rotten fallen pureblood, owned no honor in life.
-Just hold around me... kiss me into the death...
-Fuck you, pureblood!!!!!! Zero yelled of anger.
-What on earth have you done to the Dorm President? A very furious Aidou looked down at them.
-Ha-Hanabusa-san... not now... how did you found us? Kaname spat more blood out.
-I can smell your blood on long distance as always, just like i sensed you that night outside the academy with those day class girls.
What? Zero raised himself and looked directly inside Aidou´s two blue eyes.
-No matter, Zero...
-Tell me! Aidou seemed nervous.
-I found Kaname-sama one night for a half year ago, where he had... had um... attacked some day class girls... if... if i hadn't stopped him, they'll have been stone dead. I apologize, Kaname-sama! Aidou bow forward to honor his Headmaster.
-I'd wish i could punch your face, blockhead... but no more... but you really... cough... cough... indeed deserves a punishment for your bad behaviour against your Master for not obeying him.
-Sorry, Kaname-sama!
-Stupid, come here... i want to tell you something.

-Come closer with your face...
-A-Are you su-sure? Aidou closed his eyes. Waited for his punishment. But he felt a cold kiss on his mouth extended with a hard slap.
-Ouch dammit! That hurts a lot. Felt liked my heart exploded. Kaname growled through.
-Why did you kissed him?
-Calm down, my love... he did me a favor for long time ago... he's a good example of how a vampire should be like.
-Kaname-sama! Arigatou! He started to Kaname. He kissed the pureblood in a long time.
-Finally you gave me a goodbye kiss...
-Not therefor, blockhead!
-Lemme hear what happened. Can i do something for you, Kaname-sama?
-Talking about to save my life, no, it ends here...
-If you don't stop babbling, i'll go kill you by myself...
-Easy now, hunter...
-Why can't i save you, my blood is...
-This old baka treated you, i thought you knew already. Now, tell me what he wanted to have from you?
-You're lying, hunter...
-Alright, he wanted Yuuki, but i denied and...
-Yuuki, huh? How in the hell can you be so reckless?
-But i didn't...
-ARG! Dammit... Kaname cried out in pain.
-Hanabusa, get Yuuki here, NOW!
-Hai! He nodded and ran.
-You stupid, pureblood, you dare to give up!
-You're not allowed to give... cough...cough... me orders... He exhaled with a long sigh.cry.
-Goddamn how pity! Zero bowed down over 

-How do i care, if only... He fought not to cry. Not to show himself weak. He had to think on all those times he wanted to shoot down this damn arrogant pureblood with the bloody rose. He looked at Kaname. His eyes were closed. Zero couldn't see his chest was moving.
-No, no, no!!! Kaname! Zero slapped his face. No reactions.
-Wake up! Please, i beg you, come back to me... tears flowed down over his face like a whole deluge.
-KANAME! My love! A tiny screaming voice sounded behind Zero.
-Yuuki, help him, please, bring him alive again.
-Move, Zero. He raised himself and looked down. Yuuki crossed protectively over her husband. A softly kiss was planted on his blue lips. Tears dripped down over his face.
-Can you awake him?
-We have to transport him home to the Kuran castle right now.
-Why? Zero asked.
-I know why. We have to put him back into his coffin which belongs only to him.
-WHAT?! Zero sounded confused.
-You have to understand, if he have to survive... to return to this life, he needs to rest in the darkest and deepest cellar in his castle.
-But, does that means he's not... dead? Zero bowed down over her and looked into the face of Kaname.
-Leave it to me, Zero, with help from Hanabusa and our vampire friends.
-But i am...
-I know what you mean to Kaname, but after all he's my husband.
-Yeah right. And i am the father of your child.
-What is that suppose to mean? Of course you are, but let me put it like this; without Kaname and a heir to the throne, and a pureblood son, my original pureblood family will fall apart.
-Does that means that you're nothing worth? What a ridiculous rule to...
-Shush! I am sure if he heard you, he would have...
-Slapped your face. Aidou finished the sentence for her.
-Ah yeah, Zero. When i think how much he cared about you. Even he asked me this morning to let you become a part of our little family, and trust me, i agreed. After all, you're the father of my daughter.
-But... Zero turned his face away. None of them should see his tears.

In the cellar of Kuran Castle

Yuuki bowed her head to give Kaname a kiss. He lay peacefully in the coffin covered by blood red roses. Yuuki bit herself in the lower lip, so few drops of blood ran free. Few drops of blood dripped down on her husbands lips. It was enough to keep him alive, she hoped dearly. Tears ran down her cheeks in silence.
-You gave me so much, Kaname, my love. Through all these years you have protected me since i was a little girl, even we were separated, we lived in each our different worlds. I know it was your duty, but still... you have always been so gently against others and have no intention to harm anyone. She whispered.
-Ah, except from me!
-If Kaname-sama had in mind to hurt you, i'm sure you've asked for it. An arrogant voice broke through the silence.
-Keep your mouth shut, Hunter!
-Only Kaname had permission to call me hunter! Zero aimed with the Bloody Rose into the face of Aidou.
-Stop it, both of you! Yuuki cried out.
-No, Yuuki-hime. If it hasn't been for this miserable worthless vampire hunter, the dorm president would still have been alive!
-No, he's right. If Kaname hadn't been so damn busy and selfish to save my life, he would have been alive. He sank the slider. His lips trembled of sadness, guiltiness and anger.
-It's nobody's fault, only his own. It was his own choice. Yuuki turned around and walked out. She turned around.
-Oh, please, be sure to put on the coffin lid, thanks.
Zero and Aidou had to work together, so they lifted the heavy lid on place. In the same time thousands of bats began to scream and flew around the heads of the two young vampires.
-What the hell! Zero and Aidou ran out and closed the heavy door made out of oak behind them.
-That was scary! Aidou looked at the hunter.
-Ah, no!
-I wasn't scared at all.
-I don't care, hunter! I'm leaving. Suddenly Aidou felt a slap in his face. He looked with wide open eyes.
-You deserved that. Zero walked away and tried not to cry again. Aidou ran after him, but Zero was already gone. The rain began to pour down.

💢Chapter 12:  Blood & Love

Yuuki couldn't sleep this night. She cried in sleep. Her dreams were so lively. Kaname came towards her, he smiled and looked so handsome. But suddenly Kaname stood in front of her face, the blood splatted out of his mouth. Yuuki looked down at him. There was a big hole in the chest, his heart was torn out. She screamed through. 
-Yuuki, wake up, you're dreaming! She opened up her eyes and looked directly into the face of Ruka. 
-Where am i? 
-On the Kuran castle. 
-I-I see. KANAME!!! She looked wild around her. Her eyes turned red. 
-Yuuki, calm down. 
-No, you don't understand. Kaname is in grave danger, Ruka! Her eyes turned more blood red. 

-No, he's no longer among us. 
In the same second it knocked on the door. Ruka raised herself to see who it was, but before she opened the door, she could smell something different. 
-What do you want, Kiryuu Zero? 
-I need to talk to Yuuki.
-She's asleep. 
-I see, but why are you there then?
-Nothing you should stress around for at this time.
-Open that damn door! He sounded more or less musty.
-Let him in. 
-I won't wait for permission! Zero pressed in the door. 
-How arrogant! Ruka blamed his bad manners.
-It's my duty to protect Yuuki and it has always been like this, so piss off! He stared into her light brown eyes which has turned to red. 
-You're so rude and what you did to Kaname-sama...
-Shut the hell up! Leave us! Zero eyes shined red. His mouth was wide open so she could she his fangs.
-But if you do something unforgettable to Princess Yuuki, then...
-LEAVE!!! Ruka send him some dark eyes and left the room. 
-Zero!? She looked confused at him with tears running down her cheeks.
-I'm here, Yuuki. He sat down and hold her close to his chest. 
-Ka-na-me... is dead... 
-I know, i know. He hugged her tighter. 
-Why Kaname, tell me, Zero!?
-Shh... don't think at it, we'll bring him back, i promise you. 
-Give me some time to figured it out.
-I miss him too much. She cried out and sobbed deeply through. 
-Don't cry, it's okay. I will protect you. In a short minute they had deep eye contact.  
-Do you love me, Zero?
-Do you love me like Kaname did?
-I... I did, i mean, no i still do, but not like the same way he did. 
-You're lying, Zero. Your feelings are deeper than you think.
-How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
-I always did. Her sad face with her big shiny eyes, became too much for him. He had to, he just had to kiss her.
Yuuki felt his wet lips on her mouth. Her eyes became large. 
 -Um... Zero... 

-Weird, it felt like kissing Kaname. He looked down at her. But he wanted more.
Yuuki didn't fought against his deep feelings for her. He laid her down on the bed. The feelings became stronger between them. 

Yuuki felt how his tongue played inside her mouth. Not for long as she bit him.
-Ouch! You bit my tongue? 
-More! She cried out. Yuuki licked his neck, the fangs sank in and she sucked in like a bloodthirsty leech. 
-It's alright, Yuuki. Drink all you can. 
-No, Zero, that would kill you, i'm afraid so. 
-Try me!
-You're crazy! 
He took a firm grip around her head, and hold her close into his neck. 
-Your blood... i can't hold back, the taste so sweet... Zero leaned his head backwards. He felt how her fangs cut very deep inside of him. Even it hurt like the same way as Kaname, he let her drink through. He heard how she swallowed it down her throat. 
-Ah... feels good... Zero felt how his blood flushed inside his veins. Even it burned on the neck, he kept letting her drink. She was sad and desperate and ate of the hunter, like he was a piece of meat. Zero came with growing sounds. 
-Zero... She stopped for awhile and looked at him. 
-Why are you stopping, Yuuki? 
-It can't go on like this... it feels wrong.
-Let me decide that. 
-Why, Zero? 
-Shh... just feel this special moment we have. 
-But Kaname... 
-He won't blame us. 
-Yes, you've to leave now. 
-Please, let me stay the night over. 
-I-I don't think it's a good idea. 
-Yuuki, earlier you asked me if i loved you as much as Kaname. I do love you, even my feelings are splinted between you and Kaname. 
-Then tell me why you should stay? 
Zero didn't answered back, but kissed her lips softly. 
-You're so far different from my Kaname. 
-Then let me prove you. He kissed her beautiful neck. Yuuki stoned and her eyes became large. He kept going with his sweet kiss down her body. He took off her nightdress. She felt herself blotted. 
-Relax... I am not intend to hurt you. 
-I know, but... 
-Can i touch you here? She felt his big hand on her pants. Yuuki turned away her face. She panted.
-Ze-Zero... Kaname never did...
-He never tried to seduce you, right.
-Ye-Yeah... hah... Zero... don't go further... His fingers moved.
-My passion for you can heal your longing after him.
-Nooo... tears showed up in her eyes.
-Yuuki...  He got up on his knees and crossed over her.
Zero pulled off his jacket and shirt. He looked down at her. Yuuki looked scared at him.
-What!? We tried this before and there you were full of passion to me, and it scared me a lot.  
-I know, but it's different now. 
-Because you're married to Kaname? 
Zero lay down over Yuuki. She felt his body embraced her. The sound of Zero's heart made her calm. There was a moment in silence they stared into each other's eyes. Suddenly Yuuki hugged him close to her face and kissed him stormily. The rest of Zero's clothes disappeared into the blue. A long and enchanting play between two vampires became an unforgettable love affair. 

Yuuki felt happiness all over her body, just until she thought about Kaname. 
-No! We shouldn't have done this. Her eyes became large.
-C'mon, Yuuki. It was wonderful and my first time too. 
-Does that means you no longer loves Kaname?
-Of course i do, silly. The love between me and him is special and... hey wait! Does that mean that you finally have accepted our relationship?
-I guess i have. Just still weird that two guys... i mean, he's still my husband and the Knight of the Kuran family. But he still has to deliver a son to Kuran's pedigree. 
-I get it. My daughter means nothing for the Kuran´s. 
-That's arrogant of you, Zero!
-Arrogant? Yeah, true. But i will start to train her to become a strong hunter, as soon she can walk. 
-Really! But what if she... 
-Slaughter us all in the end? 
-We can't be sure about that, but i will surely train her as her father. He looked at Yuuki and tried to look proud. But she looked scared. He hold her closer to his chest and kissed her forehead. Her tears trilled down her cheeks in silence. 
-Yuuki, remember this; Love is stronger than Hate and Blood is thicker than Water. We're in family all three of us. We have to stick together. 
-I'm scared, Zero. 
-Don't! I'll always be right here to protect you. 
-But... i want to visit Kaname. Tears flowed over her face. 
-Let's do it. Even he agreed, he still felt nervous to face the pureblood after what he did to Yuuki. He thought about what Kaname said before he died: To create one big family would make me happy. But he never understand what he meant. Zero came out with a deep sigh, when they leaved the bedroom. Did he really feared to face the pureblood in his grave chamber? 


💢Chapter 13:  Dark Times Has Come

-I need to get out, i can't breath down here! Zero hold his left hand close to his mouth and ran out.
-Zero! Yuuki wanted to follow him, but he rejected her heavy.
-Let go of me.
-You can smell Kaname-sama´s blood, right?
-You don't understand, Yuuki... to be near by him, the essence of his blood, the fear, the longing, the pain ... not knowing if he ever wakes up and becomes ... will or remain the warm-blooded arrogant loving vampire ever again.
-Its in his blood, our blood to remain pureblood. You don't have to worry about us.
-Ah yeah, here we go again; Your eternal acknowledgments of pure-blooded vampire's perfect immortal life! I cannot do this anymore ... to hear or staying among all this mess, Yuuki.
-I-I don't understand you. What about our daughter?
-Yuuki, you're not the headmaster of Kuran family, Kaname is. This means; I would maybe not survive without his blood.
-Where does all this come from out of the blue? I only see terrible excuses from a miserable low-lying liar! She yelled into his sad face.
-You're so wrong there, Yuuki.
-Am I? If you really loves me, stay!
-You know i can't... just let me go... i need space...
-Don't leave me like this. You do fear Kaname when he wakes up to see what we have done.
-No! I regret nothing and either i do not fear the darkness inside our daughter, she's made out of our love, especially yours, Yuuki. Zero couldn't have showed a more sad face.
-Why do you do this to me, why!? You make me sad.
-Sorry! He walked away with his head bowed sad down. Suddenly he stopped up.
-If it should happen i turn down to a LEVEL E and hunger for blood, i have this with me and i will surely use it effective. He took out his "Bloody Rose" and looked determined on Yuuki.

-You are so disgusting... you... you... she flew angry and sad through the air and hugged him tight, cried and then let her fangs sank into his naked neck.
-You too, Yuuki...you too... He gave a deep sigh.
-Come back alive.
-I give no promises. He disappeared.
-Even not a single bite back... She walked slowly back and looked down at her husbands face.
-Sorry, Kaname-sama, i have sinned. It wasn't my meaning to be seduced by Zero, to make love with him in our bed... your bed, your domain... sucked in his blood... you should have been the first, my beloved husband... have given me the first child ... a love child ... i felt so alone, i am lonely without you, the life feels meaningless without you here...
She bowed forward over him, and sniffed in his scent of blood, his body perfume. In silence she licked his neck very gently, kissed the skin... she opened her mouth, her fangs became visible, her eyes red. In very long time she just stood still like this like she were in a trance, but her tears flowed over and Yuuki couldn't bite him. Her tears dripped down at his eyes. Only thing she wished to see him wake up again and look into her eyes with his charming smiling eyes and whisper; 'This is my Yuuki'. But there were only silence.
-Speak to me... speak to me... speak to me... She repeated very sad and tender. Yuuki cried more heavy this time. She embraced him tight. She wanted to stay and sleep side by side in his coffin.

Yuuki didn't notices someone observed her. Hiding in the darkest corner with spiderwebs surrounding the tall dark person. A vampire slayer no one had heard about for ages has showed up his immortal body. He aimed at the vampire princess with an purple arrow. The sound of a shot whirled through the chamber and hit Yuuki between her shoulder blades. The blood was splashing around her. Blood ran out of her mouth and dripped down on Kaname´s closed eyes. The blood continued down to his half-open mouth. Yuuki's blood slowly slides in between his teeth.

-W-What... whom... She fell down over her husband. Covered in blood, the two pureblood vampires lay still in each others shadows.
-Two dead vampires. Lucky day i have. What the hell; isn't it Kuran Kaname himself! I am more than only lucky, Heaven showed me love! The hunter pushed his elongated glasses into place, smiled well-satisfied, more likely as excessive self satisfaction and ironic. His greasy long silver hair shined in the light of the candles. He looked down at Yuuki. He bowed his head close down to her neck.

-Yeah, then its right what the rumors told me, that you have given birth to a vampire hunter child. She should go to be the most powerful of'em'all this world ever have seen.
With Kuran Kaname´s blood flowing inside of you, my little doll and also in the vampire hunters body, there's no doubt she has powerful skills. She own not as much as mercy, not even when it comes to her own parents. Kiryuu Zero is no longer a vampire slayer, but a silly disgracefully... hmm... LEVEL E!? The Kiryuu family were the finest hunter family of em'all. But you will go to die together with your bloody vampire friends. One and all! He laughed heavy through.
-Huh!? Is it really you, Cross Kaien. The hunter turned around.
-You, you have just killed my only daughter and i'll not let you go to take my sons life also. So it ends here, Purple Arrow!
-Purple Arrow, you say, huh!
-Isn't it what you have been called in old days. The books tells, that you were the husband of the first hunter woman and...
-No! I was the first and only, but i teached her to slaughter down vampire beasts. She was a hell of a woman and offered me 3 sons. Not to speak about the youngest of my sons, but he turned into a weak pity slayer and had a relationship to a pureblood vampire woman. So i slayed him down. You should have done the same to Kiryuu.
-My only job was to protect him, but it seemed i failed.
-You are indeed weak, and they're calling you for the best slayer of em'all, but you are corrupt and nothing else. A failure to be more correct.
-How dare you! I can offer you a lot of pain with this. Kaien aimed at him with his sword.

-Uh, i'm scared.
-You will.
-No i'm not, you old Fangless Vampire. You can't use this sword against an another vampire hunter, come again! I am much older than you.
-You don't know my powers, Purple Arrow.
-Sure! But your vampire family will never wake up again.
-Your days are counted. Kaien knew something than the Purple Arrow didn't.
-Stop this right now, both of us knows, when those two vampires there wakes up, their daughter has grown up to kill them good for all.
-What have you done to Yuuki?
-I have anesthetized her for very long time. Both of us knows, that your kids daughter will grow up faster than normal.
-I don't know where you collecting your information from, but they're wrong.
-Did you just say, that i am ignorant and stupid?
-It depends on how you perceive it.
The two old vampire hunters looked deep inside each others eyes. Both were prepared for battle. Filled with the deepest gloom and hatred.

💢Chapter 14:  Family

It was late in the evening. Zero was found deep inside the forest, belonging to Kuran Castle. He lay close up against a tree, the ground was covered with fallen leaves. The moon shined clearly through and had found down to his face. But Zero didn't notices it at all. He was mad at himself for the way he had betrayed Yuuki and not least, Kaname. He felt himself rotten from inside and out, a beast not worthy to be loved. A cold hearted monster, who should have died long time ago.
-This time i will surely get over my fear to die, end this miserable life I have sinned. Just one more time to think at Kaname... the way he touched me... made love with me. His eyes... i loved this special spark they had, when he looked at me, even when he tried to kill me over and over... Some tears ran in silence down over his cheeks without he felt it. Zero closed his eyes, and let his hands open his pants. He made a grab around his penis and saw flashes how the pureblood fucked him in the soft fallen leaves at the bottom of this forest. Only a deep warm moan woke him up against his own will. He looked around him. He was alone. He looked up in the top of the trees, he observed some  bats. Even it was cold, he didn't felt it. He was damn hard and wanted to come one last time before everything ended. But he couldn't concentrate himself, on a deeper plan he felt something were wrong. A sense of blood he never had smelled for a very long time, not since his father was alive. Zero raised himself up and took on his pants. He looked up at the moon and sniffed in.
-Vampire hunter blood? Nah, it can't be or maybe... something feels wrong here... father Kaien! He's in danger! Zero forgot all about his own doom and ran strait to the castle.

-I have no objections to piercing your corrupt old heart with one of my silver arrows, Cross Kaien.
-Your wish! Kaien gasped after the deep cut in his right shoulder from the first arrow.
In the middle of their battle a strong voice broke through the chamber.
-What is going on here?
Kaien turned his head.
-Stay away, Ichijo Takuma, and all of you Night Class students!
-Oh, the whole vamp gang is here, lovely! Now I can get rid of the whole litter at once. Marvelous!
-You're dreaming, old man! Hanabusa´s lighten blue eyes glowed strong red and the old hunter turned into an iceberg. Hanabusa walked against him.
-Aidou, stay! Akatsuki demanded him.
-Surely! NOT! I will make sure to finish him off for good.
-NO! Are you a fool? Rima yelled.
-If there's one kind of humans i truly can't endure, it is foul-mouthed vampire hunters! Aidou was in front of the hunter and were prepared for the death attack. In the same the ice cracked.
-Move, Hanabusa! Kaien yelled.
All the vampires backed up each other.
-NO, RUN! Kaien tried once again to push them away.

In the mean time Zero ran all over the castle to find Kaien. But the only thing he could hear, was a baby´s cry. He ran into his daughters chamber. Tsukiko was alone. Zero wasn't late to pick her up.
-Your father is here... shh... shh... everything will be alright. She looked up into his eyes.
-Now you do this strange thing again with that glance in your eyes. I do not fear you, i love you, my baby girl. We need to go find your mother. Zero started running as fast he could. He was sure that Yuuki still were down in the grave chamber. That meant, that she was in grave danger. Zero had never felt so deep anxiety before, like he did now. He already had a very bad feeling, as closer he came to the Kuran grave chamber. Tsukiko started to cry.
-Shh.... no harm will come to you, i give you that promise. Zero ran down at the old ruined stone staircase in a fast speed. The smell of blood sneaked up inside his sensitive nose. The strong lust to kill, came over him. With the child in his arms, he had no chance to grab the Bloody Rose.
-Damn! Before he had notices, he found himself already inside the grave chamber.
Everyone looked at him. Ruka ran to him.
-Take her! He gave his daughter to her.
-No! I can't... But Zero were already in the front of the old vampire hunter. The Bloody Rose was planted in his forehead.
-You too, Kiryuu. What's wrong with vampire hunters nowadays? He laughed loud out.
-Stay out of this, Zero! Kaien walked few steps against them.
-One step more and you're dead, old man!
-You'll go to die first! Zero´s voice sounded hard and angry. His fingers pressed harder on the trigger.
-With that one? I don't think so. An evil smile turned up on the old hunters face. His teeth were shining in the dark from the candle behind him.
Zero could feel how his heart were beating fast and heavy.
-Yeah, as you see, your comrades has determined not to helping you. Well, in all respect you're not one of their kind, nothing to blame them. A bad unlucky day, eh!
-Maybe, but he's our family now! An angry voice broke through. Aidou flew through the air and had attacked again with a new ice stream.
-Not this time, boy, i'm not that kind who falls for the same trick twice over. The vampire hunter stretched out his arm, and with his bare hand he grabbed around the neck of Aidou, so he turned white in the face. The blood spouted out of his mouth. Zero, Ichijo and Akatsuki surrounded him to an attack. Even Ichijo used his sword, it couldn't surprise the old hunter. A crack sounded. The sword was splitted into two pieces.
-What the hell!? Zero stared at him.
-I just told you all to stay out of this. Kaien begged them.
-Nope! Zero´s eyes looked pissed and turned red. A shot was fired from the Bloody Rose. It only gave a small effect on the Hunter. He smiled at Zero.
-It was funny. You silly vampires can give all you want, but you can't kill me, i  am immortal. He laughed.
-Oh, i see, but i know the right man to kill you, only an old pure blooded vampire headmaster, can get rid of a hunter. Kaien smiled.
-Indescribable that you have survived miraculously in all these years, along with this bastard to Kuran Kaname. Oh yes, that's right, now you have been spared, since he´s dead. And his wife can't either, as i just killed her.
-YOU DID WHAT? Zero ran over to the coffin. He looked down and saw Yuuki´s sad crying face. She had a deep hole in her back. Inside the hole, the arrow was sitting.
-I tried to pull it out, but it won't. Rima cried.
-No! Only Kaname can take it out without loosing her life.
-But he's dead.
-I know. He looked down at Yuuki and then Kaname. Some blood had dripped down at his lips from her. Zero bowed his head down to Yuuki, and pretended to cry over her. Instead he sucked a bit blood from her neck. Now he kissed Kaname with a little bite in his underlip, so the blood could run inside of his veins.
-Bloody hell! That's the most disgusting thing i ever have seen in my entire life. A hunter kissing a pureblooded vampire and same sex? You deserves to die immediately! The hunter sent one of his arrows directly against Zero´s heart.
-Hell no! Aidou woke up and froze the arrow in the middle of the air.
A wheezing strangulating sound was heard through the chamber.
-He pissed me off!
-Hey wait, that's my reply. Zero glared at the tall dark pureblood vampire.
-Missed me? Kaname dropped the hunters heart on the floor. He walked through the chamber and kissed Zero with deep passion.
-Kaname-sama!? Aidou cried out and ran to him and hugged him tight.
-Wait, Aidou. A hard slap was heard very loud.
-What's that for? Zero looked shocked.
-It was for not taking care of my Yuuki. And why the hell is your shirt open? You make me blind.
-I owe you, Aidou-san. Thanks for protecting Zero, but where the hell were you, when Yuuki needed help? Kaname looked furious. He bowed down over Yuuki. -Who has eaten of her? He looked around.
-I did to bring you alive.
-Hm! He pulled the arrow out from her back, and kissed Yuuki to give her his blood.
-Ka-na-me... sama... She looked in few seconds up into her husbands face, then she fainted.
-Is she alive? Rima came closer and looked down at her with tears in her eyes.
-She is. She needs a lot of caring now. He lifted her up and walked away.
Zero bowed his head down. The last glance Kaname sent him before he disappeared, scared him. He already knew, what he and Yuuki had done last night. Zero shook his head. He walked to Aidou.
-Thanks for protecting me.
-I did it for Kaname, not you. Aidou sent him a hard glance and walked back to his dormitory room together with the others.
-Oh, by the way, Kiryuu, this is your child, not mine. Ruka handed over his daughter.
-One more thing, Zero; don't look so ridiculous, and do not believe in this crazy old myth about you and Princess Yuuki's daughter. The old hunter is dead for good. Go to bed and take care of your daughter, she's hungry.
-Milk, ya baka! She followed after Aidou to the dormitory.
Zero glared miserable after her.

I'll also show you a sweet dream next night...

I'll also show you a sweet dream next night...

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